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How to Start a Greentube Casino in South America on a Profitable Basis

The iGaming regulatory decrees of communities in distinct parts of the planet are not always the same. While some governments have set up an advantageous form of conducting this type of entertainment, others are still looking to find what they consider the best for their citizens.

The iGambling business in South America is an excellent example of this. Some authoritative bodies affirmed the lawful sector of web amusement several years ago. Others perceive this issue more cautiously. Changing the impression of this activity in accordance with modern realities helps here a lot.

Regardless, the presence of such productive content creators like a Greentube casino provider in South America simplifies administrators’ lives by solving particular tasks in the region.

Greentube casino in South America: how to start

Order top-quality components for assembling an auspicious playing portal in a promising destination at Gaminator.


Distinctive Characteristics of the Zone

The local territory has recently become strategically important for operators and suppliers seeking out growth opportunities in newly-regulated markets.

Colombia was the first to implement an official manifestation on its premises. Following its lead, other destinations are introducing regulatory regimes for online products. As a result, major brands as well as novice operators start pursuing licences or partnerships with local representatives.

The current situation across the continent:

  1. Brazil. The second half of 2021 turned out to be a significant period in establishing a working system for the state. The government has hired European specialists to make suggestions on the regulatory frameworks, upfront fees, and legal alterations. The Brazilian market received a boost in July 2021. The authorities excluded a 3% turnover tax, making the zone more appealing.
  2. Argentina. Local provinces are trending in various directions when it comes to regulating this type of entertainment. Due to federal distribution, each region decided its advancement course. Specialists estimate that the next critical step in Argentina’s progression will be the participation of the Greentube gaming provider and additional sellers in an improved environment due to ever-changing innovations.
  3. Chile. In January 2021, the Ministry of Finances pledged to introduce rulings for iGaming. This would make the state the next neighbouring destination to regulate entertainment. Trusted by global venturers, technology suppliers, and regulatory authorities, this territory is expected to make a considerable contribution to the in-continent as well as a global amusement area.

Other places and their relation to the iGambling industry:






Web-based entertainment is regulated and completely legal for licensees and punters.

Entrepreneurs have to apply for an official permit in order to start offering their participation services


Internet gambling amusement had never been regulated in the state as playing sites were not specifically mentioned in the law.

In order to start targeting punters on the territory of the state, the operator has to register in an overseas jurisdiction



As of 2021, there are no laws prohibiting both locals and foreigners from taking part in web-based activities.

While domestic brands have to undergo a series of audits and vetting processes, overseas firms can operate in the country with an offshore permit



Internet amusement has been legal in the state since around 2015, and it has recently improved, step by step.

Sweepstakes sites were first to receive official status, then in 2017 casino platforms followed, and in 2018 bookmakers’ resources joined the sphere


The local government (guided by the state-run lottery company La Banca de Quinielas de Montevideo) does not issue local permits.

If operators want to start gaming services, an offshore registration is required

While the destinations on the continent are slowly but steadily perceiving the advantageous nature of regulated iGaming, suppliers of content do not sit still. The Greentube software provider in South America is an excellent support partner for novice and competent venturers. Order its products at the aggregator Gaminator alongside our proficient juridical aid.

Key Gaming Features of the Vendor

Greentube software provider in South America: features

The understanding of the region results in satisfying audiences’ demands. Thanks to the high-performance rates of the supplier, all cultural peculiarities of each country (and even provinces inside them) are taken into consideration. It makes the assortment of goods relevant regardless of the operational zone as well as individual elaboration ingenious and consistent.

Which Greentube casino software in South America deserves special spotlight:

  1. Cards, dice, and roulette. In order to enjoy favourite tabletop entertainment, there is no need to commute to the nearest gaming hall. The company has plenty of browser-based and smartphone-focused simulations of this amusement. The audience on the continent is particularly fond of Baccarat and similar variations of card pastimes.
  2. Reels, drums, and wild symbols. It is all about Greentube slot machines for sale. They are colourful, have amazing sound accompaniment, and bear absorbing plots with appealing prizes. The most notable mentions here are Diamond Link, 40 WildFire, Imperial Crown, Book of Ra, and more.
  3. Pairs, set, flashes, straights. Poker software for casinos in South America by Greentube is something worth particular attention. It is performed in a classic manner, resembling the atmosphere of a ground hall. There are several variations (5-card draw, Deuces Wild, Omaha, Texas Hold’em) to diversify the assortment.
  4. B-I-N-G-O. The iconic word and the entertainment should be one of the most notable activities of the brand. Due to the high rate of mobile penetration across the continent (75% and counting), a huge accent is made on smartphone participation with such titles as Bruno Bingo, Lucky Lady, and 1-2-3.

The combination of iconic entertainment matches the current demand of the dedicated region ideally. With the proper configuration of the platform, there will be no shortage of visitors if the manager is guided by competent facilitation. Start an online casino with Greentube pieces in South America. Order proficient aid in integration, marketing, juridical concerns, and other aspects from Gaminator.

The Main Things about Partnering with an Acclaimed Supplier

Greentube turnkey casino in South America: key notions

The ubiquitous nature of the Internet wipes almost all boundaries when it comes to organising a web-based playing portal. One of the critical elements to consider is the legality of the destination an operator plans to work in. This is where reliable wholesome assistance from experienced market representatives comes in handy.

What it is sensible to know about one of the leaders of the South-American zone:

  • States on the continent have become strategically important for administrators and designers, seeking out growth opportunities in newly emerging territories.
  • Colombia was the first to implement official iGaming manifestation on its premises with the subsequent introduction of regulatory regimes for online goods by other neighbouring localities.
  • Brazil, Argentina, and Chile became the most notable targets on the radar due to their high population number and favourable innovative environment.
  • Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay are also worth particular regard from the administrators’ side due to an increased demand for entertainment either with locally or overseas obtained permits.
  • Turnkey casinos with Greentube support in South America is an auspicious way to receive a fully functional platform stuffed with relevant programming components.
  • Thanks to the high-performance rates of the supplier, all cultural peculiarities of each country (and even provinces inside them) are taken into consideration.
  • Card simulations, virtual fruit machines, tabletops, and bingo are the amusement manifestations that the seller makes a particular accent on.
  • The combination of iconic entertainment matches the current demand of the dedicated region ideally.
If you are thinking about how to buy a Greentube casino in South America for ensuring a smooth integration of all site pieces, get in touch with a time-tested aggregator in the region. Order ready-made platforms or individual elements of the gaming portal at the company Gaminator.

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