How to Open a Blockchain Casino in 2019: the Proven Option From Gaminator

How to Open a Blockchain Casino in 2019: the Proven Option From Gaminator

1. Nuances and Special Features of the Blockchain Technology in Gambling

2. Why do Fans of Gambling Choose the Blockchain?

3. Advantages of the Technology for Operators

4. Features of Creating a Casino on the Basis of the Blockchain

  4.1. The Ethereum Service

  4.2. Blockchain in the Form of a Casino Game

5. Conclusion

The gambling industry constantly creates new rules and trends. Decentralisation and cryptocurrency technologies have become very successful and promising innovations in the field of gambling.

Blockchain Casino development

According to experts, in 2023, every second online casino platform in the world will accept bitcoins as a method of payment. Taking into account the modern trends, the search query “how to open a blockchain casino” is becoming increasingly popular with each day.


Before proceeding to the “active actions”, let us first define the very concept of a blockchain casino: what is this, and what are the main reasons for the popularity of such innovative technological solutions.

Nuances and Special Features of the Blockchain Technology in Gambling

The gambling business, which is built on the decentralisation technology, is a multi-structural application ― a system of separate blocks where the information on each completed transaction is recorded and stored.

After close consideration, it becomes clear that the concept of a system control area itself is absent, and all the stored information is available to any user of the Network. Therewith, after the information is entered, it cannot be changed (none of the participants of the game or third parties can change the information at their own discretion).

Why do Fans of Gambling Choose the Blockchain?

In an ordinary casino, players may encounter a number of problems:

  • the denial of access to a personal account;
  • the presence of hidden fees for the withdrawal of funds;
  • high commissions to bookmakers;
  • a lot of conditions typed in a small print;
  • time constraints and delays in payments.

The Internet business that is based on the blockchain is built in a different way: all the work is divided and presented in the form of a chain of data, which should be fixed in the final unit of each block of information. All stored data cannot be changed, and the block immediately becomes accessible to the public.

Decentralised casinos offer their customers guarantees and many advantages:

  1. Payments through smart contracts (absolute guarantee of the fact that money will be transferred to a personal account).
  2. Fixed and unchangeable information (the data on all transactions is recorded in the block single time and cannot be formatted).
  3. The option to check the percentage of winnings (players can control the size of payments and create unique game strategies).
  4. Reliable support for the partners (they are offered a wide range of statistical tools, options for viewing reports on the number of attracted users and the amount of income from each player).
  5. 100% compliance with payments at a specified percentage.

Advantages of the Technology for Operators

By launching their own business, which is based on decentralisation technologies, operators obtain the following advantages:

Advantages of using the blockchain technology for Operators of Gambling Establishments

The list of advantages

Brief description

An online business without a gambling platform

A decentralised application can be launched without the need to develop a traditional gambling platform. Moreover, an online casino can offer only one game. A great example is the BitCong virtual service. The portal presents one kind of entertainment, which is built on the principle of “red/black”, and the annual turnover of this website is about one hundred ninety million dollars.

Another advantage of the portal is that the owner of a unique entertainment does not pay interest to intermediaries (providers of games, software vendors or financial services)

Launch without a license

When it comes to the decentralisation technology, there will be no problems with the launch of a cryptocurrency casino and the legalisation of a project. Taking into account that there are no head offices and that the information is publicly available, the licensing of a business is totally unnecessary.

Exceptions are possible if on gambling websites, in addition to the blockchain blocks, there are traditional casino games from well-known providers as well

Hundred-per-cent honesty

The technology itself is the key to the absolute safety and transparency of all game mechanics and financial processes that take place on the resource

The lack of the service controlling system

Operators receive the right to conduct gambling business without the need to adjust the work in accordance with the established statutory provisions in a particular country

Unique game mechanics

The innovative system allows you to use both traditional solutions like slot games and to bring to life creative ideas on the basis of your own sketches, create multi-structured offers, and introduce multi-user entertainments with several levels of complexity

The system of jackpots and bonuses

The blockchain allows you to significantly reduce the expenses on a gambling project due to the absence of commissions to intermediaries, maintenance of servers, and casino licensing activities. As a result, due to the savings, operators can offer their audience more promotional solutions, bonuses, and jackpots

Individual currency

By using the blockchain, operators can attract the attention of the audience with exclusive currency notes. Casino owners have access to both traditional identical elements and exclusive formulas that make it possible to realise accounting units in non-standard forms

Features of Creating a Casino on the Basis of the Blockchain

Creating a Casino on the Basis of the Blockchain

If you have decided to bring to life your own gambling project, you will be able to use two main solutions: the Ethereum platform and the blocks in the form of a game.

The Ethereum Service

This platform is a unique development ― a kind of a foundation for the production of a variety of systems based on decentralisation technologies. It is a convenient and simple algorithm, which is aimed at making contracts within information blocks. As an additional advantage, it is worth noting that the service has its own virtual currency.

Blockchain in the Form of a Casino Game

Blocks of the application can be used as a game. For example, during a certain time slice, participants in the process send transfers to the specified address. After the session is finished, a user whose deposit appeared in the specified place in the chain becomes a winner.


The blockchain technology is one of the most promising trends in the gambling market. The unique system allows you to stand out against the background of similar proposals, significantly reduce the costs on the launch of a project, and enter a world market in record time.

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