How to Buy a Legal Online Casino in Ukraine: a Consultation From Gaminator

How to Buy a Legal Online Casino in Ukraine: a Consultation From Gaminator

1. Review of Changes in the Ukrainian Legal Framework

  1.1. Legal Prohibitions and Restrictions

2. How to Open an Online Casino in Compliance With the New Requirements

  2.2. The Main Stages of Opening an Online Gambling Club

3. Conclusion

On January 16, 2020, a law was adopted in Ukraine that legalised the gambling business. It caused a rally in the gambling market: entrepreneurs are actively studying new standards and considering the most profitable options for the investment in casinos. Internet projects seem especially attractive because their implementation requires lower expenses than the opening of land-based locations.

Start legal gambling business in Ukraine

Experts of the Gaminator studio offer you to learn more about the features of Ukrainian gambling legislation and how to purchase online casinos on favourable terms. Our experts are always in touch, ready to give you a piece of advice, and help with the resolution of any issues related to gambling.


Review of Changes in the Ukrainian Legal Framework

The draft bill №2285-d, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, legalises the following forms of gambling entrepreneurship:

  • Casinos that offer offline and online gambling.
  • Poker. Businessmen can organise tournaments on the Web and in land-based gambling clubs.
  • Lotteries. All kinds of lotteries are allowed.
  • Bookmaker’s activity. Both land-based betting shops and betting websites are allowed.

Only those registered companies can open a gambling establishment the authorised capital of which is not less than 30 million hryvnias. An important nuance is that these funds must belong to a legal entity, and the use of loans and collateral is not allowed.

Also, insured values are provided, which should guarantee visitors of offline and online casinos that their winnings will be paid on time.

Casinos can be located in hotels (at least three stars) and on the Internet.

Legal Prohibitions and Restrictions

There are several points that you should consider when you are opening a virtual or a land-based casino.



A complete ban on activities without a license and documentation that confirms that the equipment was tested

Penalties for such violations are calculated on the basis of the cost of a license multiplied by factors from 2 to 8

A ban on gambling for people under the age of 21

When visiting a casino or a betting shop, players will have to show a passport, otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter.

In case of violation, a casino will pay a fine of 500 minimum wages

Free-will restrictions

Players can add themselves to the list of “self-imposed” or set a limit on the virtual gambling platform

Court injunction on gambling

Relatives of a person who has a propensity for ludomania can receive a decision of the court according to which a player with an addiction should be denied to the provision of gambling services

Limitation of the target audience of the advertising of gambling

Casino games cannot be promoted with the use of goods and services for minors.

The violation is punished by a fine (up to 300 minimum wages)

Any form of interference in the game is prohibited

Assistance in winning, framing-up the results, and other actions that may affect the course and results of games are strictly prohibited

These restrictions should be taken into account by the owners of all gambling clubs ― both virtual and land-based ones.

How to Open an Online Casino in Compliance With the New Requirements

Open an online casino in Ukraine

To launch your own gambling platform on the Internet and work in Ukraine, you must provide a bank guarantee (this is a separate account with insurance money) and act according to the standard scheme.

The main stages of opening an online gambling club:

  1. Acquisition of a license. The decision on the issuance of permits is taken by a special Gambling Commission. You need to collect a package of documents and file an application. The regulator will process the application and decide on the legalisation of your casino.
  2. Development of a website. You can create the resource by yourself or order a ready-made solution from Gaminator, in which there will be all the necessary components: software, the game content, payment systems, affiliate programs, and marketing tools.
  3. Registration of a gaming site. The resource must be registered in the .UA domain zone. You must collect documents that confirm the ownership right or the right of use. A simple solution is to buy a casino from a developer with the formation of a contract.
  4. Selection of a domain name. You should pay special attention to this issue since it is important that the domain name of your resource is unique (it should not belong to any of the existing brands). Such a coincidence may become the reason why the authorised body may refuse to register your casino.
  5. Use of the certified payment services. The legality of the financial systems integrated on your website should be supported by appropriate documents. Winnings are paid out in a non-cash form, and therefore, the authorised body will pay special attention and control the services for transactions.
  6. Online monitoring. You need to connect to the control system, to which representatives of the government security and the tax service have access.
  7. Participation in the program, the aim of which is to prevent ludomania. Each user has the right to set limits on the size of bets. Your task is to make sure that all players have such an opportunity.

It is worth noting that if you decide to organise poker tournaments, then, in addition to the usual license, you will have to obtain a special permit. Without it, such an activity would be considered illegal.


Turnkey online casino website in Ukraine

To launch gambling resources is not simple or cheap. Moreover, the efforts and money of a beginning operator can be wasted. There are frequent cases when gambling projects were blocked immediately after the launch or did not bring profit to their owners. If you want to avoid risks, you will need a reliable partner, and Gaminator is ready to become one.

From us, you can order a turnkey online casino development, and we will resolve all complex issues. Such a decision will help release you from the problems associated with the opening of gambling business. You will receive a service package that includes:

  • the development of a website with a unique design;
  • a high-quality gaming platform;
  • a package of the software and additional programs that may be useful for your casino;
  • the game content from the world’s leading providers (in our catalogue, there are products from Novomatic, Igrosoft, EGT, Microgaming, Amatic, Mega Jack, and many others);
  • technical support and consultations of specialists.

The good news: to buy a ready-made solution or order a turnkey online casino will be cheaper than to develop and launch a resource on your own. The high quality of our products and services is guaranteed.

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