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Duomatic: Online Casino Slot Machines for Sale

There are not so many software producers in the gambling market, and there are even fewer those, who have won the love of players and the trust of operators. The Duomatic provider can be attributed exactly to such developers — reliable, popular, with an excellent reputation.

Notwithstanding the comparative “springtime”, the company managed to take a high position in the ranking of software manufacturers and earn an impeccable reputation in the business environment. The secret of the provider’s success is simple: the developer has been doing his job well, and the recognition was not long in coming.

Duomatic Provider’s Range

Duomatic slots for online casinos

Altogether under the Duomatic brand was released thirteen gaming machines. Although the company has not produced new games for a long time, the developers are constantly updating existing products, improving graphics, increasing the speed of operation, achieving compliance with the requirements of modern players.

All Duomatic slot machines include unusual bonus rounds, a whole arsenal of symbols and entertaining graphic details.

Interesting storylines: developers often used familiar themes, but “common” does not mean “bad”. They capture both experienced players and newcomers in gambling. Each game is a separate story, which you completely plunge into!

Nor should we fail to note the presence of two bonus programs: a simple bonus and a super bonus.

Duomatic games in figures

It is interesting that the creators have decided to focus on the classic design of slot games. Therefore, the machines look familiar, pleasant and understandable for gamblers. All Duomatic slots are easy to operate, at the same time reliable and stable, if you look from the point of view of the gambling site owner.

By the way, the quality of Duomatic slots is confirmed by certificates of compliance with international standards. A separate certification has also passed the RNG (random number generator) that is used in the software of this brand. All this once again confirms Duomatic’s serious approach to the video slots creation.

Advantages of Duomatic Slot Machines

As mentioned above, all Duomatic games are of the highest quality in terms of technical implementation. But users pay more attention to other things. Let us see why gamblers all over the world prefer Duomatic slot machines.

Players are attracted by such features of video slots:

  1. The well-designed interface and convenient control panel. Even an inexperienced user can easily cope with the buttons in the games. He will be able to set the required bet, choose the number of active lines and so on. No difficult manipulations — everything is literally at hand.
  2. Good choice of storylines. Although there are not so many slots in the Duomatic range, the developers managed to “capture” those themes that always remain popular, regardless of trends and fashion. These are games that “hook” people of any age, origin, with any focus of interests.
  3. Exciting graphics and the characters implementation. The games are not only dramatic, but also humorous, and there are sometimes even mystical moments. Due to this, you want to continue spinning the reels, making new bets and staying in the game world longer. In addition, all the details are drawn very carefully, with love. It can be seen that the artists put their heart and soul into the work on the characters and their world creation.
  4. The Duomatic provider has paid due attention to the background sound. In contrast to many other machines where music can be haunting and even annoying, Duomatic products always have very pleasant melodies and signals. You will not want to turn off the sounds as well as it suits the game.
  5. As previously noted, there are two types of bonuses. The mechanics are so interesting and unusual that because of it many gamblers remain fans of the Duomatic games for many years. Even those who like slots from other producers will certainly appreciate the presence of these bonuses.
  6. High chances of winning decent money. 25 lines is an extensive field for drawing up cherished winning combinations. And when coupled with generous bonuses, the chances significantly grow.

All this makes slots popular, and in terms of business, it means — profitable. If you want to expand the range of video slots on the site and attract a new audience, even more captivate customers who have already loved you, then feel free to put the games from Duomatic. You will not regret!

The Most Famous Duomatic Games

Duomatic games loved by million of gamblers

Let us find out what Duomatic games prefer gamblers around the globe. Below we have made a brief overview of the most popular slots. However, if you need more information, just contact the Gaminator company. We will help you to decide which machines should be installed on your website.


Fairy Land

Shall we go treasure hunting? In the depths of the bay the treasure has been lost, but only frogs — the inhabitants of the Magical land — know about it. It is these cheerful amphibians who can guide the gambler through the trembling bogs, jumping from eyot to eyot without soaking the legs.

In order to reach to a really big prize, the player has to be a really lucky guy, because ahead there are not only good-natured frogs but also other inhabitants of the country: iguanas, moths, snails. However, all characters can form the winning combinations on the field. Therefore, if luck is on your side, it will be easy to get a big prize.

The slot has 5 reels and 9 paylines. By the way, the prize in the line can be doubled after a successful spin. To do this, you have to run a risky game and try to beat the dealer. If you succeed — the amount of the award is multiplied by two, and if not — completely burns.

There is also a special bonus game. The hero will have to jump on water lilies and collect coins, each coin — an additional cash prize. However, under one of the water lilies exactly hiding alligator, so the player should be extremely careful.

Like all the other Duomatic machines, Fairy Land will provide the player with an adrenaline rush, arose excitement and bring a lot of pleasure from profitable gambling.

Chukchi Man

Probably, this is the only slot machine of all provider’s gaming products dedicated to the indigenous people of Chukotka. It seems incredible that the developers of Duomatic have chosen such a topic, but, as statistics show, this slot is very popular and has a high-level involvement of players in the gameplay.

Special attention should be paid to the design work and features of the artistic implementation of the characters and the image of the environment. All icons are made professionally, with humour, colourful and fervently. All you have to do is look at them and the mood immediately improves.

Not only Chukchi are good, but animals too: owls, reindeers, polar bears, walruses. There are also non-living symbols: fur coats and shaman tambourine. By the way, the game has a place for a shaman. There is the man who seriously protects treasures!

Standard field: 5 reels (each with 3 symbols). But the paylines are only 9, but this does not hinder the Chukchi Man slot to provide users with the opportunity of regularly winning the small prizes, and sometimes even large sums.

This machine has a bonus game: the hero is sent on fishing. All Chukchi needs to do is to catch more fish and fewer predators (bears and walruses). There are a lot of dangers, so the usual fishing turns into a real adventure. It all depends on luck.

How to Install the Duomatic Slots?

Duomatic games are able to give pleasant moments to any of the casino visitors, you only need to integrate them into your gambling site. Entrust this issue to Gaminator specialists. Our company is the official supplier of Duomatic software, so we provide only certified operating system and advise on the operation of programs.

No matter what platform is already installed on your site, Duomatic games are perfectly integrated and will operate sustainably. Our experts will take over the correction of any problems, so you can be sure of one hundred per cent compatibility of the software.

If you are just planning to open your own online casino, you can order our software or develop a turnkey website for your individual requirements. Here you will find everything you need for successful work!


Slot machines from Duomatic suites best for expanding the game range. For a business owner are very important such their characteristics as reliable work and high profitability.

The remunerativeness of Duomatic products has already been proven by hundreds of other existing sites. The players will definitely like the choice of themes and beautiful graphics of these slots.

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