Online Casino Franchise: a Perfect Solution to Start Running a Gambling Business

Online Casino Franchise: a Perfect Solution to Start Running a Gambling Business

1. What is a Franchise Casino?

2. White Label Online Casino Franchise Reviews

3. Online Casino Franchise and its Benefits

4. What Does an Entrepreneur With an Online Casino Franchise Get?

5. How to Choose the Best Online Casino Franchise

Gambling is known as a profitable and, at the same time, risky business. But with the massive “moving” of gambling clubs to the Internet, the rules of the game have changed. Now online casinos are the same business as a store, a magazine or any other enterprise.

Online casino franchise

Today, there are many different ways to launch your own gambling project. Each of them has its advantages. In this article, we will consider the best option for a beginning entrepreneur: the opening of a gambling establishment on the basis of the online casino franchise.

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What is a Franchise Casino?

A franchise is a legal right to use a brand or a trademark of another company when you are running your business. The franchisee (a new company) gets the name, schemes of earning money, corporate culture, etc.

In the case of an online casino, the franchisee can also entrust customer service, financial transactions, and more to the parent company. In fact, if you decide to buy an Internet casino franchise, then get a ready to get the business that will bring money from the first day of its existence.

During the conclusion of a transaction, it is necessary to specify in the contract the rights and obligations of the parties involved, conditions for the operation of elements of the franchise, and other important items.

A franchisor, that is, a parent company, receives:

  • a lump sum payment (a single payment for the entrance into the network);
  • periodic payments for the use of a franchise — royalties.

Royalties are paid either in a fixed, pre-agreed amount or as a percentage of the amount of the profit.

White Label Online Casino Franchise Reviews

White Label online casino franchise

But if for a land-based business, the opening of a new casino under the same always means new opportunities because along with the name the company gets the trust of customers, for online projects, it is rather a disadvantage. The user does not need to go pass by three more blocks to get to the primary company, and the distance is reduced to a few clicks.

Therefore, the White Label franchise model has become very common. Its title comes from the sphere of the development of productions when one factory produced goods for different brands in white packaging, and the brand printed its logo, put a premium, and sold the product as its own.

White Label casino franchise opportunities are based on the fact that the franchisee will receive a ready-made scheme that will help him to attract players and earn money but at the same time, he will work under our his own name and on his domain. Thus, full independence is kept.

Online Casino Franchise and its Benefits

An easy way to start your own business

It is difficult for those people who make their first steps in the gambling industry to cope with all arising tasks. How to set up advertising? How to make gamblers not to turn to another casino? How to work with affiliate networks? An online casino franchise solves these problems simultaneously since an entrepreneur gets a ready-made operation scheme.

Moreover, if a franchisee buys a franchise from a specialised company, then he will get a website, the necessary software, payment modules, and much more.

There is no need to obtain a license

The license is the cornerstone of the gambling business. Its price is high, it is difficult to receive, and in some countries, it is still impossible, so you will have to do deal with the acquisition of a permit in another state.

In the case of a franchise, a new business is added to the already existing license of the parent company, so an entrepreneur does not have to postpone the launch of his casino for several months.

Saving of time and nerves

An independent opening of an online casino can be delayed for more than a year because only the licensing procedure can sometimes take from six to eight months. However, such offer as an online casino franchise will require from you only two or three weeks of your time. You must admit that it is a significant saving!

Optimisation of costs for advertising

A new online casino has two ways to build effective channels for the attraction of players:

  1. Independently, with the help of the trial-and-error method.
  2. Transfer the promotion to the experienced contractor that will set everything up properly.

Both options require huge investments from owners of gambling establishments. Advertising is an expensive thing in general. However, opportunities of a casino franchise include the optimisation of budgets for advertising.

Firstly, a franchisor himself can often help with the promotion because he is interested in the success of a franchisee. The more money subsidiaries of a casino earn, the higher are the royalties.

Secondly, even if your contract only provides a lump sum payment and no royalties, the franchisor will still give you his know-how, which you can use to organise advertising campaigns and increase the level of loyalty of gamblers.

What Does an Entrepreneur With an Online Casino Franchise Get?

There are many companies that offer beginning entrepreneurs online gambling franchises for sale. Each of them has its own conditions and opportunities, and it is important to find a reliable partner because your financial success will depend on it.

Financial success with casino franchise

We recommend you to find out about the history of the company, the reputation of casinos that have already cooperated with this franchisor and read at least one review before you start negotiating. Pay attention if someone will try to hide any information on the franchise, operating conditions, etc. from you — it always means that something is wrong.

The best offers of a franchise include:

  1. A license. It is simply impossible to work legally without this document, so feel free to refuse to discuss offers that do not include licenses.
  2. High-quality software that includes a gaming platform, popular slots, payment modules, programs for analysing performance and maintaining security, affiliate programs, and more.
  3. A website for a casino with a modern design, a reliable administrative panel, and a flexible management system.
  4. Legal support at all stages: from the registration of a company to the payment of taxes.
  5. Connection to the franchisor's support service, which will allow you to entrust the solution of clients' problems to the third parties and to handle any problems, difficulties, and complaints with the highest quality. Both live chat and call centre are often connected.
  6. A push and pull strategy. Specific recommendations about the use of marketing tools, the conduct of advertising on the Internet including social networks and forums, as well as the organisation of promos and distribution of bonuses.

The right choice of a franchise will give you an opportunity to actively attract and please players, and thereby earn money from the very first day.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Franchise

You can carefully study the terms and conditions and compare prices but still make not the best choice by missing one line in the contract. Therefore, it is better to get the support of an experienced expert who will help you to analyse all offers of a franchise and choose the best one.

Fortunately, you have already found out about the Gaminator Casino website, and we will be happy to accompany you on the road to financial success. We have helped dozens of entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and become decent members in the online gambling market. You can become one of them!

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