Live Casino

Live Casino

Live Casino, live dealer games... No matter how it is called, because the essence remains the same. The main thing is that now live dealer casino games are a rapidly increasing and dynamically developing type of Internet gambling. Modern operators should follow current trends and meet the requirements of players.

Live Casino can definitely be considered as an intermediate link between land-based and online gambling establishments. It combines two main advantages – an ability to play whenever and wherever you are, and an atmosphere of a full-fledged casino. Players receive an opportunity to communicate with one another, ask dealers different questions, listen a pack of cards rustling in their hands and a ball moving inside a roulette wheel.

The first LiveStudio in the world was nothing more than a marketing vehicle, which helped to attract new players. Playtech went the length of doing it back in 2003. The fact is that in those days high-speed Internet was something very rare, so only a few people could afford streaming video playback.

But at the same time this bold decision was the beginning of a new era of online gambling, which was aimed at propelling the niche to the next level. Today everyone can play live dealer games thanks to the fact that now we can enjoy the benefits of 3G, and in Russia – even 4G-Internet, as well as high-speed mobile Internet, and the development of computer technologies and mobile devices. Moreover, currently we can even play mobile live games, and it completely transcends boundaries and makes gambling available anywhere and at any time.

Live Casino is usually preferred by an adult audience, by people who have already found themselves in life. They like to play poker or blackjack like for an hour after a hard working day. An obvious advantage of the described format is the lack of the lack of necessity to go somewhere, but an ability to experience the same pleasure as in a real casino.

Live dealer casino games

If you want to buy live casino games, we would recommend you to take a closer look at the Gaminator3 system. It is a unique casino gambling platform that offers operators an opportunity to get for their casinos not only computer and mobile live games with live dealers, but also a lot of high-quality video slots from the world's leading developers.

Why live dealer games are the thing of the future

With the help of modern technologies it is possible to create excellent graphics for any devices. LiveStudio constantly raises its level by purchasing new gaming tables, improving cameras, hiring professional dealers.

All this, step by step, makes live dealer casino games come close to real life. In a similar vein, technologies are also developing, thus improving the quality of interaction between dealers and players, which also work towards the strengthening of sensory acuity during the process of gambling.

The success of live casinos is based on three pillars:

  • high quality level of images that acts as symbols in games;
  • professional dealers;
  • possibility of placing the highest bets.

If today the live casino software seems interesting mostly for adults and self-sufficient people, in the near future it is forecasted that the software will be in a great demand among millenials – people who have grown up surrounded by technologies and who want to receive as many privileges, everywhere and in everything, as possible.

In the near future, developers are planning to integrate 360-degree video and a virtual reality into live dealer games, and it will make the gaming experience almost the same as it is in land-based gambling establishments.

At the moment, technological innovations have unlimited opportunities. In the future we will observe the technological development, which will make it possible to create even better and more advanced graphics.

Live dealer games: how it works

Most of the world's leading suppliers of the live dealer software have already set up their own LiveStudio and presented high-quality software for Live Casino. Usually, an online gambling establishment simply gets the right to use broadcasts and does not have its own studios.

How does this system work? In order to keep the process full-fledged, operators need not only live dealers, but also video cameras and a number of sensors with scanners that are built into the gaming table.

Live Casino: live dealer games

With the help of advanced live casino software, all products are integrated into a single system and ensure interaction between dealers and players. Gamblers issue command from their devices, dealers see them and react appropriately.

It is worth noting that live dealers in online casinos work with cards right in front of players. Before he starts shuffling a deck of cards, the dealer places it on the table so that users can make sure that everything is honest and there is no trick.

If during the process of shuffling at least one card falls to the floor, the entire deck will be changed again and again in front of players. And since everything happens in real time, and gamblers have an opportunity to check it, even the slightest chance for deception in the Live Casino is completely excluded.

When it comes to roulette, the operation principle is about the same. With the help of sensors that are situated on the equipment, we can find out the number, on which the ball had stopped. Every day the amount of games that use a similar system is growing, so fans of gambling will have stuff to do.

