How to Open a Bitcoin Casino in 10 Days?

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino in 10 Days?

1. What is the Meaning of a Bitcoin Casino?

2. Advantages of a Bitcoin Casino

3. How to Open a Bitcoin Casino: a bit by bit Instruction

4. How to Open a Bitcoin Casino in the Easiest Way?

The gambling sphere is quite profitable but it has some niches that bring more income to the owners and have more prospects. Moreover, recent polls of players show that about 70% of gamblers will agree to change a casino if another club will offer more profitable games.

Bitcoin casinos are popular & profitable

Online casino bitcoins are examples of such niches, although today, it occupies about 15% of the market. However, cryptocurrencies continue to develop, and the true potential of such casinos is unknown to anyone. That is why bitcoin games are now perceived as a pot of gold. And now let us tell you how to open a bitcoin casino and create for yourself a very successful business!

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What is the Meaning of a Bitcoin Casino?

An online gaming project that accepts cryptocurrency as the method of payment is called a bitcoin casino. In some casinos, bitcoin is the main currency, and in others ― just one among many. But both types work with cryptographic currencies, which so far are recognised in a very small number of countries.

According to our review, bitcoin casinos are mostly visited by:

  • men with an average age of thirty-two years;
  • more than 50% of visitors of crypto casinos are residents of the United States;
  • people with higher education;
  • players who a well-versed in modern technologies;
  • those who belong to the middle class.

In bitcoin gambling clubs, it is usually possible to find a traditional set of games: poker, roulette, slot machines, etc. For example, in a bitcasino io. As for virtual bookmakers, they can also accept bets on sports events in bitcoins.

Advantages of a Bitcoin Casino

Are traditional online clubs very different from bitcoin casinos? Do they offer something totally new?

Not really. You can play in bitcoin casinos in the same way as on other gambling websites. But at the same time, crypto projects have small differences, and all together they make themselves more attractive in the eyes of the players. Let us see what it is all about and what bonuses do gamblers get.

Among the biggest advantages of casino bitcoins, we can name:

  • Complete anonymity. The fact is that bitcoins do not fall within the scope of the law of any country and any bank of the world. It is a fully decentralised currency, which, in most cases, is transferred from one owner to another. This is one of the main reasons why many professional gamblers are so fond of it.
  • The speed of transactions. It seems incredible but crypto finances can be transferred to an account in just fifteen minutes. Two hours maximum. This feature of bitcoins guarantees the transparency of the casino operation because any delay is immediately visible.
  • Commission cost: 0%. Any payment operator will withdraw at least 1% for the transfer of euro, dollars or rubles. Payment services that work with cryptocurrency can do it as well. But if the casino is ready to accept payments to its wallet, the issue with commissions will be over forever.
  • Payments cannot be refunded. Many owners face a situation when players replenish funds to their accounts, and then, for whatever reason, operators withdraw it. With cryptocurrency, such a scenario is difficult to imagine.
  • Free conversion. There will be no problems in case you want to convert bitcoins to the currency of your country. Or in dollars. Or in euro. Just five minutes, and you get money in the right currency. Players like this option very much.
  • Round-the-clock transfers. Since the transaction is always direct, without intermediaries, payments can be made at any time of the day or night.

Even with a cursory inspection of the possibilities of payment by casino bitcoins, it becomes obvious that the connection of such a channel expands the audience of users significantly.

The price of a bitcoin is even more attractive: it is steadily growing and in the future, you will have a chance to get additional earnings on the difference in rates.

Bitcoin price is steadily growing

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino: a bit by bit Instruction

Like any other business, the opening of a bitcoin gambling establishment requires step-by-step actions.

Here are the stages that the future owner of a casino project will need to go through:

  1. Pre-work: analysis of competitors, the selection of USP, the development of positioning.
  2. Official registration and acquisition of a permit. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs miss this important step. But when you will want to connect those gamblers who do not use cryptocurrency to the game, you will still have to make your business legal.
  3. Selection of a gaming platform and slots. If you feel like catfish to a crawdad in matters of the gaming software, you can easily choose good software by yourself. Otherwise, you can contact specialists who will select it for you.
  4. Development of a gaming site. It is also a big step, which should be taken piece by piece. First order a design, then create a website, buy a domain (io casino is especially in-demand), hosting, and prepare the SEO promotion.
  5. Set up payment channels. Even if you are planning to work only with bitcoins, the acceptance and sending of money transfers need to be customised and tested. This is how you can avoid problems in the future.
  6. A connection of the chat support. At first, you can also respond to inquiries and feedback from players on your own. But keep in mind that the best bitcoin casinos stay in touch twenty-four-seven.

There are quite many stages, and the amount of work can cool your desire to launch an online gambling club. But do not give up before time! All this can be done much faster and easier if you purchase a turnkey bitcoin solution (for example, an io casino).

Some companies are ready to provide the gaming software and other necessary elements in the packaged offer. Thus, you will get a ready-to-work business within seven or ten days.

How to Open a Bitcoin Casino in the Easiest Way?

The perfect option is to entrust the development, testing, and launch of a bitcoin casino to third-party contractors (as it is done in a bitcasino io). Choose a firm that has a good reputation in the market and that can show successful projects, which it has implemented.

For example, it is possible to purchase crypto casino scripts from a personal manager from Gaminator Casino, buy a turnkey project, order the creation of a live casino (with real dealers) or rent a gambling club to see how profitable this business is.

Gaminator Casino will deal with the creation and promotion of a casino, so do not put away the realisation of your dream for later, and contact us today! And after ten days, you will start receiving the first income!


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