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Enormous Achievements Await: How to Buy Amatic Casinos in Turkey

An influence of contemporary needs of the public generates an entirely new layer of entertainment in the global arena. iGaming began meaning for punters a lot more than its retail counterpart. Quite a vivid illustration of this can be observed among Asian gambling businessmen, particularly in Turkey.

The territory is oriented on a religious atmosphere, meaning such manifestation of leisure time for Muslims should not be number one on their list. However, a lot of locals have completely turned their perception of the amusement. Today, the iGambling business in all regions of Turkey is appreciated and assumed remarkably popular.

Amatic casinos in Turkey: where to order the project

The established developers’ team Gaminator has always kept an eye on this market. As soon as it became beneficial to target people of Aegean, Marmara, Black Sea and other regions, we began actively searching for a trusted supplier of goods for this audience. Amatic became an ideal software provider, serving administrators in Turkey.

Order the mandatory systems for your platform or inquire about ready-made opportunities at our team.


General Overview of the Seller

The story of the manufacturer began almost 3 decades ago. Having started as an equipment creator, Amatic today is a respected gaming provider that dedicates much of its effort to the programming part of the sphere. It means that both mobile and desktop directions are profoundly covered by the seller. As a result, a giant portfolio of titles has already been formed, featuring various manifestations of the amusement.

Key dates of Amatic from the origin of the gaming provider to its recent activity:


Founded Initially as an Austrian casino hardware organisation with the focus on European industry


Expanded its assortment by introducing iGaming possibilities alongside new additions of brick-and-mortar cabinets, multiplayer activities, sweepstakes terminals, and innovative machinery


Branched a distinguished division called Amanet — Amatic’s separate casino software department in Asia (Turkey, China, India), Africa (RSA, Tunis, Algeria), and America


Showed strong attempts to become a worthy competitor by introducing HTML5 content for desktop and mobile (iOS, Android) devices


Sold its milestone 1,000th roulette machine for a playing establishment in Spain that very few equipment vendors have managed to achieve.

Presented a multiplayer innovation Amarox for the market of Great Britain, with the intention to continue a successful expansion to the gambling businesses in other states (Turkey, Russia, Australia, etc.)


Brought to the Spanish market some of its currently most renowned titles, including Fruit Box, All Ways Fruits, Diamond Cats that took the public by the storm immediately


Introduced an upgraded library of web content on the ICE Show and made an astonishing impression with the latest Pure Gaming system on a segment

The acknowledged affairs on the playing arena have earned Amatic a few rewards as an on- and offline gaming provider. In 2016, during the ICE Trade Event, the organisation received a prize for the Best and Most Stylish Slot (Performer Grand Arc).

The aggregator Gaminator has been in partnership with the seller long before it became so successful. Among software suppliers for web casinos in Turkey, Amatic attracted our attention with its huge potential. Order its titles as well as auxiliary programming assets at our company to make your portal stand out from others.

Recreational Assortment from the Vendor

Amatic casino provider in Turkey: recreational assortment

A key factor for obtaining the goods of the supplier is to understand whether they match the demand of the punters in the state. Almost 3 decades of operation resulted in a huge library of amusement by the Amatic casino provider in Turkey. Here, the topicality plays an enormous role, as this is quite an exquisite province with a bunch of versatilities in comparison to European clients.

Major aspects of the seller’s systems:

  • Amatic slot machines, tabletops, as well as more equipment go for sale for different purposes internationally. From small playing kiosks to world-renowned facilities: all knowledgeable operators remember this name.
  • An administrator of a site or an owner of a casino in Marmara, Anatolia, or other districts do not have to worry about certification — the seller with over 2 and a half decades of experience has taken care of all legal provisions.
  • Amatic supplies its lottery and casino software in Turkey in multiple formats. Such an approach guarantees compatibility with the majority of existing devices, comprising smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even smartwatches.
  • Regular updates of the gameplay as well as constant monitoring of the security upgrades bring the collaboration with the supplier to an entirely new level. The performance always remains high, and the protective measures are up-to-date.
  • Integration through the API scheme from Gaminator ensures the addition of all the mandatory elements. This way, a neatly composed Turkish casino from the world’s leading provider Amatic becomes a perfect opportunity for novice and experienced venturers.

An individual elaboration of entertainment for playing sites is an integral feature supplied by the seller. At the same time, it is also worth paying attention to the existing releases that have already been noticed to perform amazingly. In Turkey, such casino software brings an additional audience to the portal and will ensure stable attendance rates.

Notable titles of the global vendor:

  1. Dragon’s Pearl. With 40 winning lines, the slot has peculiar Asian embellishment. Bonus spins, obtained during replenishments and sign-ups, guarantee quick immersion into the game.
  2. Lucky Zodiac. Turkey’s audience adores casinos with software related to Asian culture. 12 easily-recognised signs represent 4 different elements. 5 reels ensure amazing gameplay while keeping the balanced house edge.
  3. Magic Idol. The key peculiarity of the slot implies doubling or quadrupling the wins in bonus rounds. Amatic is keen on constructing casino software with bonuses in Turkey. Free spins generate a steady acquisition that is the essential thing for operators.
  4. Wild Dragon. Wild symbols have always been the punters’ most wanted hit. This mechanic is rated at the top of most participated entertainment by the creator in the zone.
  5. Billy’s Game. Traditionally styled amusement attracts thousands of local punters. It is quite requested by the Turkish audience, and a turnkey casino with this slot bought from Gaminator will have a great featured title.

Indeed, the cooperative efforts in founding a playing site are underestimated. Together with professional assistance from a long-standing aggregator, a manager will be able to achieve excellent results. How to buy a platform with Amatic recreational assets and open a top casino in Turkey? Reach out for Gaminator to receive wholesome development.

The Main Things about Turning to The World’s Most Famous Supplier

Amatic software provider for operators in Turkey

The lack of proper experience as an entrepreneur in an iGaming sector can be wisely compensated with the availability of partners. Amatic is a novice-friendly software provider for administrators in Turkey. Eventually, working alongside the team is suggested regardless of proficiency in the industry.

Aspects to remember about the seller:

  • The Amatic casino provider started as an equipment creator in 1993, and it is now a respected entity in Turkey. The organisation dedicates much of its effort to the programming part of the sphere in the zone and globally.
  • If an entrepreneur wants to start an online portal with casino content from Amatic in Turkey, memorising the exceptional backstory of the contractor, with 2 grand awards in 2016 is vital.
  • Regular updates of the gameplay as well as constant monitoring of the security innovations bring the collaboration with the supplier to an entirely new level.
  • An individual build-up of the content is what a lot of venturers ask for at a supplier, but established blockbusters Amatic slots machines, tabletops, card games, and more stuff for sale are also worth much attention.

Gaminator has been in a close bond with the vendor for as long as it exists in the iGaming segment.

Do you want to organise fruitful working circumstances? Order our turnkey casino with the finest Amatic programming assets as well as hardware in Turkey.


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Arthur Zimniy
Arthur Zimniy
Gambling business specialist
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