The Croatian Gaming Industry in 2020-2021

The Croatian Gaming Industry in 2020-2021

1. Regulation of the Gambling Industry

2. Available Types of Gambling

3. Licensing

  3.1. The Cost of Permits

4. Prospects for 2020-2021

5. Conclusion

The gambling market of Croatia is considered a promising area for investments. The country is part of the EU and remains extremely attractive for tourists. The political and financial conditions are calm and stable. Another positive factor is loyal taxation.

Regulation of the Gambling Industry

Gambling market in Croatia: regulation

The Ministry of Finance deals with all the issues related to the gambling business.

The list of duties of the authorized body includes:

  1. Licensing of companies.
  2. Monitoring the activities of permit holders.
  3. Establishment of requirements for equipment certification.
  4. Maintaining registers of licensees.

The Ministry checks the documents received from the companies, approves the applications, and allows them to participate in the bidding. These and other points are spelt out in the Gaming Law (Zakon o igrama na sreću). The document was adopted in 2014 after lengthy consultations with the European Parliament.

Croatia, like any other EU member, must adapt its legislation to common standards. The gambling industry has become available not only for the citizens of the country but also for residents of the European Union today. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent chance to increase the profits for casino operators.

Available Types of Gambling

Croatia is one of the few European countries in which all types of gambling are legalized (including betting, poker, roulette, progressive jackpots). This sector is represented by land-based and online business.

The ground-based sphere includes the following areas:

  • Lotteries and bingo. The draws are held in special halls.
  • Casinos. Croatia has a rich history of gambling establishments. One of the oldest casinos in Europe is working here. The well-known establishment, Mulino Lux, is located near Buje (a town on the Adriatic coast). In addition to the mentioned complex, nine more institutions with various casino games are operating in the state.
  • Betting. More than 400 betting shops are working in the country. Visitors can place bets on sporting, cultural, and political events here.
  • Slot machines. Clubs with exciting slot machines and other gambling games are located throughout the country.

The gambling industry of Croatia is represented by a vast number of online casinos. Large global brands work here, including the national operator Hrvatska Lutrija. Moreover, the market is open for small companies that want to occupy their own business niche.


Opening your own business is possible only after obtaining the appropriate permission from the Ministry of Finance. The applicant should submit a package of documents containing information on the registration of the company, its shareholders, founders, and the management team.

It is essential to provide data on the financial condition of the applicant (cash assets, loans received, an annual business plan). Besides, a certificate of no arrears to the state treasury is needed.

Licenses are issued for 15 years. This is one of the highest indicators for gambling regulators in Europe. However, permits can be revoked if companies violate licensing agreements systematically.

The Cost of Permits

Although the permit is valid for 15 years, it must be extended annually. The businessman also needs to provide a financial guarantee and have a minimum authorized capital.


Amount of payments, €, thousand

Ground-based sector

Internet business

Start-up capital


State Bank guarantee



Permission fee (It is paid annually)



The cost of slot machines placement (for each unit of equipment)


Value added tax (every month)



Speaking about the financial aspects, it can be argued that Croatia offers loyal licensing terms. The cost of permission is one of the lowest on the European continent. Given the geographical features of the country (sea, warm climate, beautiful landscape), the influx of players is guaranteed.

Moreover, Croatia remains interesting for tourists who do not mind visiting fashionable gaming establishments. In any case, the operators are provided with high income from casinos and other areas of gambling.

The government is loyal to the players. All winnings are taxed, but the rate is rather low (only 10 per cent). The exception is large amounts (30% for €67 thousand and larger sums).

Prospects for 2020-2021

Gambling industry in Croatia: prospects for 2020/2021

The Croatian gambling sector will continue to develop, primarily due to the attraction of large international investors. According to the media, the Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) entered the local market at the end of 2019. It is assumed that GIG plans to become a shareholder of the Top Games brand.

GIG is known as a significant operator of online casinos and poker websites. The company is based in Malta and is licensed in this jurisdiction. In addition, the brand is engaged in the creation of vivid and dynamic video slots in the popular 3D format. Entering the Croatian market will increase the company's prosperity and give a new impetus to the development of the local gambling area.

Richard Brown, the chairman of the brand, hopes that the deal will take place at the beginning of 2020. The information about the first profits from this purchase will be published in the media at the end of this year.


Croatia remains a promising country for those who want to launch their own gambling projects. The taxes are low here (compared to other European states). Moreover, the license is issued for 15 years.

The state government supports the industry strongly. The main thing for operators is to meet the main criteria of the Ministry of Finance. The business is open to residents of Europe, well-known gambling enthusiasts. Besides, the European audience is characterised by good solvency.

Gaminator will help you create a gambling business in Croatia or in any other country. We have been working in popular tax jurisdictions for many years. Our experts studied all the legal and financial issues very carefully.

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