BetSoft gaming system

BetSoft gaming system

BetSoft is a well-known developer of slot machines, which stands out against other brands with its non-standard solutions and the introduction of innovative technologies in all products. BetSoft software has always been considered one of those companies that are not afraid of taking risks and are ready to radically change the motion vector at any moment.

At the gambling market BetSoft is a kind of a grey eminence who has never loathed climbing to Olympus and yelling: "We are the greatest brand, we are the best!" But at the same time, its proprietary casino gaming system is in many respects much better than video slots from leading companies, and sometimes, frankly speaking, it surprises.

The quality of each presented game is so high that developers do not even have to deal with aggressive marketing, asserting themselves to the whole world. Decades of experience allowed the firm to accumulate enough skills to produce online slots that have no comparable counterparts.

To date, BetSoft experts are focusing on the development of 3D games that became the reason why the branded online gambling system became so recognizable and managed to win worldwide recognition.

SLOTS3 is a series of excellent three-dimensional slot machines. All self-respecting operators want to buy online casino game from this line, as BetSoft slots can boast incredibly qualitative graphics and appropriate background sound.

Casino BetSoft gaming software is just a right thing to complement any gambling establishment.

All symbols are drawn to the last detail. Currently, the brand has released more than 150 unique online slots from the described series.

Since November 2016, the manufacturer has completely crossed over to its own gambling platform called Shirt, thus abandoning the use of flash technology. It is another step towards the introduction of new standards into the gambling industry.

Gaminator3 is a unique casino gaming system that gathers together both BetSoft slots and games from other major brands in the industry. The advanced gambling platform also has everything that is necessary for being able to conduct business and develop gambling projects, as well as to carry out financial transactions and much more.

Therefore, if you have an intention to buy online slots, you are looking for good software for online casino or you are planning to create an online casino, the Gaminator3 will surely become the best choice.

BetSoft slots: historical notes

The company is a relatively young developer, as it was established in 1999. It all started with the supply of standard gambling equipment for land-based casinos, but in due course time company's management team has decided to change course and deal with the development.

In 2008 the firm has produced the first slot machines from the SLOTS3 series, which received support for 3D graphics. In 2012 BetSoft specialists have presented a mobile gambling platform of the ToGo casino with modern online slots created with the help of advanced technologies. BetSoft slot machines began to work on devices based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. By the end of 2016, ToGo had already over 60 video slots.

Currently, the brand boasts an impressive catalogue of games, which can compete only with flagships of the gambling industry. Almost all leading Internet casinos try to please their clients with games from this developer. A branded casino gaming system and a long list of interesting offers are useful to all businessmen intending to set up a gambling business.

BetSoft casino software

BetSoft slot machines

Each product of the described manufacturer has its own unique design, which allows users to quickly distinguish the original product from the software of other developers. The company's brand identity is 3D slot machines.

However, you should not think that the firm can spark the interest of gamblers only with graphics. A handpicked team is constantly working on the internal filling of games.

These games are more like cartoons than online slot machines: storylines, colourful animations, cutscenes – the online gambling system promises players a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

The main aim of software vendors for the BetSoft casino is to release really funny video slots, which will in no way be aligned with boring analogues of other developers.

Due to this approach, all BetSoft slots can be called true works of art. Parallel universes, fascinating storylines, stunning graphics and live voicework – what is not to like?

Let us consider non-standard decisions of the company using one especially remarkable game as an example.

The casino gaming system called Birds differs in the fact that it basically does not have any reels. The panel is made of wires stretched between two lamp-posts – these are what rows look like in this slot. There are also colourful birds, which act as reels.

After players start the first spin, birds fly away, and the others sit down in their place. And when birds are waiting for players to make their decisions they are just sitting and watching gamblers quietly. Everything looks like you are just watching some entertaining cartoon.

Furthermore, in the company’s assortment, it is possible to find several types of video poker, board games, keno, scratch games, and solutions for smartphones. We should also a really unique product: Poker3 – the first poker, which was built only on 3D-graphics. In a word, those businessmen who need to buy online casino game, must pay attention to products developed for the BetSoft casino.

BetSoft slots: examples

Let's have a look at some of the popular interesting games from the described developer in order to provide insight into its work.

  • Plumbo

Plumbo slot machine from BetSoft

A great example of video slots from BetSoft, which demonstrates how passionate is the firm about the construction of plots for its products. The game tells users the story of a Norwegian rock band that actually exists and even has concerts.

It is difficult to understand the motivation of developers at the moment when they chose this particular band, because it is not very popular not only in the world, but also in Norway. It can be assumed that one of the specialists is a hardcore fan of the rock group, but that's another story.

So, what does the presented slot machine offer players?

  1. Unusual design. 5 reels are placed right in the middle of a real rock-scene, and symbols are the band members themselves. In the game you will also be able to see real photos of all rockers.
  2. Bets are made on 25 lines, which all are customizable. In this slot machine gamblers can change the value of coins so that they will have a huge launching ground for experimentation.
  3. The game has a well-liked wild symbol, which can fill the missing link and make a winning combo. By the way, a combo here means two images on one line.
  4. There are also scatters that give players free spins.
  5. The slot has everything necessary to track the activity, the number of bets, winnings and losses.

And of course, the slot game has a soundtrack – compositions of Norwegian musicians.

  • Vikings Age

Vikings Age video slot from BetSoft

Vikings are one of the most favourite themes of gamblers, along with superheroes and pirates. This slot machine has amazing graphics and stylistically well-considered to the last detail. The game is another proof of the fact that BetSoft knows its trade and can surprise users over and over again.

Vikings Age offers players 5 reels and 30 paylines. Users can independently set the number of active lines. Like all online slots of the developer, the described game has impressive graphics.

Each character is carefully drawn: heavy looks, bushy beards in tresses, recognizable clothes ... It must be separately noted that all attributes of the great warriors are really original: ships, pole-axes and treasures.

A beautiful warrior with ample curves stands next to reels and observes on the gameplay. She really attracts all eyes. If players do not start spinning reels for a long time, she will start to complain and be at loggerheads. Everything looks quite atmospheric, and for this reason many players choose BetSoft slot machines.

  • Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers online slot from BetSoft

It is obvious that here we are going to find out about the life of gold diggers. Protagonists are a girl and two gold diggers who, with the help of gophers, try to find gold. This game has 5 reels and 30 lines. By the way, players do not have to place bets on all lines at once: they are activated at will.

Here users will be able to meet:

  • a funny gold digger with a tumbled beard and his skinny friend;
  • a beautiful girl with blond hair;
  • a tar-barrel;
  • a lamp;
  • a plate with the native gold;
  • gophers;
  • a pick and other required attributes of true gold diggers.

The protagonist, despite its laughable appearance, is the most expensive symbol. The game has a lot of fascinating themed bonus rounds and a number of unusual custom functions. The Gold Rush symbol transfers players to a bonus game where gamblers will have to blow up the reels and select the area where there might be gold. An additional pleasant option is opened after three gophers appear on the panel. Players need to decide in which direction the animal burrows. If the direction is guessed correctly, they will receive the desired prize.

Give your players an opportunity to try cool BetSoft slots. And in order to please users with unique games, you will need the Gaminator3 casino gaming system.

It is a one-of-a-kind offer that combines BetSoft slot machines and a wide range of qualitative games designed by other developers. If you were just going to purchase casino games and renew the product range, perhaps it will make sense to use a comprehensive solution.

The Gaminator3 gambling platform is not only about online slots – it also has a set of functions that would be useful for business dealing, so that with the help of this system you can even create an online casino.

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