Unicum gaming system

Unicum gaming system

A Russian company Unicum has been creating products for gambling since the early 90's, and online slots – since 2007. Despite such a small experience of working in a gambling industry, the provider is incredibly popular among operators. The thing is that the Unicum slot machines are specific historical pictures for those who remember the times of the USSR, and the software for online casino from this vendor is qualitative, convenient and meets the requirements of European standards.

We recommend you to buy a Gaminator3 casino gaming system. You think that it is an unexpected offer? The point is that G3 includes trend products from the best providers, for example, from such a brand as Unicum. If you buy Gaminator3, you will get a huge portfolio of great games, after which you will not need to look for interesting videoslots, because you will already have everything to attract players.

Create an online casino: selection of a provider

Today the desire to set up a gambling business is quite reasonable: it brings huge profit to its owner. Before we describe all the advantages of products that can be found in the Unicum casino, it is necessary to remember what it actually means – to create an online casino, and which stages this process consists of:

  1. You need to incorporate a business in order to make it legal.
  2. Then you are to develop and launch a gaming site.
  3. It takes a lot of time to obtain a gambling license, but it really is necessary!
  4. Then it is time to choose a provider, which is going to deliver the software for online casino.
  5. Along with the software you can also buy online casino game.
  6. The last stage is to integrate the software into your site, as well as to install games and payment systems.

Such a short list of actions precedes the launch of a new online casino, but it does not mean that the listed actions will be quick and easy to come through. Each item will require significant efforts and much time. Therefore, experts say that it is not easy to create an online casino on your own, and this is why it is better to have recourse to experienced developers, who will provide you with high-quality software, help in the acquisition and installation of payment systems. Online casino games can also be purchased from such developers.

When you chose a provider it is worth carefully considering the following characteristics:

  1. How long does he work at the market?
  2. How do partners report on a provider?
  3. What players say about its products in their blogs?
  4. Are completed projects in the portfolio of the chosen provider qualitative?

It makes sense to buy online casino game only from the provider who was tested by such questions. It is worth noting that the first item is not so important, because there are many young companies, which develop excellent products for online casinos. For example, the company Unicum, has showed during last 10 years that it is really possible to quickly become a market leader. Unicum slot machines are extremely popular among Russian users and gamblers from the former USSR.

Advantages of the Unicum casino:

  • User-friendly interface, which can always be customized in accordance with users’ preferences.
  • High-quality and flexible casino gaming system.
  • Advantageous bonus system.
  • Bonus rounds and free spins, which are very attractive for visitors of a casino.
  • Entertaining storylines filled with humor.
  • Gambling platform that works with different payment services.
  • Free variants of a game give players an opportunity to test their effectiveness.
  • Beautiful graphics with lines that were drawn to the last detail.
  • Colorful thematic design, which reminds Soviet cartoons.
  • Excellent winning percentage (up to 97.7%).
  • Highly-skilled professionals in technical support service are ready to help users at any time.
  • Software is oriented to the Russian-speaking population.

The Unicum casino gaming system has not many online slots – there are only ten of them, but each represents a true story about life in the 90's. It is clear why people from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union are so fond of Unicum slot machines. After all, it is very exciting – to remember the Soviet time (if you are over the age of thirty) or to learn the history of the state while playing (if you are very young).

The described casino gaming system does not rely on functional advantages (the number of reels and winning lines), but on unusual storylines that can’t be found in offers of other operators. There is no doubt that Unicum slot machines are the only products at the market with such characteristics, so they have being occupying a free niche for a long time. Moreover, speaking about the functionality, these videoslots also have a flavor: they have several mini-levels, that is, in every online slot you can win in short prize rounds.

There is another distinctive feature – an ability to play for free, and it is willingly used by those gamblers, who want to practice before playing for real money, especially since it is very exciting. To buy online casino games from Unicum means to receive high-quality and large-scale traffic of the target audience.

Videoslots of the Unicum casino

The Unicum gambling platform offers players those products, that will be interesting to the absolute majority of the inhabitants of the CIS countries, because they know these stories perfectly well, and many gamblers can even get nostalgic for the Soviet times while playing such online slots.


The game Bazar is another colorful story about the USSR era and the bazar, where "All it takes is crud and truck". The atmosphere completely corresponds to the theme of the slot: here you can see blue iron weigh-scales with weights, Russian vodka, sausages, a radio-recorder and even old ripped shoes. Symbols are painted in bright colors, sellers look like bandits, and next to the panel there are some dubious flyers, for example: "I'm selling a cruiser Aurora."


The video slot Bratva from Unicum

The video slot Bratva tells players about the reformation period, when there were no stable laws, so former bandits have turned into businessmen and did not know where to put money. On the panel you will be able to see guns, brief cases with money, handcuffs and dollar bills. As for melodies that can be heard during the spinning of reels, they remind us a gangster song "Murka".

Gold of the Party

The slot machine Gold of the Party, like all Unicum online slots, takes players in the Soviet times, when everyone read only the newspaper "Pravda", were proud of flights to space, powerful agricultural equipment and cars "Volga" and did not have a high salary, but wanted to take the first places and certificates of gratitude. Among symbols of the game there are: the image of the Kremlin, a portrait of Lenin (aka wild symbol), a mark of quality, a wall calendar, a car with a sign of VDNKh. All these artifacts are situated between two columns against the background of golden pipes of factories and red flags, on which we can see the eternal communist slogans "Glory to the Party!" And "Glory to Labor!" The gameplay is accompanied by Soviet patriotic music, which adds a little bit of humor to the slot machine. Players will hear their favorite tunes – from "How broad is my native country" to the melody from "Elusive Avengers". And the winning results are demonstrated to a tune "Hope is my Earth compass ..."

Around the World

The slot game Around the World from Unicum

The slot game Around the World is devoted to travels and is filled with bright colors in the style of Walt Disney. Here, players will see the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and other beautiful cities. Symbols of the game are the traveler's equipment (compass, watch, air-balloon). There are also unusual prize rounds where gamblers need to guess, for example, the air valve of which color it is necessary to unscrew. This slot, like the previous ones, has several tips, but its main advantage is in the storyline, characters and theme.

The Unicum casino gaming system provides functional data on virtual slot machines:

  • 5 reels;
  • up to 21 bet lines;
  • automatic mode;
  • wilds and scatter symbols (except for the game Gold of the Party);
  • high winning percentage (up to 97.9%);
  • great music.

We can say that the gambling platform of the Unicum casino make itself into an avatar of the competent usage of high technologies, which makes products of the Unicum casino so unique. Colorful videoslots, created for a full due, have no less advantages than products of other manufacturers.

If you want to create an online casino and have high-quality and non-standard games, you should immediately buy Gaminator3 – it is a casino gaming system, which includes excellent games from the world’s best providers, and which can also offer the software for online casino from Unicum. All the above mentioned games will be at your service and will attract many players to your gambling establishment.

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