Gambling Market: What Will be its Volume in 2025? Current Forecasts From Gaminator

Gambling Market: What Will be its Volume in 2025? Current Forecasts From Gaminator

1. Analytics in Numbers: Forecasts for 2025

2. Future of the Gambling Industry: a Review of the Current Trends From Gaminator

  2.1. Territorial Issue

  2.2. Mobility Comes First

  2.3. Cryptocurrency

  2.4. New Format of Games

3. Conclusion

The modern gambling market is considered to be one of the fastest-growing spheres. In order not to sound proofless, we would like to give a simple example: in 2005, the global gambling business has generated profits of 6.7 billion dollars. By 2019, the market turnover has increased by almost ten times — the industry’s revenues for the second quarter of this year have already exceeded 51.9 billion dollars.

Gambling business of the future

Specialists of the Gaminator company regularly monitor the gambling market and are ready to tell you not only about the development prospects of the gambling industry but also about the main trends that can radically change the very concept of “casino business”.

Analytics in Numbers: Forecasts for 2025

The gambling industry is changeable and inconstant, and however, it is worth highlighting several main trends that have been relevant for a fairly long time:

  • Regular annual earnings gain of at least 7-10%.
  • Rapid popularisation of the online sector (a gradual dropdown of the profitability of the land-based casino market — over the past few years, the dropdown was for 32%).
  • The transition of the virtual industry to mobile traffic (today, the share of the mobile segment exceeds 60%).

According to experts, the annual rate of growth will increase over the next five years. According to the Grand View Research independent research centre, the gambling market will grow at least by 11.5% until 2025. The turnover of revenues by this date will reach 102.9 billion dollars.

The situation on the modern market (a reporting period — the second quarter of 2019):

Structure of earnings in the online segment in 2019

The industry sector

Per cent indicator

Total revenue

Sports betting and bets on artificially generated events


19,5 billion euros

Casino business (card and table games, live entertainment, and traditional slot machines)


10,7 billion euros

Lottery draws (state and commercial ones)


3,5 billion euros

Poker (single player, team competitions, international tournaments)


2,5 billion euros

Skill-games, content with logical tasks and quests


2 billion euros

Bingo draws, other kinds of gambling content


4,5 billion euros

Future of the Gambling Industry: a Review of the Current Trends From Gaminator

Territorial Issue

Despite the fact that business on the Internet does not have geographical boundaries, there are several main regions on the modern market that cannot be ignored. For example, in 2019, the largest sector is considered to be European, which has about 53% of the global income. However, by 2025, the situation may change. Please find hereby the regions that have every chance of becoming the new world centres of the gambling industry:

  • The USA. A rather promising market, within the framework of which specialists are now actively implementing a legal framework for the regulation of the gambling industry. At the moment, the gambling business is officially allowed in four states: Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
  • Asia. This is the largest competitor of the European zone. According to experts, the turnover of the Asian market will increase by more than 7.3% each year until 2025.
  • Africa. The lack of a centralised infrastructure is one of the reasons why this region cannot unlock its potential. With the large scale introduction of electronic and banking services and a well-thought-out legal regulation, the African continent has a chance to compete for the global leadership in the gambling market.

Mobility Comes First

As we have already mentioned above, the gambling business is rapidly conquering the mobile market. Traditional desktop products are gradually fading into insignificance, giving place to cross-platform software that can be displayed correctly, regardless of the used platform.

Another innovative growth option is casino games via the smartwatch. An interesting fact: the Microgaming company has first presented such a type of gambling activity back in 2015. Later, this idea was waived but, by 2025, smartwatches can even steal competitive advantage of smartphones. Analysts predict that, by 2020, the turnover of these popular gadgets will exceed 19.62 billion dollars.


Bitcoin in gambling: online business and cryptocurrency

According to forecasts, by 2025, it will be impossible to imagine an online business without a payment system that can accept the virtual currency. Already in 2023, every second website will be able to accept electronic money. Bitcoin will become one of the safest, financially profitable, and ubiquitous currencies.

New Format of Games

Boring fruit-themed slots already can be included in the category of “retro”. Modern players prefer not to depend on luck and control the game session independently. Therefore, the world's leading suppliers have focused on the development of an innovative product line — skill-games. It is a kind of combination of computer quests and familiar slot machines with reels. Users can pass additional levels, “level up” skills, solve logical tasks for additional prizes, and take part in thematic tournaments or short-term promotions.


The gambling market is the most changeable and extraordinary sector of the economy, which is extremely promising, and which provides you with an opportunity to get fancy.

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