Online Gambling in the USA on the Threshold of 2019

Online Gambling in the USA on the Threshold of 2019

1. Gambling Zones of the USA

2. Licenses for Carrying Out Casino Business in the USA

3. Online Gambling in the USA: the Growth of Online Casinos

4. How to Open a Popular Business in the USA?

The European gambling market has recently become tougher. Competition has increased, players are exacting in relation to services and the content, and prices for advertising and commissions on payments are rising from quarter to quarter. Online gambling in the USA can become an excellent alternative to the European gambling business, even if this idea seems strange at first glance.  

Surprisingly, the gambling market on the Internet is rather ill-developed in the USA. It is quite strange because its history was very long, and it has affected the whole gambling culture.

USA gambling market

In this article, we will try to figure out how to create a popular business in the USA today. For more information, contact specialists of the Gaminator Casino company. They will help you to set up a legal business and choose the best option for tax liability.

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Gambling Zones of the USA

America is a mosaic country where each state has its laws, capabilities, and restrictions. It also applies to the gambling legislation. Thus, out of forty-eight states, only two of them have banned any activity related to casinos. But others allow citizens to play this kind of games, even teenagers can do it.

At the same time, in the whole country, about 80% of the population has a positive attitude towards gambling: many of them prefer to play slot machines at the end of the working day, and others like to buy lottery tickets or pari-mutuel betting. According to sociologists, every American spends about four hundred dollars per year on online gambling entertainment.

The list of gambling zones in the USA includes:

  • Nevada and New Jersey were the only states where casino operations were allowed for a long time. Here there are world-famous casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which we all know from many movies.
  • The laws of the state of Illinois say that gambling activity cannot be organized “on the land of the state”. Smart Americans have managed to bypass laws and carry out legal activity by inviting people to gamble on the water: liners, barges, and other types of water transport are very popular with owners of gambling establishments. The same situation exists in such states as Missouri, Iowa, and Louisiana.
  • Even ten years ago, Nevada was the only state where gamblers could bet on sports. A bit later, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware have followed its example. The rest of America was, so to say, blocked.
  • Online casinos have also been banned for a long time. The state of Delaware has become the pioneer in this field.
  • Casinos of Indian tribes, located on reservations, almost do not obey the Constitution. Their activities are governed by the internal rules of life of the Indians, so the organisation, the procedure of licensing, and taxation take place on the basis of the requirements of reservations. There are five hundred sixty-two Indian tribes in the United States in total, and two hundred and one of them have given a permit for the establishment of casinos on the territory of their reservations.
  • Utah and Hawaii are two states where gambling is strictly prohibited.

Licenses for Carrying Out Casino Business in the USA

Licenses for the USA casino business

Gambling is a very popular business in the USA, and all beginning entrepreneurs would like to enter this market. Therefore, the government issues three types of gambling licenses for companies that have different activity and scale:

A limited license is granted to owners of small gambling halls with automatic slot machines. It is also received by the owners of bars and restaurants and allows them to install up to fifteen slots.

An unlimited license has two subtypes:

  1. On slot machines — allows you to operate an unlimited number of machines.
  2. On slot machines and games — is suitable for casinos, poker rooms, etc.

A special license is issued to those operators of automatic slot machines, whose equipment is located in bars or other establishments owned by third parties.
In addition, businessmen are obliged to complete paperwork for each employee properly since in the USA, the organisation of the gambling business requires a special licensing procedure.

Online Gambling in the USA: the Growth of Online Casinos

Las Vegas and Atlantic City have been earning many millions of dollars on gambling for decades. But with the appearance of the Internet and its growth, as well as the growth of the level of competition, these giants saw the writing on the wall. And even worse – their revenues became 80% lower!

Interestingly, business owners tried to return cash flows into their pockets in every possible way. For example, lobbyists started to ask for amendments to the legislation, which would reduce the number of online casinos or even completely ban online gambling.

Online casinos in USA

And then something unexpected happened. Europe, where online casinos were developing quite actively, began to try to enter the American market, and residents of the US showed their support since they were glad to make use of their services, play casino games, and make more money.

As a result, in 2013, the ban on online gaming sites was lifted, and today this sector is growing rapidly. Only in 2017, and only in New Jersey, this kind of websites has earned more than two hundred million dollars!

Preferences of Americans are somewhat different from the rest of the world. Mostly, they prefer poker (27% of players), slots (26%), and bingo (17%). Then goes roulette, which is popular only with 5% of gamblers.

As for gamblers, here the situation is almost the same all over the world: middle-aged men place bets more often, using real money.

How to Open a Popular Business in the USA?

How to open a popular business in the USA

Now is probably the most perfect time to set up a fast-growing business in this country even if it will be your first one. More and more Americans are trying to bet online but the market is still not overcrowded.

The main thing is to decide, in which state it is better to register your company and what activity to carry out because the amount of annual taxes depends on these choices. You can search for reviews and try to find out all the necessary information on your own. However, the best option is to turn to a trusted company, such as Gaminator Casino, and its specialists will help you make the right choice. You will be provided with legal support from experienced analysts at every step of the creation of your project.

Over the years, this brand has managed to launch many casinos in the USA, the UK, Russia, and some other countries. Its experts can study the laws of the country and find the best ways to arrange the gambling business.

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A personal manager from Gaminator Casino will provide you not only with get legal assistance but also with detailed consultations on the modern gambling software, slots, reliable developers, and prices of their services.

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