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NFT Casinos and the Metaverse: How New Technology Changing the Industry

NFT Casinos and the Metaverse: How New Technology Changing the Industry

Updated 28/07/2022

The iGaming niche is one of the most flexible commercial markets, which is quickly adapting to any changes and innovations. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, operators and providers of casino services instantly assessed the prospects for working online and were the first to launch a large-scale digitalisation of the entire industry.

A new round of the iGaming evolution is the development of a global gaming universe using Blockchain, AR, and VR technologies.

NFT casino and Blockchain technology

Today's article written by Gaminator experts is dedicated to the Metaverse and NFT games. With us, you can always keep abreast of the most promising trends and learn the latest news.


About the Concept of Independent Tokens

NFT stands for a non-fungible token that exists in a single copy and is included in the Blockchain.

To simplify the terminology, the Blockchain is a global database that is simultaneously connected to all devices on the Web. There are no central nodes in the form of server storage or internet providers in the system. All data that was encrypted in the block is stored by users.

A token is an entry in a Blockchain registry, the smallest component of a chain. The main feature of most tokens is the interchangeability principle, which can be compared with the foreign exchange market. For example, one ruble can be replaced by one ruble, a dollar by a dollar, etc.

But not all digital assets are interchangeable. NFT is a unique digital asset that cannot be copied or replaced. Here, you can make an analogy to art objects: there are many replicas of the works of Claude Monet or Picasso but their original paintings exist only in a single copy.

Initially, NFT technology was developed as a digital certificate for a unique object and certain categories of users:

  • collectors;
  • gamblers;
  • artists.

Now, thanks to independent tokens, you can sell anything: texts, author's images, videos, 3D models, etc.

The most striking examples of the use of NFT technology:

  • A famous singer, Grimes, sold her drawings in the NFT format, earning 5.8 million dollars;
  • A Russian artist, Pokras Lampas, sold a projection of a drawing at the Chirkeyskaya hydroelectric power station for 28 thousand dollars;
  • DJ 3LAU was the first to release NFT with a music album and sold it for 11.6 million dollars;
  • A painting made by Mike Winkelman that consisted of 3 images, which have been continuously created for over 5 thousand days, was sold in the NFT format for a record 69.3 million dollars.

NFT Products in the Casino Niche

Independent tokens, originally designed for collectors and artists, quickly gained popularity in completely different commercial industries and received the status of one of the most promising and highly profitable digital assets.

The gambling industry was one of the first to assess the prospects for the technology. Operators have found an opportunity to use non-fungible tokens in different market segments: from the development of exclusive content to the implementation of Blockchain technologies into bonus programs.

Variations in the application of NFT technology in the iGaming sector

Exclusive content

Vendors can use decentralised systems to create unique products: from slot games to live streaming and VR content.

NFT guarantees the developers absolute copyright protection since the independent token is created in a single copy and cannot be forged

Payment system

Each independent component of the Blockchain has its price. An electronic asset can be used as a payment instrument and to place bets in a casino or receive winnings in the form of exclusive ownership of an NFT unit

Visualisation elements

Any information can be encrypted in the NFT format: from a pixel image to a 3D video or music track.

The use of this technology in the gambling niche makes it possible to create slot games with a unique design

Promotion of the brand

NFT can be used as a copyright certificate for the company’s logo and other elements of the website’s design.

The sale of unique tokens with the entrepreneur's logo promotes the brand and increases its awareness

Sale of merchandise

Exclusive digital assets can be used as a casino’s merchandise. It can be either a promotion program organised independently by a company or part of a global customer retention strategy

NFT as an element of the bonus program

Non-fungible tokens can be used in a casino bonus program in the following ways:

  • rewarding players with unique NFT avatars;

  • accrual of bonuses on special bonus accounts for the placement of bets;

  • exchange of digital assets for additional gaming options (free spins, multipliers, etc.);

  • purchase of access to private events;

  • payment for participation in the brand’s referral program using free tokens, and much more

How NFT Games Work

NFT casino games: operating principle

Despite the uniqueness of each component of the digital chain, all free tokens eventually form a standard Blockchain. The system is decentralised and does not have a single control node, which makes it transparent and safe.

It is the decentralisation technology that is the basis for all NFT games: from slots to poker and live content.

The presence of Blockchain components does not change the standard mechanics of casino products. Ultimately, users receive the same interface and functionality as when they launch a typical online slot machine. The main difference lies in the way of processing and storing information on winning combinations.

