Betting Shops: What Is eSport and Its Prospects

Betting Shops: What Is eSport and Its Prospects

1. What is Different About eSports Betting?

2. Pros and Cons of eSports Betting

3. How to Create Your Own eSports Betting Shop?

Everyone knows about eSports, even old ladies in the queues. And it is great in the matter of business. If you are engaged in bookmaking, administer online betting shops or just plan to open a gambling business of this kind, bets on eSports can become an additional channel of profit or even the main source of income for you.

eSports in online gambling

Large eSports betting shops have been taken seriously for a long time, but smaller-scale bookies bypass it yet. Let us discuss what eSports is, what bets are made on it and whether there are prospects for this direction?

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What is Different About eSports Betting?

At first glance, electronic sports have nothing to do with runners, wrestlers and athletes. But if you think about what eSports is and compare it with the closest relative — chess, it becomes clear why many hours of “sticking” in the computer monitor are called sports.

Modern eSports is a competition, often a team tournament, in the skill of one of the computer games.

The Most Popular eSports Games:

  • Dota 2;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • League of Legends;
  • StarCraft 2;
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft;
  • World of Tanks, etc.

Each of the disciplines (i.e. games) has an army of fans. Broadcasts of the largest matches cost millions, and the winnings for the victory have long been compared to the fees of professional football players.

Hardly surprising, that according to the latest data, eSports is ranked 7th among the most popular betting categories. Some analysts even say with a bit of caution that by 2022 eSports will become number 1 in the eyes of bettors and will overtake football in the number of bets.

Pros and Cons of eSports Betting

Pros and cons of eSports betting

However, not half of the betting shops consider eSports with enthusiasm and hurry to connect on their websites the acceptance of bets on eSports events.

Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of eSports betting and whether you should do it.

Benefits of Betting on eSports:

  • A full calendar of tournaments. As opposed to football and other physical sports, eSports competitions take place very often: literally every week a new series of games begins. And we are talking only about high-level events and, thanks to the availability of the Internet, of the global scale.
  • Young audience. ESports as a phenomenon have appeared several times ago; the market and the rules of the game are still not established. In addition, new disciplines are added every year. But against the background of the fact that bookmakers feel the ageing of their audience, eSports can become a magical tool that will help to attract young people to your betting shop.
  • Great future prospects. The game industry continues to develop and will continue to grow in the coming years. This is the perfect time to establish yourself among the players and gradually build up the base of bettors.

Drawbacks of Betting on eSports:

  • Volatile market. As it has been already mentioned, the eSports betting market is very young. Neither analysts nor the bettors still have not learned to subtly respond to changes in games. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for bookmakers to predict the income, number of bets and preferences of customers.
  • Difficulties in forecasting. In eSports, there are frequent cases when absolute beginners win, and favourites trail far behind. All these risks for business need to be weighed and appropriate preventive measures have to be taken. For example, some bookmakers set a higher margin and buy lines only from reputable analysts.
  • Floating time frame. Matches in eSports are not limited in time. One game can last both 2 hours and 10 minutes. Everything is very variable. As a result, the match schedule has to be updated constantly. Sometimes in the morning, it is not yet clear which teams will play in the afternoon. Besides, for business, it is additional difficulties and problems, as well as the lack of planning.

In view of the foregoing, it becomes clear why far from all the bookies accept bets on eSports. It is especially difficult for novice bookmakers to work in a volatile market because the whole betting shop balance can vanish after one match...

Therefore, experienced businesspeople recommend starting with traditional sports betting. They are more predictable, stable and still profitable.

But if you believe that fortune favours the brave, then throw yourself into a battle and hurry to pick up a large piece of cake called “eSports betting”.

How to Create Your Own eSports Betting Shop?

To start your own business, first of all, you need to solve a number of technical issues: choose and order betting software, create a website, find a line provider, connect payment modules with a high level of security.

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