IgroSoft gaming system

IgroSoft gaming system

IgroSoft, beyond all doubt, is a leading Russian supplier of online casino software and software for land-based gambling establishments. The company has ventured to challenge giants of the global gambling industry. In our region, unique IgroSoft slot machines are much sought after, because their sympathetic themes allow nobody to stay indifferent.

After Russia has officially banned gambling and conduct of the gambling business, the manufacturer was forced to focus on the online segment. Developers have made every possible effort in order to win good positions in the Internet environment. As a result, today we have an opportunity to play colorful IgroSoft slots, which have no parallel among the assortment of foreign companies.

IgroSoft began to work with online casinos only in 2012, but from that moment the brand has already succeeded in its activity and made skeptics who have unanimously affirmed that ”these guys do not have any chances" to change their mind. A huge number of fans of IgroSoft videoslots is a plain evidence of the fact that in due time developers have come to a wise decision.

Do you want to please visitors of your gambling establishment with really interesting and high-quality games? All you have to do is buy slot machines from IgroSoft and install them in your casino. However, it would be more profitable to use the Gaminator3 system, which combines the best slot machines from the world's leading providers.

Having decided to buy casino software from Gaminator3, business owners will receive a package of tools that are necessary for business dealing. So, basically, to install this online gambling platform is almost the same as to buy a ready-made online casino.

IgroSoft slot machines: what is so special about them

IgroSoft slot machines

Developers have moved slot machines to the online environment and started to deal with HTML5 casino game creation. Representatives of the company assure that IgroSoft HTML5 slots has the same game mathematics, features of the gamepaly and an atmosphere that is peculiar only to slots of this brand. There are 16 IgroSoft videoslots, and each of them has its own flavor and does not look like the rest.

Since it is a Russian developer, the main accounting currency in his software is rubles. But everything depends on the wishes of casino owners, since IgroSoft slots presume the possibility of using dollars or any other convenient currency.

Each slot machine has 9 lines and an ability to double the sum of winnings after a successful spin in the risk game. Also, the proprietary software for online casino involves the presence of wild symbols and scatters, as well as interesting and unusual options, bonus games and, of course, generous payouts.

Moreover, IgroSoft casino games have a real card up its sleeve, thanks to which many gamblers choose them. The fact is that the winning event here is formed both from left to right and from right to left. It should also be noted that all IgroSoft slots are equipped with excellent Russian localization (it would be strange if it was not available) and the English version.

The described unique games have long left the borders of Russia and are now in demand in all corners of the world. IgroSoft slot machines are capable of stinging of something that makes players to return to them over and over again. And all this is because IgroSoft slots were made from the heart.

When you play IgroSoft slot machines, it appears that you are watching a good old Soviet cartoon. It creates a carefree atmosphere and returns players to their childhood, where there were no problems and everyday routine.

The main advantage of branded slot machines is bonus games. Software for online casino offers a unique prize game, free spins, as well as many atmospheric two-level drawings. Thus, IgroSoft fully reveals the storyline.

The mechanism of all bonus rounds is generally the same. First of all, players will need to choose one of five items, while escaping traps and collecting prizes. After successful passage of the bonus round, the slot transfers gamblers to the game for a super prize. In order to hit a really big jackpot, they will need to choose between two items and choose the one with a prize behind it.

IgroSoft slot machines

For you to have an idea of ​​what IgroSoft videoslots are, we have collected the most famous and popular online games among the gambling audience.

  • Garage

Garage videoslot from Igrosoft

This game might seem interesting to many men. Here IgroSoft tells a story about a hero who escapes from his annoying wife to the only hideout – a garage. Even if the better half will not let her husband take a break from her, now he can just launch his favorite videoslot and abstract his mind from everything that is happening.

Qualitative and well-designed animation allows players to feel the atmosphere that is familiar to every garage owner. Many will take the main character for themselves.

The tired man lies on the ground and tries to remember what screw he forgot to tighten up. A bottle of beer, a cigarette – a complete relaxation. And nearby you will be able to see the best friend of the protagonist sitting on a spare wheel – a domestic cat.

