Lottery Software: Relevant Solutions for a Successful and Profitable Business

Lottery Software: Relevant Solutions for a Successful and Profitable Business

1. Lottery Terminal: the Principle of Operation and the Main Elements of the Device

2. Lottery Software Terminal: the Main Types of Software

3. Business Based on the Lottery Terminals: all the Nuances of Launching Such a Project

4. Lottery Software: About the Positive Aspects of Electronic Devices

5. The Best Lottery Software Terminal From Gaminator Casino

Despite the rapid development of innovative technologies, including various computer games and virtual entertainment platforms, a rather large segment of the audience still prefers classic “paper” lotteries. Popularity and a constant demand for lottery draws can be explained by the simplicity of this gambling entertainment: in order to dip a toe in the water and win a big sum of money, it is enough to buy a ticket and check the draw.

What is more, the steady influence of technical progress has resulted in the modernisation even of this sphere: today, classic and familiar lottery tickets are sold by a special device — a lottery terminal machine.

Lottery terminal machines for gamblers

An interesting fact is that in connection with the ban on the organisation of games for money in many countries all over the world, lotteries were and still are one of the few legal options to try your luck. However, this industry of entertainment is occupied only by 15%. It is the widest room to work for investors and beginning entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Specialists from the Gaminator Casino company have collected comprehensive information on the nuances of the work of devices that sale lotteries. In this article, we will talk about the principle of operation of electronic devices and the benefits of having your own lottery business and help you to choose the best software for the lottery terminals.

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Lottery Terminal: the Principle of Operation and the Main Elements of the Device

A lottery terminal is vending equipment, which is somewhat similar to a computer in the way it works. The device is a digital system for the sale of electronic tickets. Externally, the device may look like a familiar slot machine, and each game that is played in it is a lottery. All available combinations were previously included in the gameplay. The lottery software terminal checks the appeared coincidences and pays out the winnings automatically.

Equipment Availability

Fully equipped payment and lottery terminals consist of the following elements:

  • Bill acceptor. Manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions both for a large number of different banknotes and for a particular currency. Among the most popular options, we can name:
  1. CashCode SM. This version is most widely used in Russia and the CIS countries. The product has proven itself as the reliable equipment that can be fixed promptly and that has a high probability of recognising banknotes.
  2. NV200 + Smart PayOut. A practical product that combines the options of acceptance and disbursal.
  3. NV9. The device can be installed in a vertical or a horizontal position and has a good price and indicators of the recognition of currency.
  4. CashCode MFL. It is designed for the acceptance of banknotes of any width. The device has gained wide popularity mostly in the CIS countries.
  • Dispenser. It is a technical tool for disbursal. It can be one, two or four nominal.
  • Thermal printer. An element for printing lotteries and checks.
  • Touch screen.
  • System unit of the device.
  • An element of a connection to the power grid.
  • A frame structure of the machine.

A machine can also be equipped with such additional elements as special anti-vandal locks, a watchdog timer, and speakers for broadcasting the soundtrack of the game.

Lottery Software Terminal: the Main Types of Software

Main types of electronic lottery software

There are two types of electronic lottery software on the modern market:

  • A Program "Terminal-Player"

The software for lottery terminals is used to directly support the gameplay with an ability to immediately deposit funds and withdraw winnings. The advantage of the system is a wide range of content. Users have access to such forms of entertainment as lotteries, instant betting games, sports lines, and much more. By using the software on two-screen terminals, operators can use one of the windows directly to play the game and the second one — to display live broadcasts of current sports events, commercials, and so on.

  • A Lottery Software Terminal "Terminal-Cashier"

This product is used as the mobile lottery software. Through the program, users can register on an entertainment resource, get a personal login and password, and enjoy the gameplay on a computer or a mobile device.

All that you needed for being able to play is the presence of a device with access to the network. The deposition of funds and the withdrawal of winnings can be done both via lottery terminals with the appropriate type of software and the website of a gambling platform or with the help of a cashier in a land-based gambling establishment.

Business Based on the Lottery Terminals: all the Nuances of Launching Such a Project

Depending on the legislation of the country, the procedure of opening your own business may be a bit different. But the main stages of the launch of the network of lottery terminals involve the following actions: registration of legal status, registration with a tax authority, provision of the documents that prove that there is no record of convictions, purchase of a license.

Also, among the important aspects, there are detailed monitoring of the market, the creation of a step-by-step business plan, and the definition of the target audience. Specialists of the Gaminator Casino company will help you with the development of the strategy and analysis of the current situation in the gambling industry. We offer not only ready-made equipment or mobile lottery software for sale but also comprehensive legal support for gambling projects of any format.

The lottery market is a completely legal type of business activity, which is under the direct control of state authorities. The sphere is characterised by full transparency of financial manipulations and systems of interaction between operators and users. The main difference from slot machines that fall under official prohibitions is the impossibility to calculate the winnings plus and a complete coincidence of electronic drawings with standard paper tickets.

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Lottery Software: About the Positive Aspects of Electronic Devices

Positive aspects of electronic lottery software

Reviews of the main advantages of lottery machines:

  • The electronic lottery software, due to its specificity, does not fall under the laws that ban gambling in most European and in the CIS countries.
  • The modern appearance of the device, which allows to place advertisements and attract new users only by the visual component.
  • Loyal price. To buy and install devices will be much cheaper than to launch your own online casino or open a full-fledged betting shop from scratch.
  • Convenient interface and simple gameplay. The gameplay attracts users with colourful animation effects, an intuitive control system, and minimal time during which players will have to wait for the results.
  • Reliability of the construction. As a rule, each manufacturer is intended to offer a product that is equipped with the security system of the highest quality. As we have already mentioned above, the machine can be equipped with special locks and guarding beacon lights. Touchscreen devices are also covered with an anti-vandal glass.
  • Round-the-clock uninterrupted operation.
  • Prompt technical support.
  • Automatic operation. The lottery software operates in an autonomous mode, so it does not need the presence of any staff. Operators can monitor the operation of the device remotely.
  • Quick payback. When you choose a good place with high attendance for the machine, you can get the invested money back in a couple of months. As a rule, the owner’s profit reaches at least 75%.
  • A stable attraction of new clients and the retention of the audience due to the possibility of instant withdrawal of winnings.

An additional advantage of lottery terminals is the ability to install them in the areas with high traffic. Unlike full-fledged bookmaker’s offices and other gambling establishments, which should be located far from the government agencies and residential buildings, a lottery terminal can be installed in such places as metro stations, newsstands that are located nearby, shopping centres, public transport stops, etc.

The Best Lottery Software Terminal From Gaminator Casino

Lotto terminal machine by Gaminator Casino

Specialists from Gaminator Casino are ready to offer the best set of solutions and services for the rapid and successful development of your business. The assortment includes the most in-demand solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers. We cooperate with such well-known brands as Playtech, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Amatic, Microgaming, and NetEnt.

We are ready to undertake the connection of devices, the integration of software, and technical and legal support for your project. From Gaminator Casino, you can order a full range of services for the launch and subsequent marketing promotion of your business.

An additional advantage of cooperation with us is an ability to connect the demo version of the lottery software. This service will help you to see how profitable this business is, select the best locations for the installation of equipment, and draw up a step-by-step strategy for the fastest payback and subsequent development of the project.


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