How is it Possible to Purchase Gambling Establishments on the Internet With a License?

How is it Possible to Purchase Gambling Establishments on the Internet With a License?

1. Why the Legalisation of a Project is so Essential?

2. A Permit for Gambling: What is What?

3. Gaming License Requirements

4. Gambling License Cost

5. An Already Licensed Gambling Club From Gaminator Casino

They say that startuppers can launch a casino business without large initial capital and connections, and they say it not without reason. It is not even about competition or expensive advertising but about the cornerstone of any enterprise: to operate legally, the acquisition of an online casino license is mandatory.

The acquisition of an online casino license is mandatory

However, there is a difficulty: for being able to do it, businessmen should collect a lot of documents, show that they have an impressive amount of money on their accounts, and prove that they are ready to survive breakdown that is inevitable for new participants of the market.

A gaming license application is considered during up to six months, and in case you cannot simply make your assets unavailable for this period of time, during which a commission will make a decision, you should find other ways.

For example, you can buy an already licensed gambling club — a fully ready-to-work project that can start generating income immediately. Contact the manager of Gaminator Casino and learn more about the cost of a site with a permit and trade terms.

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Why the Legalisation of a Project is so Essential?

We are used to thinking that all actions on the World Wide Web are unpunished. And you may have an idea that you can easily operate without a permit. However, in reality, regulatory agencies can easily track down violators of the rules of conducting gambling activities.

In different parts of the world, punishments for such an offence are very different but even you receive just a simple fine (small or big), you should take care of the stability of your business in advance. Thus, the main function of a permit is the provision of the legality of activities.

More reasons to obtain a gaming license online:

  1. Qualitative software. Gambling has an unsavoury reputation and is one of the methods of illegal money laundering, and that is why software vendors adhere to an unspoken rule: enter into agreements only with licensed firms. Therefore, today, for “grey” casinos, it is extremely difficult to find good software that would be resistant to hacker attacks and would remain stable during the flow of users.
  2. The confidence of visitors. High-rollers only visit those websites, which have a permit. For them, it is a quality mark, which confirms that here you can really focus on the game and not think about being tricked. It is a matter of reputation. And it may sound plain but this issue can be resolved by the purchase of a license.
  3. Business development. A license is not a one-time document. Later, when you will want to develop your project, add new websites, enter markets in other countries or even go offline, the first thing that can make it possible will be a permit. The document of international standard is more preferable, and we strongly believe that it should be obtained in advance.

These items are important whether you yourself file an application or buy a gambling club already with a license.

A Permit for Gambling: What is What?

It is issued by the regulator of a jurisdiction (country) and gives you an opportunity to conduct activities legitimately.

Licenses can be divided into two types:

  1. A single permit that allows companies to be engaged in any type of gambling activities, as well as in several types simultaneously. Such licenses are issued by Curacao, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man.
  2. A special permit, which is issued in several jurisdictions (the UK, Malta, and several other countries) specifically under the request of the submitter. Each type of business requires a separate application for a license.

The second type is usually divided into four categories:

  • casino;
  • operators of games, in which the outcome depends on the RNG;
  • companies that do not affect the outcome of the game, i.e. bookmakers and pari-mutuel betting shops;
  • poker, bingo, and other games of chance, the result of which depends on the skills of gamblers.

We cannot say that only single licenses are in-demand. Many countries with separate licensing offer favourable tax rates and loyal business conditions, which makes many investors interested. In each particular case, you have to weigh the pros and cons of permits of all types that were mentioned above.

Gaming License Requirements

Experts recommend operators to draw up a business plan and organise the work of a transit server within the territory of the selected country before filing an application to the regulating authority.

Such a document helps businessmen to properly allocate their efforts and resources until the moment when a new project becomes successful. Sometimes mistakes can be seen even at the beginning, which can significantly increase chances of success.

As for transit servers, this recommendation depends on the country. Some of them want to control all your operations and the transfer of funds and even gather information on visitors to a gaming site. Therefore, you can store servers anywhere but all actions should be recorded by a transit server.

Usually, the list of documents for the acquisition of a permit includes:

  • confirmation of the applicant's financial well-being, the presence of assets, and recommendations from the local bank;
  • a well-thought-out business plan;
  • personal data and characteristics of founders, as well as top managers of the company;
  • a resume with the contact information;
  • a compelling reason for filing an application (why the jurisdiction should meet the applicant's needs).

Actually, this list is much longer but many items can be different for each country. Your personal manager in Gaminator Casino will tell you about the documents you need to provide in a particular country.

Gambling License Cost

An average price is from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars in popular offshore zones. European countries, such as Britain, Switzerland, and Germany, offer licenses for forty or fifty thousand dollars.

To this amount of money, you should add:

  • payments to specialists who know the local legislative base: accountants, financial and tax consultants, and lawyers;
  • taxes that need to be paid once a year or quarterly;
  • maintenance of servers (a transit server also, if they are located in different places);
  • a penalty tax for the exploitation of a permit;
  • maintenance of accounts in a local bank.

An Already Licensed Gambling Club From Gaminator Casino

Licensed gambling club from Gaminator Casino

To avoid spending from six to eight months on bureaucracy and insane paperwork, we offer you to ask professionals from Gaminator Casino for the assistance. Together, we can create a casino in just ten or fifteen days, which will start bringing income immediately.

We accompany our clients at every stage of the creation of a gaming site, organise the promotion and help them to select the licensed software and purchase in-demand slot machines.


For all questions, please write to us:

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