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How to Organise a Casino Business in 2022: Gambling Trends and Prospects

The wagering sphere is a promising area that is strengthening its position. This opinion is shared by analysts from t2 Marketing International, H2 Gambling Capital, App Annie and other reputable online publications.

According to H2 Gambling Capital experts, later in 2022, the total income of wagering enterprises will reach $117 billion. It is twice as much compared to the profit of $58 billion in 2018. The total growth over 5 years will be 101.1%.

Online casino business: trends and perspectives

Do not stay away from the promising market, but create a profitable project with Gaminator Casino. We offer to open a web business in a short time, with cost optimisation and the use of advanced technologies.

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Relevant Solutions in 2022: Brief Market Analysis

It is worth considering long-term trends in the gambling sphere:

Increasing the Share of Mobile Casino Profits

The App Annie analysts predict that by the end of 2022:

  • 60% of the industry's total revenues will come from mobile solutions;
  • 25% of the profit will be provided by the launch of a web gambling business (gaming and lottery sites);
  • land-based casinos and slot halls will bring 15% of global revenue.

85% of total earnings will be generated by the online sector. "Skewing" toward web wagering is quite natural. The situation was affected by both the Covid-19 pandemic and the improvement of the internet casino service quality.

There is no need to worry about the ground-based sphere since large complexes can earn on several related propositions. The hotel business, entertainment, and sale of alcoholic beverages are only the tip of an iceberg of the complete list of operators' income sources.

Rejuvenation of the Target Audience

At the beginning of 2021, t2 Marketing International analysts studied the average age of casino site users and their level of profit.

Research results are the following:

  • 60% of revenue comes from gamers aged 18–35;
  • 30% — for 36–45-year-olds;
  • 10% — for users over 46.

The clients of modern casino sites are generation Y and Z. To meet the needs of millennials, operators need to constantly introduce new technologies and improve the service quality (for instance, interesting loyalty programs and personalised e-mail newsletters are needed).

Introduction of New Genres of Casino Games

The rejuvenation of the target audience affects its preferences. The main message of the t2 Marketing International study is that slot machines are not enough for users to stay long on the gambling site.

Skill-based games (VGM) can be singled out among the new genres of casino entertainment.

According to the t2 Marketing International studies:

  • Replacing several video slots with the same number of casual games will increase the operator's profit by 4%.
  • In 2023, VGM content, internet slots and live casino entertainment will be among the top 3 most popular activities.

The experts from t2 Marketing International also expect the growth of the audience of social offerings. Entertainment target viewers are clients of popular instant messengers. Content is free, but it is possible to buy additional in-game options or subscribe to branded products of the casino provider.

Maximum Transparency of Work

Many countries are finalising the regulatory framework, ensuring fairness and responsible gaming. For instance, Ukraine has taken the path of legalisation — the residents can buy a casino, organise a bookmaker’s office, and connect software for selling lottery tickets.

Until 2020, the country was in a grey zone. Gambling was banned at the legislative level, but many casino sites operated in a semi-legal mode through the .com domain zone. Since last year, the Ukrainian wagering business is a legal field of activity, with its rules and advantages.

Launching a Casino Site with a Future Perspective

Online casino: turnkey development

At Gaminator Casino, operators may order a modern and profitable turnkey platform, a White Label project, a betting site and other useful products.

All solutions are developed based on the stable iGaming trends:

Prestigious licensing

Entrepreneurs can order a casino site with the permission of Malta, Curacao, Panama, Kahnawake and other respected jurisdictions.

Our experts constantly monitor changes in the legislation of selected countries, therefore we offer only the best working conditions with a perspective of 5–15 years

Trendy catalogue of video games

Gaminator Casino projects use certified wagering software. Our team cooperates with well-known entertainment providers offering colourful designs, interesting mathematical models, and great bonuses.

Although slot machines occupy the lion's share of the content, great attention is paid to casual games, bingo, instant lotteries, and social casino entertainment

Cross-platform environment

Solutions are perfectly adapted to mobile platforms, desktops, terrestrial slots, and gaming panels.

The casino content, as well as a part of the backend code, is written using HTML5 technology. Due to this, the interface window can be easily adjusted to different browsers and operating systems. The main emphasis is on mobile development

Sophisticated CRM system

The Gaminator Casino platform includes tools for analysing the preferences of different age groups. This helps retain the target audience on the site more effectively, which has a positive impact on the operator's profit

Modern Technologies for Online Casinos

It is recommended to consider several IT tools for developing progressive gambling projects:

  1. Virtual and augmented reality. For the first time, VR and AR technologies were discussed in 2016 after releasing the sensational mobile game Pokemon Go. Later, several top developers immediately picked up a promising trend. For instance, the NetEnt manufacturer offers a series of Gonzo's Quest slot machines adapted for VR. The problem of the high cost of additional equipment is also gradually disappearing, especially after the presentation of budget devices Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.
  2. Blockchain. Operators are adding new settlement crypto units, increasing the number of payment methods. The punters and operators may replenish the deposit and withdraw funds in Ether, Altcoins and other digital money. Blockchain transactions are very promising due to complete anonymity and high speed of operations.
  3. Artificial intelligence. AI is used to improve the quality of service, protect wagering projects from intruders and dishonest punters, and fight gaming addiction.
  4. Big data. The gambling business uses large amounts of information for a variety of purposes. The technology collects records about users, competitors, contractors, changes in legislation, trends, etc. Further, the system analyses and systematises the data, providing the operator with financial, strategic, and management reporting.
  5. PWA apps. These are hybrid models of mobile applications and standard web pages that help to effectively distribute casino software. Users can play directly in the PWA environment without the need to download content from Google Play or the App Store.

The Main Things about Opening a Gambling Business with Gaminator Casino

Online gambling business: connection

Gaminator offers modern turnkey wagering projects. The options are distinguished with a multi-component structure, a wide portfolio of video games, and licensing in prestigious jurisdictions.


We have successfully combined promising iGaming trends with well-established traditions in a business organisation. Our product will help create a respectable and dependable project.

  • Among the stable trends are the rapid growth of revenues from mobile casinos, the rejuvenation of the target audience, the demand for new genres of games, and the improvement of legislation in many countries.
  • Programmers actively use virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and other technologies to create interesting and profitable casino sites.

To learn more about modern and promising gambling projects, please contact our manager.

Arthur Zimniy
Arthur Zimniy
Gambling business specialist
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