A dealer is an attractive girl in a beautiful dress. Some developers have provided players with an opportunity to leave tips, and in acknowledgment of such a handsome gesture, a live dealer flashes a smile at gamblers.

High-quality live casino software should have the following characteristics:

  • saving of a game history;
  • flexibility of a control panel, audio and video stream;
  • option for activation of several gaming tables from different games on one monitor;
  • provision of an ability to play at a VIP table;
  • detailed descriptions of games and their rules;
  • presence of live chat for communication with dealers and other participants of the tournament;
  • support for multiple languages.

And now let's take a closer look at some interesting examples of live dealer games that enjoy the greatest popularity among gamblers. If you want to buy live casino or just to buy online casino software, have a look at these offers that are defined below.

Live Roulette

Roulette, probably, will never lose its popularity. This game is a true embodiment of gambling, where there are no tactics or strategies, and where it is impossible to be given the run around.

Live Roulette: live casino software

There is a ball, there is a wheel, and there is a dealer spinning it. That is all. Of course, there are several types of roulette, but it makes almost no difference.

Players can see the main attribute of the game – a roulette wheel – in all necessary angles, as well as a gaming table, on which bets are made. The essence of the roulette is always the same – you either guessed or not. Decent Live Casino is not interested in deceiving someone and trying to adjust the roulette in such a way that the ball would stop at a certain place. And besides, there is no point in doing this.

Roulette is chosen by those who do not want to think about anything. A person places a bet and the whole planet freezes for a moment while the wheel is spinning. At this moment everything disappears. Therein lies the charm of such a game. Live-roulette allows you to experience a full range of emotions, which previously could only be experienced in a real casino.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is considered to be one of the most intellectual casino games. Here it is not only about luck, but also about skills of players. Prospects of success will increase massively, if players are constantly practicing in different approaches.

If in a usual online blackjack this can’t be applied, since everything is calculated by a random number generator, but if we speak about Live BlackJack, everything here is as close to real conditions as possible.

There is a real deck of cards and a real gaming table. In order to make the gambling process comfortable, the control panel is worked out to the last detail. All buttons are visible. There are also functions that enable players to see game statistics, chat with the dealer and much more.

Live Blackjack is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid the influence of a random number generator and try real gambling. Real cards, live dealers ... For entire happiness gamblers may need only waiters and fine spirits.

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker: live dealer software

This kind of poker is the most popular among online gamblers. Here the aim is to form a good combo and excel a dealer. Before cards are handled it is necessary to place bets, and after players and dealers receive 5 cards, one of them need to be turned upside down.

The main feature of the Caribbean Poker is the possibility of betting on the jackpot field. Bets can be made at the start of each round. In other words, players have a great chance to win jackpot as well.

Casino Holdem

Casino Holdem: casino gambling platform

This type of poker provides that the game is played against the dealer. Players need to collect better cards than the dealer. The size of a winning can reach 100 to 1, depending on the obtained combo. The game is played with an ordinary pack of 52 cards without jokers. One pack is used for one round.

In order to enter the game it is necessary to place a basic bet. For adding some adrenaline to poker, there is a so-called bonus bet, which can be played in certain situations. The player receives two open cards, and the dealer - two closed ones. Then three visible common cards are put on the table. They can be used by both the gambler and the croupier.

In a word, it is a well thought-out hold'em, which will certainly please fans of high-quality poker.

Dragon Roulette LCPP

Dragon Roulette LCPP live game

It is a classic roulette, which received an interesting additional opportunity – the implementation of a bonus bet on Gold and Silver Dragon. A "golden" bet in case of a positive outcome is paid at a rate of 300 to 1, and "silver" bet – 100 to 1. Thrillseekers will certainly duly appreciate this game.

Do you want to buy live casino games and please your clients with high-quality gambling? Or maybe you need mobile live games?

Gaminator3 is not just an opportunity to purchase live dealer games. Together with this system, entrepreneurs receive video slots from world-famous developers, as well as a number of useful functions for business management and project development.

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