Online Casino Engine: CMS and Platforms for the Creation of a Gaming Site

Online Casino Engine: CMS and Platforms for the Creation of a Gaming Site

1. The Operation Concept of The Online Casino Engine

  1.1. Advantages of The Systems

  1.2. Disadvantages of Using CMS

2. Types of CMS

  2.1. Individual Systems

3. Capabilities of an Online Casino Platform

4. A Casino Script or a Turnkey Gambling Establishment?

5. Conclusion

The engine of a website or the content management system (CMS) is a set of scripts with the help of which online resources are created and being managed. Thanks to the widespread multifunctional CMS (for example, Joomla, WordPress or PrestaShop), users can independently develop gaming sites and make changes to them.

Specialists of the Gaminator studio have prepared a brief review of the systems that are popular in 2020, and they also offer to buy a casino script with the help of which you can create your own gaming site. From us, it is also possible to order a turnkey project.

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The Operation Concept of the Online Casino Engine

Online casino engine: advantages and disadvantages of CMS

CMS divides the design and the content of the website. Users can select the template of the design of a page that the like and install the content: for this, an administrative panel is designed, in which all the necessary actions are performed. All information is stored and displayed on the website. This is how new pages of the online resource appear.

The use of CMS for the creation of an online casino has its advantages and disadvantages. They should be studied before you start working so that you make sure that you will not face difficulties and disappointments later.

Advantages of the Systems

  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • multifunctionality;
  • an ability to independently create a website quickly and without problems.

Disadvantages of Using CMS

  • you will receive a template resource since these systems are not the best choice for the implementation of non-standard solutions;
  • the more popular is the CMS, the more vulnerable zones there are in it;
  • systems are constantly updated, upgrade installations appear constantly, and users need to monitor these processes;
  • CMS use a lot of resources during the connection of plug-ins.

Types of CMS

Types of CMS for an online casino

All popular engines can be divided into two large groups:

Types of CMS




They are suitable for the creation of websites of all types: online stores, blogs, and content resources

WordPress, Joomla, MODX, Drupal


These are systems that can be used only for certain types of websites

Different CMS are suitable for different purposes:

  • OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento — for online stores;

  • PhbBB— for forums;

  • TikiWiki— for websites in the Wikipedia format

Before you proceed to the selection of a suitable engine, it is necessary to clearly understand what exactly your gaming site will be at the initial stage and in the future. Perhaps, you should order the CMS that is based on your needs.

Individual Systems

It is worth paying special attention to those CMS, which are made-to-order. Such engines allow you to develop unique large-scale projects and take into account the specific needs of the owners.

Individual systems have two main advantages compared to universal and specialized ones:

  • Stability. These CMS are the least vulnerable, and their work rarely gives rise to unfavorable criticism since the systems were initially tooled for certain functions.
  • Reduced resource consumption. Universal engines have many relatively useful options that the website owner may never need. Individual systems do not have such a disadvantage: their functions are predefined.

However, even these CMS are not perfect. If the website was created without taking into account the scaling of the business, and over time, you will want to expand its functionality, you will have to contact the developer and order a paid (and not cheap) service of adding the necessary options.

Capabilities of an Online Casino Platform

A high-quality gambling platform performs the following functions:

  • The user account management. Operators can monitor accounts, block or unblock them.
  • Marketing. Casino owners have an opportunity to implement loyalty programs, place advertising materials, and please users with jackpots and bonuses.
  • Fill-in of the resource. On the casino platform, you can integrate new games and add the content.
  • Financial transactions. Multicurrency payment services simplify the interaction between users from different countries.
  • Affiliate programs. These are effective marketing tools, and good casino platforms support them.

You can order a multifunctional system for your gambling resource at Gaminator. We will make sure that your gaming site runs smoothly and brings a steady profit.


A Casino Script or a Turnkey Gambling Establishment?

Script for the creation of an online casino

The main task of an entrepreneur who is opening any business is to invest funds wisely. It is important that every cent that you have spent brings profit in the future. Therefore, many operators are not sure whether it is better to buy an online casino script or a ready-made solution. Both options have their own features.

When ordering a turnkey casino, you get a project that you can immediately launch and promote. If you choose the right marketing strategy, the virtual platform will start bringing income and will pay off quickly. The only disadvantage of the solution is a relatively high original cost.

The casino script will be cheaper but you will have to adapt the website to meet the needs of the new business. The total cost may be higher than when you buy a turnkey project. So you need to weigh up the risks and benefits.


Each gaming site is unique in its own way so there are no general recommendations that will help you to make the right choice. Gaminator offers an individual approach to the solution of problems of your business.

We understand the nuances of the work of platforms of various formats, and we are ready to advise and help you at any stage of the project implementation. Contact us to purchase or develop from scratcha gaming site that will quickly pay off and begin to generate income.

Our catalogue contains products of the best providers (Novomatic, Igrosoft, EGT, Amatic, Playtech, Microgaming, Mega Jack , and many others). Choose the perfect game content for your resource, and we will deal with all issues related to the integration of the platform and provide technical support.


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