How to Get a Gaming License?

How to Get a Gaming License?

1. What is a Gaming License?

2. Gaming License: Types of Permits

3. How You Get a Gaming License: Documents

4. How to Get a Gaming License in the Easiest Way?

It is enough for most types of the business just to register them in municipal authorities, and you can sell clothes, organise tours or be engaged in consulting. However, with the gambling business, things are different.

Online gambling business

If you decide to create your own online casino, please be patient since it is not easy to get an official permit. You will need a large package of documents, legal advisers, representatives abroad, six or eight months, and money. You will find out how to get a gaming license further in this article.

The difficulty also lies in the fact that not every country issues gaming licenses. In some regions, gambling is totally banned. So, you will have to acquire a permit European or offshore countries, which deal with the provision of casino licenses to foreign companies.

Please, keep in mind that you always have a great opportunity to ask specialists from Gaminator Casino for help. You have to find out, the license of which jurisdiction is the best for you, how to get a gaming license, and where to start collecting documents for an individual consultation. Just leave your contact information by filling the feedback form, and we will call you back.

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What is a Gaming License?

Such a permit is a document that allows a company or an independent entrepreneur to organise and conduct online gambling or land-based gambling activity in one or more jurisdictions.

Is it possible to operate without a license? Yes, but to be honest, it is very undesirable. Today it is not a problem to track money transfers and who made them. So, if anything suspicious will happen, it will be easy for the law enforcement agencies to find you and bring to responsibility.

Moreover, in the gambling industry, a permit may open more than one door. In many cases, it is this document that is a required condition for entering the international market to generate higher revenue.

Gambling business revenue

For players

For sure, gamblers do not want to interact with a dishonest casino. Therefore, most of them check all the documents of the gaming site carefully before making the first deposit. We can say that without a license, web casinos are doomed to play with the beginners who make very careful and low bets. In this case, it will be almost impossible to attract high rollers.

For partners

It happened that casinos are often used by illegal companies for money laundering and sponsorship of terrorists. Therefore, the software vendors are trying to protect themselves from possible connections with establishments of this kind in every way and prefer to work only with licensed casinos that meet their requirements.

Licensed online casinos

In simple terms, you cannot get the licensed software directly from the developer if you have not passed the registration procedure and did not receive the document. And it is necessary to lookup this approach.

Of course, you can try to install scripts for casinos that are offered on the Internet for free by individuals with unclear intentions. Here you need to think about whether it is worth it — to risk your money and reputation?


With a permit, you can easily develop your business. If previously, in order to expand the business, it was necessary to go to a neighbouring city, now it is enough to launch an advertising campaign on your website for residents of other countries. And here you cannot do without a license.

But even if you don’t want to look ahead too much and are planning to work only within the territory of your own country, a vendor license will make it possible for you to launch another website, and then another one, simply by adding a few lines to the existing list of sites.

Gaming License: Types of Permits

Casino gaming license

Each jurisdiction issues its own document, legitimising the conduct of gambling activities. They have different requirements, permits, duration, etc. but still they can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Licenses for all types of gambling business.
  2. Special permits for each type of activity.

Special licenses are issued according to the request of an applicant and are usually divided into classes depending on the additional elements that are used in the game. For example, games with RNGs and those where the game is played between people and depends entirely on their skill require separate licenses. The vendor license and a license of the software developer are also issued separately.

The first types of permits are issued in such countries as Gibraltar, Curacao, and Belize. Special permits are issued by Malta, the United Kingdom, and several other countries.

How You Get a Gaming License: Documents

Usually, the acquisition of a permit has several stages:

  1. The creation of a business plan. It is an important planning stage, which will help you to be more realistic about the launch of a successful business and understand in advance how to batten down the hatches. Also, the business plan will be included in the package of documents that are necessary for filing an application.
  2. Preparation of a package of documents. The list of required documents may vary depending on the jurisdiction but we will describe its main components below.
  3. Filing of an application and payment of official fees.
  4. In the end, the commission makes its decision. It may take from two weeks to six months. Sometimes after a positive decision, the company receives a temporary permit and is subject to an additional audit.

The basic package of documents for being able to file an application for a gaming license:

  • business plan;
  • characteristics and recommendations of shareholders, as well as a resume with contact information;
  • information on a key employee (or several of them) of the future casino (usually it is only top management);
  • a layout of servers (if the jurisdiction is involved in tracking transactions of gambling websites);
  • written confirmation of financial guarantees of a local bank;
  • a marketing promotion plan;
  • sometimes — the provision of a compelling reason that will explain why you can obtain the permit.

How to Get a Gaming License in the Easiest Way?

Fortunately, today there is a way not to waste months on collecting documents and having endless consultations with local experts. You can launch an online casino in just a few weeks if you contact the Gaminator Casino company and obtain a sub-license from the holder of a full license.

It is a completely legal way to do business, and, moreover, it is much simpler and cheaper. You can purchase a ready-made turnkey casino with a license and start working in the space of a few days.

Licensed turnkey online casino from Gaminator Casino

What do you get in the “Turnkey casino” package from Gaminator Casino:

  • an online business that is fully ready to be launched;
  • a modern website with an attractive design and easy navigation;
  • a sub-license for conducting gambling activities;
  • a reliable gaming platform and a set of the most popular slot machines, as well as the regular renewal;
  • consultations of our experts on any issues related to the opening of an online casino;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • an amazing opportunity to save money and time.

We offer you to become a partner of Gaminator Casino and an owner of your own profitable gambling club!

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