Online Gambling Advertising in the Correct Way

Online Gambling Advertising in the Correct Way

1. What is Online Casino Advertising?

  1.1. Natural Promotion

  1.2. Affiliate Programs

  1.3. SMM Promotion of an Online Casino

  1.4. Newsletters by E-mail

  1.5. Ads on Google Display Network

  1.6. Loyalty Programs

2. Online Gambling Advertising Should be Effective

It is enough just to connect to the Internet and spend there a couple of minutes to see many kinds of casino advertising. Here are bets, there are winnings, and another gaming site offers instant withdrawals.

From the point of view of the owner of the gambling business, online casino advertising is a noble cause. And for beginning entrepreneurs, it seems to be a simple thing to promote their gambling establishments, generate traffic, and make money. However, there are many people who do not like such casino advertising. Therefore, governments often create regulations that prohibit the promotion of online gambling.

Moreover, online casinos always have to compete even with land-based bookmaker’s offices or pari-mutuel betting. As a result, casino advert becomes confusing, tough, and sometimes semi-legal.

In this article, you will find out about the most effective types of online gambling advertising, how to use it, and which methods it is better to avoid. Managers of Gaminator Casino will help you to understand your individual mistakes in the promotion and find ways to correct them. To contact us, you need to fill out the form and leave your contact information.

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What is Online Casino Advertising?

Online casino advertising: two major streams

The main myth about the promotion of gambling clubs on the Internet says that it is impossible to advertise gaming sites. It is not true. It is possible but not everywhere.

Unfortunately, the largest advertising platforms Google Adwords and Facebook took the side of those who do not like the open casino advertising, and it is impossible to promote the gambling business within these services. We will discuss a way to bypass this ban below.

Today, the promotion of online casinos is divided into two major streams:

  1. Efforts to bypass the prohibition with unusual solutions and at the same time, not to get the sanctions from the search engines.
  2. Analysis of the activity of new sites and their promotion methods.

As in other types of business, integrated casino advertising works most effectively. Try different approaches, combine them, and stop using outdated methods. The Internet is not the same as a year ago. And it means that your website should also be developing dynamically.

SEO promotion, which is also called natural promotion, creates the foundation for the appearance of the website on the first pages of search results. A high-quality SEO promotion allows operators to significantly reduce costs for advertising soon after the launch of the casino without losing traffic.

Gamblers start finding you gambling club on their own, and the advertising campaign helps more to increase revenues than to stay afloat.

This way is still the most effective one but very expensive. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the casino owner distributes his promotional materials (texts, pictures, video or even audio) through affiliate networks, which are more often called affiliate programs.

The affiliate network includes webmasters of thematic websites: gambling blogs, casino auditors, etc. That is, the audience of these websites is at least familiar with gambling on the Internet and is interested in placing bets with the use of real money. Therefore, it is the affiliate program that can bring you the biggest share of earnings.

SMM-promotion of online casinos

As we have already mentioned, social networks like Facebook and Vkontakte do not accept ads from gambling projects. But it does not mean that social networks should be completely dismissed.

You can act in a traditional way and create an official account of your gaming site. Publish news, talk about promotions, and give bonuses to subscribers. Yes, this method is more time-consuming and requires special skills. However, we would like to remind you that the integrated promotion of online casinos is the most effective.

This is one of the most profitable channels for business, despite the fact that everyone is tired of it. It always works. It is especially good for the motivation of those gamblers who are already familiar with your website.

Collect e-mail addresses of players from the first day of the existence of the project. After some time, you will have an impressive database of contacts to which you can send information on new promotions or tell about bonuses if there are some of them in casino advertising strategies.

Today, Google Display Network is the largest advertising platform on the Internet. And it will most likely remain like this in the next decade. But Google is trying to smooth things over, and therefore it has banned online gambling advertising.

And yet there are ways to effectively use the GDN. First of all, you can advertise a completely different website with different content and set up a redirect to your gaming site. Thus, users will visit your online casino not entirely voluntarily. However, there is always a chance that they will become interested and start playing.

A disadvantage of this method is that search engines like Google are trying to track down such websites and impose sanctions on them. Webmasters have to either create dozens of websites to set up a redirect or follow the second path.

It is possible to promote a casino via the blog. It will not have the game content but on each page, there will be a link to the main website with an offer to play. The main thing is not to forget to fill the blog with interesting content.

Casino promotion is not just advertising. It is also necessary to work with players who have already visited your gaming site once. Those who place small bets but regularly can be motivated to bet more. Try to make beginners who play only free spins place the first bet.

The secret is that for each category of your customers, you need to have a different approach, promotions, and bonuses. A specialised marketing agency that provides this service for gambling companies can help you develop all this.

Online Gambling Advertising Should be Effective

There are many marketers and thus, many ways to promote online casinos. There is no common way, and during the creation of an online casino advertising strategy, you need to rely upon your goals and capabilities.

Turn to the team of professionals from Gaminator Casino. We have vast experience in the promotion of gambling projects on the Internet, and we can easily invent new ideas and bold decisions. And most importantly, we know the laws, so we easily bypass some of them and find the most effective way to promote your casino.

Write to us if your project needs advertising or you feel that gamblers have started to prefer gambling clubs of your competitors. We will help you to analyse mistakes, find weak spots, and develop a powerful advertising strategy.

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