Top Five Reasons to Start Your Online Gambling Business

Top Five Reasons to Start Your Online Gambling Business

1. Top Five Advantages of Owning a Gambling Startup

2. How to Enter the Gambling Market

3. In Conclusion

Probably, everyone can imagine the mesmerising luxury of beautiful interiors and the charming smiles of spectacular croupier girls because casino games are often demonstrated in many famous films. Now imagine that this atmosphere, charm, and most importantly, profit, have transformed into a stream of electronic impulses.

Internet casino as a promising business

Today, virtual gambling is included in the list of the most upcoming sectors, and literally, anyone can open their own online casino.

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The launch of a gambling club, like any other project, is associated with a lot of pitfalls and risks of the loss of the invested money. But the advantages and prospects of this decision outweigh all the defects.

Top Five Advantages of Owning a Gambling Startup

Our team has made a list of key aspects that may affect your decision in favour of launching an online casino:

  1. Profitability. Statistics show that, in 2019, the total turnover of the online sector increased the number of forty-eight billion euros. The industry is also showing stable annual growth of four billion three million euros.
  2. The vast reach of the audience. Business on the Internet exists beyond geographic boundaries and timeframes. Operators get a great opportunity to attract customers from all over the world, and players just need a personal gadget that is connected to the Internet.
  3. Payback. No other online business can start generating a net profit in such a short time as an online casino. According to statistics, platforms without advertising begin to earn about three hundred dollars a month from the first days of existence. With integrated marketing, the profit margin increases tenfold: a startup can reach net measures within two-six months after the project is launched.
  4. Minimum expenses on staff. Operators do not need to hire cashiers, croupiers, cleaners, waiters, and other personnel. Moreover, if you are working under a franchise agreement or if you order a turnkey service from Gaminator, there will be no need to form a technical support service: services of specialists and staff training are provided by suppliers.
  5. Legal work. For operators of gambling platforms, a number of permits exist, and their aim is to avoid the unwanted attention of the government authorities even in those countries where gambling is prohibited. Your main defence and support is a license obtained in an offshore jurisdiction. If your business is built on cryptocurrency, legalisation will not be necessary at all since bitcoin does not belong to any existing country.

How to Enter the Gambling Market

How to open a casino on the Internet

We have already discussed the advantages of owning a gambling establishment, and now it is time to find out how exactly to open a casino on the Internet. Please find hereby some of the most popular options.

The best options for launching an online casino in 2020-2021

An independent launch

Advantages: working with a unique project, promotion of your brand, the absence of restrictions related to the choice of tools and ways of advertising

Disadvantages: high financial and time expenditures, the need to hire a team of specialists, responsibility for all internal processes and resolution of controversial issues with users, difficulties in building relationships with major suppliers, and high risk of spending money on the purchase of low-quality services


Advantages: low price (it is often possible to find offers with the words “for free”), the ability to implement several standard projects based on one code

Disadvantages: high risk of losing money by purchasing a “non-viable” code; additional costs for adapting the script to current needs; investment in design and the creation of a logo, and the need to legalise the project


Advantages: the use of a ready-made project with a well-thought-out set of games and administrative tools, ability to work with relevant and proven marketing programs, qualified technical support, the absence of risk of large winnings (the jackpot is paid by the franchisor)

Disadvantages: the use of a standard project and a fixed set of products (for being able to adjust the assortment or add more games, it will be necessary to pay extra money), strict operation conditions in accordance with the rules and regulations of the parent company, and regular commissions for the use of a gaming site

A turnkey startup

Advantages: a unique project that can be used by an operator at his disposal, a wide selection of administrative tools and flexible personal settings, prompt technical support, the best content from the world’s leading suppliers

Disadvantages: not found

To order a casino on a turnkey basis is the best way to make sure that there are minimal risks and financial investments. Cooperation with the Gaminator team will cost several times cheaper than the creation of a gambling business on your own.


We take responsibility for the quality of software components and the development of the website and continue to provide support even after the project is officially launched.

Also, we offer our client some additional services:

  • update and modernisation of the existing gambling platforms;
  • creation of the adapted mobile versions and unique apps;
  • production of exclusive gambling products in HTML5 format;
  • integration of systems that allow players to make payments in cryptocurrency;
  • comprehensive promotional marketing and a guarantee of payback within three-six months.

In Conclusion

A casino business on the Internet is considered to be the most fast-payback project that opens up unique growth prospects. Despite the severe competition, every day, many new projects appear on the market. The main thing is to find your niche and offer an exclusive solution that even the most sophisticated player will appreciate.

We strongly recommend you not to pay attention to attractive free offers and supposedly winning strategies. Your main key to success is an experienced team that is ready to take responsibility and risks.

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