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A payment system for
online clubs


With Finstrum, you will get

a modern software product

with constant updates

A legal payment platform

with which you can develop your business

A focus
on the development
of the main business

We take care of
making payments

A legal support

of the industry’s best specialists

The best
online systems

Are already connected to the payment service

The installation of all
the Finstrum systems

(Gaminator, CyberPlat) does not require significant investment or
an expensive equipment

A fast return on
investment of the room

According to a marketing research, the period is 2-3 months

A constant replenishment of the library of games

All the partners are provided with round-the-clock technical support

A professional advice

of our experts on the Finstrum system’s operation


Advantages of Finstrum Payment System

1. About Finstrum

2. Finstrum Brings You

About Finstrum

Finstrum is an international payment system that allows you to pay for goods and services on the Internet

Finstrum® technology is designed and operated by Finstrum International S.A. under the financial services license issued by the Government of the Republic of Panama.

Finstrum® electronic voucher can be used by any voucher holder for financial transactions on the Internet, including online shopping, buying electronic currency, online casino gambling and receiving payouts.

Finstrum Brings You:

  • Modern legal billing platform to grow your business;
  • The fastest possible installation and setup of all the necessary programs. Our specialists know how to integrate online casino payment systems remotely and will gladly do it;
  • You may focus exclusively on developing your core business – we’ll take care of all payment processing
  • You get not only a modern software product, but also highly professional legal support from top industry specialists
  • The best online systems are already connected to the payment service;
  • Installation of all Finstrum systems (Gaminator, CyberPlat) does not require large investments and expensive equipment;
  • According to market research, payback period for the hall averages between 2 and 3 months
  • Deposit and withdrawal transactions are executed via Finstrum payment system
  • All partners working with Finstrum system are provided with round the clock technical support;
  • Our experts are always ready to offer professional advice on any matters relating to Finstrum operation

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Be careful! Our team is not responsible for the activities of persons using similar contact details.

Author Arthur Zimniy Gambling business specialist
the Finstrum
payment system
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