Online Casino License 2019: How to Obtain it?

Online Casino License 2019: How to Obtain it?

1. What is a Gambling License?

2. Why Does the Operator Need Permission?

3. Types of Gaming Licenses

4. What Jurisdiction to Choose?

5. How to Obtain a Gambling License?

6. Package of Documents

7. The Easiest Way to Obtain a Gambling License

8. Conclusion

Gambling business on the Internet is one of the types of entrepreneurial activity, which is not enough just to register in the municipal authorities. To get started, you need a license for an online casino, and to obtain it, you will need a little hard work. 

You will need an impressive package of documents, representatives of your interests abroad, about 6-8 months of time and, of course, money.

Why it is necessary to obtain an online casino license

Gaminator team has collected comprehensive information on how to obtain an online casino license. Below, you will find out in which jurisdiction it is better to pass a licensing procedure, where to start collecting documents and why this document is necessary.

Any additional questions you can ask on individual consultation with the manager of Gaminator studio. In order to do this, you just need to leave a request using the feedback form and wait for the call.

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What is a Gambling License?

The procedure of business legalization is difficult for most novice casino operators. A gambling license is a special permit that gives a company or a private entrepreneur the right to organize entertainments for money for the population.

Is it possible to create a casino without a license? Theoretically, it is possible, but in practice, none of the experts will advise you this option. Today, law enforcement agencies are quite easy to track who made a financial transfer to whom, which means that unscrupulous operators are very easy to bring to justice.

In addition, the gambling license has a number of advantages. This cherished document can open more than one door. Often, it is the presence of a permit that determines whether a casino will be able to enter the international market and start earning really impressive amounts.

Why Does the Operator Need Permission?

Purpose Description
To increase the confidence of the players Only beginners in gambling do not pay attention to the availability of permitting documents. Experienced players, especially high-rollers (customers who make high bets), first carefully study the certificate of registration and license, and only then make a deposit on a particular website. If you are thinking about how to open an online casino without a license, then consider the fact that such a portal will be doomed to low bets
To enter into partnership agreements with key market participants Historically, gambling has been widely used for laundering illegal money, and in some places even to sponsor terrorism. Therefore, it is not surprising that the companies-developers of gambling software will try to protect themselves even from the accidental partnership with mentioned market participants. As a result, you can get high-quality software directly from the manufacturer today only if you have a license
For business growth and scaling

Previously, to attract new customers and expand the business, it was necessary to open a new point on a nearby street or even to move to another city. But nowadays, it is enough to set up advertising on the market of other countries, however, working illegally, you will not be able to accept money from players.

Even if you do not plan to work with other countries, the license will allow you to open new gambling websites within your native region. You can add new domains to your registration documents and easily scale your online business

Of course, there are always people who try to do everything to bypass the law and promote this method as simple and reliable. But think about whether you are willing to risk reputation and money.

Types of Gaming Licenses

In every country that deals with the licensing of gambling companies, there is a Gambling Commission or a similar government agency. Accordingly, all organizations issue the original licenses.

Documents differ from each other with:

  • conditions according to which they are considered valid;
  • geography of influence;
  • list of permits to conduct business;
  • duration, etc.

Experts divide permits into two large categories:

  1. Universal licenses for all types of gambling business. They are valid everywhere in the world where there is no local prohibition on gambling. Universal (also called unified) licenses are issued by the commissions of Gibraltar, Curacao, Belize.
  2. Special licenses for each individual type of gambling activity. The permit is issued specifically for the type of business described in the operator’s application. For instance, separate licenses are issued to operators of games using RNG and intellectual gambling entertainments, where the result depends entirely on the skill of the participants. Licensing of developers and suppliers of gambling software is different. Such special licenses are issued in Malta, Britain and some other jurisdictions.

What Jurisdiction to Choose?

The choice of the country for licensing depends entirely on your ambitions and plans for the future. To comprehensively answer this question, we recommend starting with a business plan.

How do you see your online business in a year, 3 or 5 years? Will you actively work with the local population or risk entering the neighbouring markets? Or maybe you think that the Asian or American regions will be the most profitable in the coming years and certainly want to obtain permission there?

The license of each country has advantages and disadvantages, and you need to choose the jurisdiction, taking into consideration all of them. The business plan will help you to see the prospects of the project and sensibly assess which country suits you in terms of conditions, future opportunities and, importantly, financial costs.

In order not to miscalculate with the choice of jurisdiction, we recommend to carry out the analysis together with an experienced expert who is familiar with the gambling legislation of different countries and will tell about the presence of pitfalls or hidden prospects. Contact manager of Gaminator to schedule a consultation.

How to Obtain a Gambling License?

How to obtain a gambling license

Usually, the casino licensing process takes place in three stages:

  1. Collection of documents.
  2. Submission of application and payment of state fees.
  3. Taking a decision by the commission.

How long it will take to collect the necessary documents depends only on you. But it is impossible to influence the time that the regulator needs to decide.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the result can be obtained in a period of 2 weeks up to 6 months. During this time, experts carefully study the proposed business plan, evaluate how the presence of another operator will influence the local gambling market, make inquiries about the reputation of the entrepreneur and his partners. Occasionally, companies issue a temporary license and send it for re-audit.

By the way, in some countries, only applications from online casinos with licensed software are accepted for consideration. It means that the commission pays attention to absolutely all aspects of the business.

Package of Documents

Each commission has its own list, so we will provide here only the basic documents that are of interest to almost any regulator:

  • a business plan describing the expected development of the company over the next 3-5 years;
  • personal data of all shareholders of the company: curriculum vitae, characteristics, recommendations of business partners;
  • information about employees in key positions of the company;
  • scheme of servers housing (for jurisdictions that keep track of financial transactions);
  • bank confirmation of the funds' availability to support the activities of the gambling club;
  • marketing promotion plan;
  • occasionally, during the application is asked to attach a substantiation in free form, why the license should be issued to your company.

As you can see, the legalization procedure is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time, requires money and knowledge. Therefore, online casinos with a license are always appreciated by players and partners, which, accordingly, leads to an increase in profits.

The Easiest Way to Obtain a Gambling License

Online casino with a gambling license

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid months of paperwork, consultations and bureaucratic procedures. You can easily open your own online casino on a turnkey basis with a license. All you need to do is contact the representative of Gaminator studio and get a sublicense from the holder of the full license.

This is a legal and transparent way to conduct a gambling business, and, importantly, more profitable considering a price. Here you can not only order a license for the casino. In the list of Gaminator studio services, there is even an online casino license rental.

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The gambling license is one of the most important elements of the success of gambling projects in the modern world. Along with high-quality software and strong marketing, the license allows you to conduct open and transparent activities, constantly scaling the business and attracting new players.

Obtaining permission is not an easy procedure. It requires money, time and knowledge of the legislation of different countries. Therefore, was invented an alternative method — the purchase of a turnkey casino with licenses. You can order the creation of such a gambling project in the company Gaminator.


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