Online Casino Profit: Seven Arguments for Your Own Business in 2019-2020

Online Casino Profit: Seven Arguments for Your Own Business in 2019-2020

1. Why You Should Start an Online Gambling Business: Seven Arguments for It

2. How to Increase Casino Revenues: Tips From Gaminator Experts

3. Conclusion

In 2015, scientists from a private research university in Washington (St. Louis, USA) have collected statistical data, according to which one billion seven million people on the planet are interested in gambling. Such information is difficult to confirm or dismiss but the fact that the number of gamblers is really large is definitely a fact. The growing popularity of online casinos of various formats also proves it. Experts believe that this growth of the industry will continue.

Online casino profit can be really high

Many entrepreneurs successfully work in the gambling industry. You can also start your own business and gain high profit. Experts from Gaminator offer you to find out how does the investment in the gambling sphere pay off.


Why You Should Start an Online Gambling Business: Seven Arguments for It

The main reason why entrepreneurs choose the gambling industry is a quick payback of investments on the casino. If the marketing strategy is correctly planned and implemented, investments will pay off within three-six months, and business on the Internet begins to bring good profit. High speed is connected with several factors, and they should be examined in more detail.

1. Visitors do not have psychological barriers

It is difficult for many people to step over natural shyness and enter the gambling hall or a land-based casino because gambling is not wide-spread in our society. Thanks to the Internet, players can relax and have a good time without a feeling of restraint and pressure from society.

This is beneficial for operators of online projects because, in their gambling establishments, there are always many visitors, which cannot be said about all land-based locations. The constant increase in customers ensures high profitability of online casinos.

2. Access to casino games regardless of the social status

Visiting gambling clubs has long been considered the privilege of wealthy people. The Internet opened free access to this entertainment for everyone. To have a good time playing slots or at a card table, it is enough just to open the page of a gaming site.

The attendance of online resources is constantly growing, thereby increasing the profit of casinos on the Internet.

3. The lack of territorial restrictions

By opening your own gambling business, you can attract users from different countries. There are no restrictions, and the growth of your audience depends only on you and your business goals.

4. Relatively small investment

It is more profitable to organise an online business than an offline casino. To open a gambling club, you do not have to rent or purchase premises, hire and train numerous staff or install equipment and game tables.

5. Short payback period

In many ways, the pay-back period of funds invested in a gambling project depends on the quality of the created resource and the selected marketing program. Therefore, it is difficult to predict in advance, which pay-back of the casino will be considered normal for each particular website.

If you order the development of a gaming site and its promotion at Gaminator, then the costs will pay off in three-six months, and after this time, your project will start generating profit.

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6. Ability to start with minimal investment

If you are in doubt whether you are ready to do business in the gambling sector or not, you will be able to launch a casino under a lease agreement. This solution has its advantages: you get everything you need to start working, including the ability to use a well-known brand.

If you arrive at the conclusion that such an activity suits you, you will be able to open your own profitable business.

Popular ways of launching gambling projects
Start Advantages Disadvantages
Independent development of a website An opportunity to save on a script and the services of specialists, the illusion of complete freedom It is exactly the case when the rule “buy nice or buy twice” works. Usually, the independent launch is the most expensive
A franchise

Minimum investments in the beginning, a ready-made business, and a sublicense.

This is a good solution if you want to dip a toe in the water before risking your own funds
Complete dependence on the provider of services and high costs since you will have to pay a serious amount of money for renting a casino
A turnkey casino A perfect option. You get a gaming site with a set of slots, the software, payment systems, comprehensive assistance, and professional support It is necessary to have a start-up capital

7. Test versions of products

High-quality software and original games from well-known developers are not cheap, so each operator would like to know in advance how much money software products will bring. There is the following opportunity: Gaminator offers demo versions. You can install them on your gaming site, test them, and find out, which solutions are the most beneficial for your website.

Demo versions allow operators to make preliminary calculations and invest money only in those products that will definitely pay off.


How to Increase Casino Revenues: Tips From Gaminator Experts

Internet casino revenue growth

The profit of a gambling establishment depends on the quality of software, the range of games, the effectiveness of feedback, and the level of service. It is worth paying attention to all these aspects but the most important thing is to focus on marketing.

A simple and profitable solution is to order the development and implementation of a push and pull strategy from professionals. If you are planning to act on your own, then we would recommend you to begin to carefully study the behaviour of the target audience. You must know everything about the preferences of players and understand what they expect from the “right” casino.

When you make a detailed “portrait” of your target audience, start working according to this scheme:

  1. Look for partners. Legal regulations often restrict or prohibit direct advertising of gambling, so you need to promote your website with the help of other casino operators.
  2. Analyse the results of a marketing campaign. You must be sure that the advertisement matches search queries.
  3. Monitor and adjust your promotion strategy. If the selected methods are ineffective, it will be necessary to find and apply other systems.

The basic principle that should be followed is never to stop working. Do not relax if the advertisement produces good results. The situation in the gambling market is changing, and you need to use different marketing tools to stand your ground in comparison with competitors. Be prepared to invest half of the revenues of your casino in its promotion.


A profitable business in the gambling industry is the result of hard work. You can do it on your own or entrust it to an experienced contractor. The second way is much simpler and more reliable. We offer you comprehensive assistance and support.

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To launch a successful casino or improve an already existing project, you need to:

  • Contact us. Leave an application to the manager of the Gaminator studio and briefly describe the core of the subject.
  • Consult. Our employee will hammer out details, find out about your business goals, and offer a plan for further actions.
  • Place an order. If you are satisfied with our commercial offer, it will remain only to confirm your willingness to do business with us.
  • Control the work and accept services. We act within the framework of the agreements, comply with timeframes, and are always in touch with customers so that there will be no problems.

Start with the simplest step ― contact the manager from Gaminator, and we will do the rest.


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