The principle of operation of the NFT slot:

  1. Formation of a game combination. The algorithm of appearance of all the elements determined by the RNG (the order of numerical combinations, the frequency of bonuses, the size of multipliers, etc.) is introduced into the system. Slot’s data is instantly encrypted into a Blockchain block, to which neither the operator nor gamblers or third parties have access.
  2. Transfer/storage of winning sequences. All information that enters the system is automatically encrypted and transferred to the global storage — a common base that is simultaneously located on different user devices. The encrypted block looks like a random set of symbols that cannot be read or changed.
  3. Data extraction. You can see the winning combination formed by the RNG only after the end of the session. To do this, players must enter a special key into the system. The password opens access to the Blockchain storage cell and automatically activates the decryption process. The received information can be reconciled with the session’s history using any independent services.
Decentralisation technology makes gambling transparent and safe. Casino visitors can check the relevance of the formed sequence using any convenient tool.

Operators do not have access to the Blockchain components and act only as intermediaries between the player and the slot.

Advantages of Decentralisation Technology

The installation of NFT products in online casinos allows their owners to quickly stand out from the competition and offer gamblers a truly unique functionality.

Benefits of non-fungible tokens for the casino business:

  1. Provable honesty. A provider that uses Blockchain technology in its work guarantees clients absolute security and transparency of all transactions. Any operation within the game can be tracked and verified with the RNG source code.
  2. Financial protection. Each transfer is entered into the Blockchain registry and can be viewed by any user of the Network. It is not possible to change the data block, replace the NFT element, or delete it from the global storage.
  3. Protection of personal data. Unique Dapp technology is built into all NFT casino games. This is an automated encryption program that replaces user data with a random set of symbols. Access to the original information can only be obtained using a unique password generated by the system.
  4. Innovative design. With the help of free tokens, gambling software vendors can significantly improve the visualisation of their products by adding various video inserts, unique images, music tracks, and 3D elements to the interface.
  5. Lack of centralised control. NFT casinos are designed to attract the widest audience, regardless of the geolocation or regulatory norms in a particular region. Blockchain projects can be promoted in the largest markets.

NFT Technologies as Part of the Metaverse Casino

NFT technologies as part of the Metaverse

The concept of a global gaming world has become the most promising trend in the market in recent years.

NFT tokens, combined with VR technologies, artificial neural networks, and other cutting-edge solutions, have become the basis of the creation of the gambling universe of the future.

The niche is so promising that, according to the IZEA Worldwide agency, it can completely replace all previously known social networks. According to forecasts, by 2026, the Metaverse iGaming market will exceed 758.6 billion dollars.

NFT tasks in the context of the open game world:

  1. Formation of exclusive content. Already now, the technology allows operators to create unique digital products in the form of images, videos, and music tracks. In the casino niche, NFT blocks can be used to design the main characters, in-game weapons, and other elements of the game session.
  2. Fixation of the right of ownership. Each NFT is assigned an exclusive right to own an asset, which cannot be forged. There can be as many replicas as you like but copyright and its transfer are fixed in the process of development of an independent token.
  3. Trading using valuable assets. Non-fungible tokens can be used as an element of investment and affiliate programs. This approach not only stimulates the audience to take more active actions on the website but also serves as an effective brand promotion tool.

The Main Things about NFT Casinos

The mass introduction of decentralised technologies, combined with advanced developments in the field of VR and artificial intelligence, will change the very essence of games for money very soon.

NFT platforms are the most interesting and promising trend of the coming years.
  • The described tokens are a multi-purpose tool that can be implemented in various segments of the casino business. NFT elements can act as a component of bonus and affiliate programs, be used to promote the operator's brand and built into the structure of games to improve their visualisation.
  • NFT casinos guarantee their clients the highest level of security and transparency of the game. Decentralised technologies allow entrepreneurs to control the honesty of the results of the session using various independent tools. Business owners do not have access to encrypted sequences and cannot influence the outcome of gaming operations.
  • Websites with slot machines based on Blockchain technologies have the maximum audience reach. It is possible to promote an NFT resource in any gambling market without being tied to the geolocation or legal provisions of a particular country. This is a unique software protocol that allows operators to quickly adapt to any external changes and requests of customers.
From the Gaminator studio, you can learn more about the functionality of an NFT casino and order the development of your gambling start-up.

We offer the following next-generation solutions:

  • cross-platform and mobile games;
  • Telegram casino;
  • social entertainment;
  • live content;
  • sports betting platforms;
  • turnkey gaming sites;
  • products with 3D and VR elements;
  • Bitcoin casinos, and much more.

You can assess the quality of our offers by using the free demo version of the casino.

Demo version

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