The game offers two bonus rounds. In one of them participants are to open boxes with prizes. The most important thing is not to catch the eye of a policeman, who can take their money away. In another round gamblers will need to find a key to open the gates by pointing to the right box. If the decision was made correctly, gamblers will be offered to play a super-game.

  • Crazy Monkey

At one time, this slot machine was the most popular in gambling halls. After the gambling business in Russia was banned, developers have transformed this videoslot into the software for online casino. The online gambling platform from IgroSoft fully shows the style of a classical "one-armed bandit".

The questline is quite tenuous. The action takes place in colorful jungles with a great variety of fruits. There are also wild animals that are looking at players while sitting under tropical plants.

Crazy Monkey slot game from Igrosoft

Of course, such bright and rich symbols will certainly find their connoisseurs. The slot machine can give gamblers a lot of vivid impressions, and this is why many players choose the game, and not for the sake of money.

For many years the slot has been very popular all over the world. Like in other products that can be found in the IgroSoft casino, the game has five reels and nine lines. But a recipe for success of the slot is the presence of simple features and humorous characters. There is also a palette of exciting bonus games, which will surely please every user.

  • Resident

If players have visited gaming clubs in 90's, they will certainly remember this slot game. In our time it is rather difficult to find land-based "one-armed bandits", but there is a way out. The developer of gambling solutions for casinos, the brand IgroSoft, has presented a version of its legendary slot for the Internet segment as well.

The main character of the game is a military intelligence operative, who penetrated with a deep rear of the enemy. Among symbols that are used in the game we can name a pistol, a gun, shoulder straps, a medal and other attributes that complete the environment of a slot.

Resident slot mashine from Igrosoft

A huge cash box acts as the bonus symbol (for this reason the game is often called "Cash box"). These symbols do not bring winnings, but still if three of them appears on a panel, participants receive the right to move to a bonus round.

During the risk-game players will have to open cash boxes. If they do not stumble upon dynamite, they will end up in a super-game, the task of which is extremely simple: to guess which door the girl is standing behind.

  • Fruit Cocktail

Previously, almost all slot machines were based on a fruit theme, because it was considered to be normal. Today, online casino software should have an interesting storyline, beautifully drawn symbols, animations, and they should even function on the basis of VR-technologies. But there is a category of players who do not like innovations and can’t live without their favorite lemons, bananas, oranges, cherries and so on.

The online gambling platform of the IgroSoft casino has always been unique and recognizable. The above mentioned slot machine combines the best traditions of classic slots and the unique style of games from the Russian developer. That is why IgroSoft HTML5 slots are so fascinating.

  • Island

Island online game from Igrosoft

The main character of the game is Robinson Crusoe. Gamblers will hear a story about treasures hidden under the water, and then they will go treasure hunting. The laconicism of an interface has always been a trademark of branded slot machines, and this game is not an exception.

As usual, under the reels there is a protagonist who is supervising everything. There is also a wild symbol – a dolphin, and additional symbols with the word “island”, a combination of which transfers players into the bonus round. As expected, everything here is drawn to the last detail.

  • Lucky Haunter

As we have already mentioned, the Russian developer has always wanted to create unique games that would be sympathetic to the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space. This explains the main secret of success of the company's products. Lucky Haunter (popularly called "Traffic jam") is a slot machine that tells gamblers about a pub-crawler, who sits there happily and drinks beer.

Humor, cute design and congenial topic make this videoslot incredibly interesting and attractive for players.

  • Pirate

Pirate slot from Igrosoft

In this slot the protagonist is an egregious pirate, who set out on a search for adventures in unknown lands. The symbols are made in full accordance with the topic: telescopes, pistols, guns, maps, a hook, rum and treasures – all this is presented in quantity. The game gives players a whole range of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

Treasure chests transfer gamblers into a bonus round, which is slightly different from the rest of the developer's slots. Ten barrels full of precious stones appear in front of participants. There are two cubes indicating the required number of steps. Players have slim pickings – right or left cube? In order to get into the super-game, it is necessary to avoid falling into an open barrel.

As we have already mentioned above, IgroSoft has only 16 games, so it goes without saying that you wil not be able to develop a casino on their basis. What can’t be said about Gaminator3. This is a unique online gambling platform that provides a wide range of games and a package of tools necessary for business operations. So if you need to buy casino software – there will be no better offer.

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