How to Open a Bitcoin Casino 2019: The Best Investment Solution from Gaminator

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino 2019: The Best Investment Solution from Gaminator

1. Reasons for the Popularity of Virtual Currency

2. Methods of Launching a Gambling Project with Bitcoins

3. Conclusion

The history of bitcoin began in 2008 with an open file, published in the free domain of the Network. The program contained a detailed description of the virtual currency and the basic principles of the unique financial system. Cryptocurrency not only received a decent assessment but also in record time has become a significant factor in the impact on the world economy.

Open a Bitcoin Casino: The Best Investment Solution

Today cyberspace is one of the most promising components of a virtual business. The gambling industry has not been left aside: the search query “how to open a bitcoin casino” has been taking the first lines of the largest systems for a long time.


Reasons for the Popularity of Virtual Currency

The rapid popularity of virtual money in the gambling sector is associated with the unique features and characteristics of the cryptocurrency:

  1. Anonymity and confidentiality. The owner of a bitcoin wallet receives a unique opportunity to keep his/her identity anonymous and skip such mandatory procedures as registration and identification. To play for money and perform financial transactions, it is enough to specify only the wallet number.
  2. Protection against inflation. Bitcoins are virtual money that is not affected by any existing banking structures. The very concept of emission does not apply to cryptocurrency.
  3. Absolute independence. Electronic money does not belong to any state in the world.
  4. The absence of commission deductions. Considering the complete independence of the virtual currency, there is no such category of people as intermediaries in financial transactions with bitcoins: money is transferred from account to account without the intervention of ground-located financial structures.  
  5. One hundred per cent safety. It is impossible to track transactions: after debiting the account, the money is instantly transferred to the second participant without the ability to interrupt, block or cancel the payment.
  6. Game with low bets. Virtual money allows you to play with a record low deposits (from 0.0001 dollars).

Methods of Launching a Gambling Project with Bitcoins

Gambling Project with Bitcoins

As a rule, the procedure of launching a bitcoin casino is similar to the opening of a traditional gaming platform. There are nuances associated more with the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency itself. For instance, each of the participants must have access to a personal virtual wallet, and the casino website must have special financial services that support bitcoin transactions.

To summarize, the gambling business with the acceptance of virtual money can be made based on two formats:

  • The platform that supports only cryptocurrency (other services to ensure financial transactions are not provided).
  • Hybrid project (cryptocurrency acts as an additional payment system and is used on a par with traditional services).

In order to launch an online business with bitcoins, you can use the following strategies:

Options for entering the gambling market in 2019у

Main operation formats

Concise characteristic


Advantages: a unique design for bitcoin casinos, development and promotion of your own brand, no restrictions in advertising the project, full control over all aspects of the service

Disadvantages: high financial and time expenses, responsibility for the quality of the website, the need to have a wealth of experience in various fields, ranging from software development and design to promotion, legal issues and accountingй

Bitcoin casino script

Advantages: the script of the bitcoin casino website is very cheap (often there are even absolutely free options)

Disadvantages: no guarantees of code performance, the need to develop an exclusive design, adapt the software to the needs of the operator, the mandatory connection of partner services, gaming content and analytical tools

Franchise agreement

Advantages: completely finished product with the ability to promote your own brand, a wide selection of games, competent technical and legal support

Disadvantages: time saving, exclusive design, work under own brand, a wide choice of gaming content, constant updates of the range, competent support

Turnkey platform

Advantages: time saving, exclusive design, work under own brand, a wide choice of gaming content, constant updates of the range, competent support

Disadvantages: не обнаружено


According to forecasts, within five years, every second platform will accept payment in bitcoins. It is high time to think about ways to enter the gambling market and choose the optimal strategy.

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