Mega Jack gaming system

Mega Jack gaming system

Mega Jack is a brand that produces online casino games from Casino Technology, a company that was founded in Bulgaria in 1999. At that time a small company has managed to get a license for the creation and distribution of "one-armed bandits".

As in most cases, the manufacturer first has worked only with land-based gambling establishments. But time lay down the rule: like any other self-respecting developer, Casino Technology has begun to explore an online market segment. This has had a positive impact on the success of the firm, and today we know Mega Jack as one of the most popular brands, under the name of which many videoslots are produced.

A large wave of bans on a gambling business has really made a difference. Many companies were totally retooled, and as a result the development of online casino games became has become their main activity. Bulgarian specialists have used the best groundwork in Mega Jack slot machines.

Casino Technology was always focused not on quantity, but on quality. Therefore, its products are be second to none of games created by the world’s giants of the gambling industry and can boast a huge army of fans.

Today you do not need to bother and choose only one slot for your gambling establishment in order to buy casino games. There is a more rational decision – a Gaminator3 gambling platform. It is the advanced online casino software, which includes a set of games with Mega Jack slot machines as well, and also a number of useful functions for management of your project and its development.

What makes Mega Jack slot machines so popular

All the online casino games from this developer offer players to play a risk-game and multiply their winnings after a successful combo. If they are lucky, the size of a prize will be doubled.

Mega Jack slot mashines

In each slot machine, the backbone of the risk-game remains the same: an additional window opens, and there are four turned-over cards. Participants need to open one of them. If the rank of a chosen card is higher than the dealer's, everything is fine and the amount of winnings will be multiplied. Otherwise, the prize vanishes.

However, Mega Jack online slots can also offer a unique function called Double Half where players will have an opportunity to bet only with the half of their winnings, and in case of a positive outcome the bet will be multiplied by one and a half times. The advantage of this function is that you can get the second half of winnings in any case.

Mega Jack slot machines have five reels and 21 active paylines. As for combos, nothing concrete can be said here. It all depends on the storyline of a particular game, the availability of certain bonus symbols and other options that were implemented into online casino games by their developer in order to make them special.

The casino games creation always means for the developer to make products thematic and to fill them with appropriate symbols, bonus games and interesting features.

Mechanics of the Mega Jack gameplay has nothing supernatural or extraordinary. If other manufacturers today are trying to reinvent the wheel, Mega Jack online slots remain the embodiment of classical old school gambling in all its glory.

In their games, developers actively use the capabilities of modern graphics, paying special attention to even minute details, and they also try to add a flavor to each slot game. Such an approach helps the company to maintain its positions at the market and keep pace with flagships of the industry.

So, let us sum up, why a huge number of players from across the globe play videoslots from Mega Jack:

  • The gameplay in this online casino software is really honest, and it is affected only by the long arm of coincidence and by how lucky are the players. The developer urges third-party companies to test its products and confirm its honesty and openness.
  • The control panel of Mega Jack slot machines was designed in such a way that everyone, even those who have never gamble before, could quickly figure things out and play calmly.
  • The company has always paid special attention to graphics. A team of artists and designers carefully draws each character and every element of the game, which makes Mega Jack online slots true masterpieces.
  • Authentic soundtrack, which does not cause a desire to turn it off and listen to music you prefer much more than this.

Mega Jack online slots: examples

And now let us take a closer look at the best online casino games that were released under the Mega Jack brand. For professionals from Casino Technology the casino games creation is a true art. Therefore, the manufacturer takes care of all its projects.

In short, if you are an owner of a gambling business and want to buy casino games from Mega Jack, first of all you should pay attention to those videoslots that are listed below.

Aztec Gold

Aztec Gold online slot from Mega Jack

A colorful slot machine will tell gamblers the story of the gold of Aztecs, majestic pyramids and secrets that no one could unlock. The structure of 5 reels and 21 lines is standard for Mega Jack products. Players also have an ability to activate either only one line or all 21.

All decorations were made in a thematic style. Among symbols of the game there are typical attributes of this great civilization, including golden masks, pyramids, mythical creatures, animals, corn and tomatoes.

The Firebird here acts as a scatter. Three such symbols give users free spins. There is also a special bonus symbol – a pyramid. The appearance of three these elements on the panel activate a bonus game where players will need to guess the right pyramid, but they will only have three shots.

During the draw it will be possible to open a diamond pyramid and receive a Diamond Bonus, during which gamblers are going to be provided with a chance to hit a maximum prize. Five rows with five cells appear on the screen, and each cell has a prize hidden in it. Players must choose one of the cells from each row, after which the whole panel will open.

In general, Aztec Gold is a very exciting online slot. We mean, it has been in great demand for so many years not without reason.

Slot-O-Pol Deluxe

Slot-O-Pol Deluxe slot machine from Mega Jack

This is an updated version of a slot machine that has become a classic of the world gambling. The Deluxe version had new colorful graphics, thus making the gameplay really unforgettable. Now there are more crazy combos in the game, and winnings occur more often. Even the most fastidious gamblers will certainly be satisfied.

Users have the right to independently set the number of active lines from 2 to 21. As for the design, everything here is quite simple: lemons, pineapples, plums, grapes, cherries, cocktails and a number of other attributes of a classic fruit theme.

In this video slot it is possible to hit a progressive jackpot, which attracts many players. Also there are wild symbols, scatters, additional multipliers and bonus rounds. Every gambler will definitely appreciate the described slot machine.

As for bonus games, there are two of them. 3 elements with a reel of luck open a bonus round with a wheel that has several sectors. Each of them there is a certain amount of money.

After the wheel stops spinning, the arrow will point to one sector, the content of which will be the prize. The second bonus game can be activated after appearance of a combo of five loaded dice. A moving token will please players with different kinds of winnings.


Champagne slot game from Mega Jack

The casino games creation is not as easy as it may seem to everyman. But those professionals who work at Casino Technology do the task brilliantly. In the game Champagne there is absolutely everything that is necessary to please players. All their favorite fruit, huge liners, a plenty of alcoholic cocktails and other thematic pictures – that is what this slot machine offers.

The following three symbols here have an extrinsic value:

  • wild symbol (an emblem) – it discharges a standard function by taking the place of a missing image in order to complete a winning combo;
  • bonus (champagne, game logo) – launches bonus round after the appearance of a combo of five bottles;
  • scatter – it can form a winning line no matter on which part of the panel it fell. A combo of scatters gives gamblers 15 free spins.

The bonus game is really simple: five bottles appear on the screen, and players need to select two of them. If the same symbols are opened, the result of the bonus round will be doubled.

It is also worth noting that the design was created in the style of a previous land-based version of the game. For this reason visitors of former gambling halls still love to play this slot, which are closed today, because of the bans, or they have moved to the underground and can be used only by a small circle of trusted men.

You still can’t answer the question: how to buy casino games and what games to choose? Then you obviously need the abovementioned Gaminator3 gambling platform. This is an ideal solution for those, who would like to set up a gambling business, since it has not only Mega Jack slot machines, but also online casino games from other leading developers.

So you need to think once again, what is better: just to buy casino games or to choose a high-quality product with a set of slot machines and tools for business operations? If the answer is obvious for you, Gaminator3 will become the best choice.

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