Gaminator Experts Explain How to Buy the NextGen Casino in South Africa

Gaminator Experts Explain How to Buy the NextGen Casino in South Africa

1. NextGen Origins on the Gambling Market and in RSA

2. Exceptional Features by Popular Gambling Directions

  2.1. Virtual Slots

  2.2. Poker Tables

  2.3. Lottery Development

3. Reasons that Make NextGen a Local Market Leader

4. The Main Things about the Best South African Provider NextGen

Excellent opportunities for running online projects in South Africa attract entrepreneurs from different spheres. For those who want to set up an internet gambling business in Africa, this region will be just perfect. The country is the fastest developing sector on the continent and has plenty of main resources necessary for the prosperity of the industry — players.

Despite the restricted nature of the online gambling sphere dictated by the National Gambling Act of 2004, operators look for efficient RSA casino software and build casino projects with the focus on this country.

The Gaminator service provider is an influential market participant with dozens of successful projects in the Republic of South Africa. We regularly receive orders on creating an online casino in this sector. So, our company is aware of the most beneficial supplier of gaming and administrative content.

NextGen casino software in South Africa

NextGen casino software in South Africa has proven to be holding leading positions among local punters and projects owners. That is why Gaminator recommends building your online casino portals with the consideration of this provider. Order software for casinos in South Africa from NextGen and benefit from a recognised market representative.


NextGen Origins on the Gambling Market and in RSA

Experienced gambling operators know the NextGen gaming provider very well. Those who joined the industry fairly recently might have no clue what this company is. The reason for this is that by the end of 2010, the software manufacturer merged with NYX Gaming Group.

This brand is now a leading RSA casino software supplier and focuses on punters from Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, and other districts.

The proficient engineers’ department of the company attracts not only operators in South Africa. NextGen is a multi-directional organisation that can boast of efficient solutions in security, encryption, and administrative configuration. Gambling operators choose to start online casinos with NextGen in South Africa thanks to such diversity of offers.

Nevertheless, the company’s most renowned product is entertainment content, with some of its best NextGen slot machines for sale being:

  • A Dragon’s Story;
  • Gorilla Go Wild;
  • Flame;
  • Wonder Hounds;
  • Cleo’s Wish;
  • Renegades;
  • Samurai Split;
  • Emerald Isle.

The Gaminator Casino has received numerous positive reviews from its clients for amazing 3D content and unique animations that attracts players from the targeted regions. Order NextGen casino software in South Africa and become another satisfied operator that benefits from the company’s games.

Exceptional Features by Popular Gambling Directions

The internet gambling business in Africa is based on three key pillars of entertainment. NextGen successfully deals with all of them, ensuring high-quality graphics, absorbing audio components, and hooking gameplay.

Virtual Slots

The most widely played internet gambling activity in the region is similar to other markets. Virtual slots are accessed in RSA more often than other casino titles. The company understands it and holds the bar high. Cartoon-like graphics and soothing animation transitions complete their tasks perfectly well.

Besides, the NextGen gaming provider has developed a few exclusive solutions to pay attention to:

  1. SuperBet. Premium content for players has never been so absorbing. Regular bonus spins and repeated multipliers are included in the paid subscription. South Africans gladly utilise this function.
  2. A-Plus Bonus. It is another amazing opportunity to keep players engaged without raising the RTP rates. This function offers punters an excellent bonus program and the ability to multiply their coefficients.
  3. Up Wild. Universal symbols are a rarity in slot games. But the NextGen gaming provider made it possible for players to choose the location of Wilds that immediately increased the attendance for those games.

Gaminator offers the latest NextGen slot machines for sale to ensure the relevance of your gambling entertainment.

Poker Tables

NextGen software: online poker

The company has researched and statistically proven increased popularity of virtual poker rooms among punters from Limpopo, Western Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, and other regions. NextGen software provider in RSA offers convenient configuration panels for operators who order their poker tools.

Besides, a few other amazing functions contain:

  • Android and iOS integration of poker apps;
  • casual rooms without bots;
  • quick transaction to the main account;
  • a brand-new type of play called Strobe Poker.

Lottery Development

The Covid-19 influence made it impossible for people to enjoy their favourite draws in ground facilities. NextGen casino provider in South Africa instantly reacted to the situation and concentrated much of its efforts on the development of efficient online sweepstakes tools. As a result, up-to-date statistics showed that people were hyped about the internet lottery, and a lot of them will not return to ground draws after the lockdown.

Reasons that Make NextGen a Local Market Leader

The internet gambling business in Africa bears a lot of competition when it comes to game developers. But operators still opt for the NextGen casino provider in South Africa for a number of obvious grounds:

Elaborate content creation

While some market representatives simply adjust the existing games and tools to browser, mobile and app versions, NextGen works on every platform thoroughly and closely to eliminate any possibility of a mistake


The consideration of the majority is flattering; NextGen software provider in RSA also keeps in mind those who prefer playing several games at once, winning a particular group of punters and their attention

Cultural adjustments

Africa is a giant gambling market. Various countries require a particular approach to efficient software development. NextGen understands it very well and keeps an eye on the RSA trends and cultural changes

Payment integration

The security of money-transferring protocols is adapted to the latest technological achievements. Moreover, local gateways (i.e. Paygate, PayU, SID) are used alongside Visa and MasterCard to simplify deposits and withdrawals for South Africans

Portable versions

Mobile browser and application versions of the casino are extremely popular in South Africa. So, NextGen development team works on portable types of games similarly hard as on the desktop ones

The Main Things about the Best South African Provider NextGen

NextGen casino in South Africa: how to buy

Entrepreneurs often ask the Gaminator support team how to buy NextGen casino in South Africa. We offer our clients the services of this provider for a few good reasons. Not only it is a renowned representative of the local market, but it also bears impressive benefits in comparison to other software manufacturers:

  • The NextGen game supplier targets the audience in the Republic of South Africa, adjusting its product for the preferences of the local culture.
  • African punters enjoy the company’s slots, in particular its exceptional features: SuperBet, A-Plus Bonus, and Up Wild.
  • The convenient app-based poker rooms allow enjoying the favourite entertainment regardless of the time and place.
  • The boom in popularity for lottery activities gave the company an impulse to work towards this direction in RSA even more.
  • Elaborate content creation, multiwindowing, cultural adjustments, smooth payment integration, mobile versions of games are the company’s main distinctive characteristics.

If you want to purchase a turnkey casino with NextGen in South Africa, resorting to Gaminator will be the most efficient decision. We cooperate with this software supplier and guarantee top-notch gaming and administrative content to our clients. Order the South African turnkey casino from Gaminator and we will help you create a popular brand in the region.

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Author Arthur Zimniy Gambling business specialist 2021-02-02

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