How to Start an Online Gambling Business Quickly: Gaminator Expert Answers

How to Start an Online Gambling Business Quickly: Gaminator Expert Answers

1. Stages of the Online Casino Launch on Your Own

  1.1. Legal Issues

  1.2. Purchase of the Online Casino Software

  1.3. Launch and Promotion

  1.4. Customer Service

The easiest and fastest way to become an online casino owner is to order the development of a turnkey gambling project.

Open an online casino on a turnkey basis

Why is that? Firstly, you will receive a complete package of services that includes all the elements that are necessary for a quick launch of a business, and secondly, you will save a lot of time and money.

For example, this is what Gaminator provides its partners with ― those who have ordered the development of an online casino from cover to cover:

  • a gaming platform (a unique one or from one of the best developers);
  • popular slot games (or those that were chosen manually by a specialist of the Rosloto studio);
  • a ready-to-work online casino website;
  • additional programs to track performance, an increased level of security, etc. (at will);
  • a gambling license (if so agreed);
  • legal support at every stage ― from the registration of a company with municipal authorities to the filing of tax reports;
  • connection to the existing customer support service (chat, call centre, e-mail responses);
  • development of a marketing strategy and launch of an advertising campaign.

The advantage of this method is that specialists of such companies understand better than others how to make a statement for yourself on the gambling market and attract the attention of players, and are happy to share their experience with partners.

On the other hand, if you try to independently deal with all the phases of the launch of a gambling project or even some of them, you will have not only to make a lot of effort but also to learn many new things.

Stages of the Online Casino Launch on Your Own:

  1. Resolution of legal issues (the registration of a company and casino licensing).
  2. Purchase or creation of the specialised software for Internet casinos.
  3. The launch of a website and its promotion.
  4. Provision of customer support.

Stage №1. Legal Issues

Gambling has always been, is, and will be one of the most profitable types of entrepreneurial activity since it is based on the natural craving for excitement and winning. But where there is big capital, there is also the increased attention from the law enforcement agencies (in almost every country).

Any gambling company must be licensed by the gambling commission and receive a document that allows it to organise and such kind of entertainment.

Gambling license for an online casino

But everything is not so simple. Regulators usually issue a list of requirements for those candidates who apply for a license. It includes an impressive initial capital, a development plan for five years, and the unblemished business reputation of each of the founders. Therefore, it is a very rare case when someone decides to deal with it alone.

Moreover, only a local company can file an application for a license. That is, you first need to:

  1. Choose the jurisdiction for licensing based on the goals of your business project, local laws, taxation, and other conditions. Most often, entrepreneurs prefer offshore countries (Curacao, Gibraltar) and some of the European countries (Switzerland, United Kingdom).
  2. Register in the selected country a company that, in the future, will provide gambling services to the citizens.
  3. File an application to the regulator, having previously collected the necessary package of documents.

The whole future path of the company depends on the chosen jurisdiction: with the residents of which countries it will work and how much tax it will pay annually. Experts with vast experience in launching online casinos will help you to make the right choice.

Such people can be found in the Gaminator studio, and they will help you to make the right choice.

order service

Stage №2. Purchase of the Online Casino Software

Gaming software is a very online casino. It is the program that automatically accepts deposits and bets, determines the size of winnings, and sends money to the lucky ones. With the increase in the number of games and players, the load on the software is also constantly increasing.

It is crucial to make sure that the software of your online casino can:

  • perform administrative functions such as CRM systems, which is necessary to control the managers of the company and monitor the effectiveness of their work;
  • use different payment services for money transfers;
  • provide a complete overview of the state of the entire business and detailed statistics on the selected parameters in a few clicks;
  • comply with the highest level of security and store the personal and financial data of users and business owners;
  • successfully fight off external hacker attacks;
  • be easy to manage.

You can purchase a turnkey casino with all the necessary software or you can order the development of customised solutions specifically for your needs. However, please note that such software is not created in a week and can cost quite a lot of money.

Therefore, it makes sense to first consider trusted gaming platforms from the world’s leading providers. It is better to start with Gaminator, Superomatic, Win&Win Casino or Casexe.

Stage №3. Launch and Promotion

On average, it takes three months from the beginning of the implementation to the full launch of an online casino. It is a standard time for specialists to develop the concept of a future website, create a design, select and integrate games, and also work on a future method of promotion. If you are serious about choosing a contractor, the whole process will go a little faster.

Of course, you can try to do it on your own. But will your website have a chance to attract the attention of players if a whole team of marketers and SEO specialists have been working on the casinos of your competitors? You must agree that this kind of work should be entrusted only to professionals.

Stage №4. Customer Service

Business on the Internet has no weekends, breaks or holidays. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, any player who faced a particular problem will wait for you to solve it. Are you ready to be available all the time? Likely not.

That is why you will need specially trained employees who will be able to help your clients at any time of the day in the correct way.

The easiest option is to contact an existing online casino customer support centre and pay its employees to make them handle all requests coming from your website. Currently, there is no better solution to this problem.

Now you know what a huge amount of work is behind the launch of one gaming site on the Internet. It is almost impossible to do all this by yourself because while you master all the necessary skills, the market itself can change beyond recognition.

Besides, if you want to do everything really quickly, then you will need a ready-to-work gambling project. It will be quite expensive since it requires a lot of effort from dozens of people. Remember that you are buying not just a website but a ticket to a profitable and interesting business that can be managed remotely.



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