Casino Rentals: a Perfect Start for Your Own Business

Casino Rentals: a Perfect Start for Your Own Business

1. What do You Need to Rent a Casino?

2. Casino Rentals: Additional Services

  2.1. Analytical Software

  2.2. Customer Support

  2.3. Mobile Application

  2.4. Connection to CPA Networks

3. What do You Need to Rent a Casino?

  3.1. Preparation

  3.2. Fee for Casino Rentals

  3.3. Connection of Software

  3.4. Connection to the Customer Support Service

  3.5. Launch

4. Rent a Casino: To Whom You Can Turn to

To become the owner of an online casino, it is not necessary to deal with its development from scratch. It is very complicated: you need to choose the software, understand the preferences of gamblers, the secrets of casino advertising, and much more. But there is also another way ― casino rentals.

Сasino rentals as an easy way to start gambling business

The essence of the method lies in the fact that you buy a domain and hosting on your own and choose a name for the future project. And a specialised company connects all the necessary software to get started. Thanks to this synergy, online casino rentals become the fastest way to start a gambling business.

You can find out about the detailed conditions from the personal manager from Gaminator Casino. Ask your question, it is for free.

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What do You Need to Rent a Casino?

One of the main advantages of the decision to rent a casino is a chance to feel yourself as an owner of the business even before you have purchased a ready-made gambling club or started to develop its website.

After all, everyone has ever heard that only a casino wins at a casino. Or that the gambling business is the most profitable in the world. Or that the largest taxes are paid by gambling establishments. However, it is one thing to hear it and quite another to check the profitability of gambling on your own.

However, casino rentals involve some other trumps that are not visible at first glance. However, on closer examination, it becomes obvious that to rent a casino is perhaps the best way to launch a gambling business. Especially if your budget is limited, and you do not have enough knowledge in this field.

So, the positive aspects of casino rentals are:

  1. A gaming site that is fully ready to work and with all the necessary software: a gaming platform, the most popular slots, payment modules, etc.
  2. 100% of the casino income belongs to you from the first day. There is no need to pay interest from the received amount of money. You pay a fixed price for an opportunity to rent a casino, and the rest of the profit is yours.
  3. Your income is unlimited. It all depends on what kind of traffic you can bring to the gaming site. In short, on your marketing skills. But this task can also be entrusted to specialists...
  4. You become the only administrator of the platform: you can customise its appearance, manage games, create promotions, and provide bonuses. You hold the keys to the kingdom!
  5. All payments are transferred to a personal account in each of the connected financial systems. A lease provider has no access to your money.
  6. The casino operates under a license, which means that it is completely legal.
  7. If you want, in the future, you can buy out the website and the platform itself from the lease provider. Thus, you can get an already proven and profitable casino by instalment and at the most attractive price.
  8. Quick launch in one day!

And against the background of all these advantages, there is only one disadvantage: casino rentals assume that sooner or later you will buy out the website. But if it does not happen, all regular customers will go to the developers.

Casino Rentals: Additional Services

Modern online casinos are not just websites with games. Most often, they are complex systems with a variety of programs, tools, and features for a correct customisation of advertising and analysis of gamblers.

In order for your gambling project to make a strong competition to already existing gaming sites, you need to provide it with additional features, which we will discuss below.

Analytical Software

If necessary, the company from which you rent a casino can install additional analytical and statistical modules. These are programs, which were created to collect information on users, their preferences, and sizes of bets and winnings.

The more functional your analytical software is, the better advertising you can make, thus optimising marketing budgets and attracting a wealthy audience.

Customer Support

One of the difficulties that any beginning entrepreneur will certainly face (especially in the gambling business) is customer support. Players always have a lot of questions: how long does it take for the money to reach an account, where the deposit is cheaper, why something is not working, etc.

It is great if you are ready to deal with it on your own. But even the most motivated person does not have the opportunity to stay in touch twenty-four hours a day. It will only make you more and more exhausted.

Usually, in addition to casino rentals, the provider offers a connection to his own support chat or call centre. For you, this is an opportunity to significantly save time and focus on the attraction of new users.

Mobile Application

Developers often prepare a special version of the casino for mobile devices if you want to attract the audience that prefers to play on smartphones and tablets. The mobile version looks exactly the same as the browser one: the design, logo, and games of the rented project are saved.

The decision of whether to order a mobile version or not completely depends on your goals and intentions. In any case, it is a great way to quickly and significantly increase the reach of your audience, and therefore your earnings. However, your item of cost will include the price of a mobile application.

Connection to CPA Networks

Affiliate programs are the most effective way to attract users to a new gambling project. But even for already existing websites with a good reputation, CPA networks remain the main traffic provider. Therefore, we definitely recommend you to connect them.

But here you will need to decide: to do it on your own or to ask experts for help? Both methods are acceptable. Moreover, if you yourself are an experienced gambler, you will certainly figure out how to connect your website to affiliate networks.

What do You Need to Rent a Casino?

Although online casino rentals involve some pre-work, the contractor deals with the majority of tasks related to customisation and launch of the project. Let us take a closer look at the steps of the creation of such a gaming site.

Stage 1. Preparation

Future casino owners choose the name of the project, select a domain, and buy it. The hosting issue is also important: discuss with the development company whether it is ready to recommend you a hoster. If not, find a service that serves gambling projects.

Stage 2. Fee for Casino Rentals

It is important not only to transfer money to the lease provider. You should discuss when and in what amount the payment for the next month should be transferred. Choose a convenient scheme: every quarter or every two weeks. Negotiate, and you will be able to find the most comfortable conditions for both parties.

Do not forget to discuss the terms, according to which you can buy out a casino if your partner provides you with such an opportunity. How, when, for what amount of money, etc. ― you have to fully understand the terms of a contract.

Stage 3. Connection of Software

Software for online casinos should be installed & tested by experts

At this stage, no action is required from you: specialists will do everything themselves. After the task is complete, ask experts to conduct tests to make sure that both the platform and slots work well.

To check payment systems, it is better to make two or three transfers. Let it be small amounts of money but you will know exactly how the payment goes and what problems your customers could theoretically have.

Stage 4. Connection to the Customer Support Service

Write to the chats, call the phone numbers, in other words ― conduct a test. Check how the call centre employees communicate with your visitors. Everything should be on a higher level.

Stage 5. Launch

Now it is your turn to fight for each bet and its size. You can already launch advertising, send letters, and enter into agreements on affiliate programs. The more coverage you can get, the higher your earnings will be.

Good luck!

Rent a Casino: To Whom You Can Turn to

To rent an online casino is a perfect option for those who would like to buy a profitable gambling business but still is in a state of uncertainty. Of course, in this case, there is only one solution: make sure by personal example. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to start with casino rentals.

Contact experts from Gaminator Casino. Here, you will find a team of specialists that will prepare your project for launch, provide additional services, and accompany you at every step.

We help our clients to shorten the path to success from one thousand steps to one. Just write to us, and we will do our best.


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