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How to Protect Yourself from Online Fraudsters?

How to Protect Yourself from Online Fraudsters?

1. Effective Security Measures

  1.1. Competent Personal Data Management

  1.2. Increased Attentiveness

  1.3. Exploration of Visual Presentation

  1.4. Secure Connection

  1.5. Well-Thought-Out Financial Management

  1.6. Cautious Attitude towards Online Payments

2. The Main Things about Online Security

We inform you about the increased threat of identity and money theft. The attackers created fake e-mail addresses and accounts in popular messengers under the name of the Gaminator company.

Fake contacts look almost like real ones. Therefore, we strongly recommend you check website addresses and other data very carefully.

Effective Security Measures

Online security: effective measures

There are several ways to save your money and private information.

Competent Personal Data Management

Fraudsters collect databases with contacts of potential victims from various sources. Try to share personal information in exceptional cases when it is really necessary. If some portal asks for your data, do not rush to enter it. First, analyse the appropriateness of such actions.

Increased Attentiveness

When opening a website, double-check its URL. Make sure there are no errors in it. The smallest inaccuracy indicates the application of a fraudulent scheme. This also applies to e-mail addresses, as well as accounts on social networks and messengers.

Exploration of Visual Presentation

Evaluate the design of a site. If you have already visited this virtual resource, you should remember how it looks in general terms. If you notice suspicious changes in the style of pages, check the website address carefully.

When visiting an unfamiliar portal, pay attention to the quality of the design. It is very common for scammers to create phishing websites in a hurry. An attentive user will notice some shortcomings. Sometimes attackers can make spelling mistakes even in simple words.

Some scammers develop pretty high-quality websites. To mitigate risks, it is essential to check the reliability of a virtual resource from several aspects at once.

Secure Connection

Avoid websites that do not use SSL data encryption technology. Trusted resources can be recognised by the text "https" in the search bar of the browser. The security of the connection is also indicated by the closed padlock icon. If the picture is crossed out or glows red, it indicates a potential threat.

Well-Thought-Out Financial Management

In order not to risk your savings, open several bank cards at once. This can be done online in just a few minutes using mobile banking tools.

Create a separate card to pay for services and goods on the Internet. Transfer the required amount to it right before making a purchase. This approach will secure your main account.

Cautious Attitude towards Online Payments

Many phishing schemes are based on placing a fake widget of a popular financial system on a bait website. It is important to explore the design of the payment page and the information published on it. In case of any inconsistencies, it is necessary to stop entering personal data.

If a payment request has been sent, you will probably receive an SMS with a confirmation password. Examine the content of the message. Remember: employees of banks and other financial institutions do not ask for CVV2 codes or passwords.

The Main Things about Online Security

Internet security: key notions

To save your money and avoid personal information leakage, follow these rules:

  • check website addresses, e-mails, accounts on social networks and messengers attentively;
  • manage financial accounts and online payments responsibly;
  • avoid websites with poor-quality designs and unsecured connections.

Be careful! Do not risk your confidential data and monetary funds. If you have any questions related to online security, please contact the Gaminator managers. They will consult you on this subject for free.

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Author Arthur Zimniy Gambling business specialist 2021-07-12

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