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Unicum: Unique Slots for Sale

The main feature of slot machines from Unicum is their original theme. They are absolutely adored by those gamblers who are interested in the era of the Soviet Union and the criminal atmosphere of the tumultuous 1990s. Unicum slots are popular not only with middle-aged people who like to add some nostalgia to their lives. They are often played also by young gamblers who are interested in the past and are ready for adventures.

The Gaminator company offers Unicum games for your online casino platform. Our technical experts will deal with the connection of slots and quickly install them on the website. You do not have to make a decision instantly. For a start, you can test the demo versions of slot machines and check how interesting they are to your visitors.

Free demo version

The Unicum Casino ― the Gambling Software From the Russian Developer

Unicum casino platform

The Unicum brand was established in 1991 but the manufacturer has released the first slot machines only in eleven years. Slots of the Russian company are radically different from the products of foreign developers, and they quickly became popular in the post-Soviet space.

In 2007, there was a company merger with SmartGames, a major provider of games. As a result, the UPlay corporation was created, the head office of which is now located in Moscow.

The developer has been working in the market of the production of slots for seventeen years. During this time, he released about a dozen games. Some of them have become legendary and are extremely popular with players to this very day. The most famous slots are the “Party Gold” (the storyline is devoted to the realities of the USSR), “The Fellowship”, and “Bazar” (it is about the time of crisis in the 90s of the last century).

Unicum software advantages: infographic

How are the Unicum Games Different From the Products of Competitors?

If you look at the game mechanics, these slot machines will remind you of solutions of the Igrosoft provider: they are also equipped with five reels and twenty-one paylines but it is the only similarity since the storylines are completely different and have no analogues in the market. All Unicum slots have a unique plot that is familiar to all residents of post-Soviet countries.

Four facts that will make your players interested are:

  1. The largest fixed jackpot ― ten thousand credits. Each user has a chance to win a rather big amount of money.
  2. The manufacturer has taken care of the protection of the software. In all the time of operation, no failures or errors have been registered.
  3. There are up to five bonus rounds. This is very rare for traditional slot machines.
  4. Games have more than one scatter symbol. Usually, there are two such icons in the Unicum slots.

Each of the offered products is unique and has a special atmosphere and unique mechanics. Also, there some additional options in these slot machines. Prize combinations are formed from left to right, and the winning symbols surprise gamblers with their original design and a variety of options.

Eight Reasons to Install Unicum Games in Your Casino

Unicum online casino games

The advantages of slot machines from this developer are:

  1. Recognisable attributes of the era. When you first look at the symbols of the game, you will be able to immediately understand what historic period you see.
  2. Simple control system. Unicum casino games can be easily mastered by even beginning gamblers.
  3. High-quality graphics. All images are carefully drawn, and the symbols look very unusual. Wild and scatter icons are animated.
  4. High RTP percentage. The described slot machines are generous since they return from 96 to 97.9%.
  5. Unusual background sound. For this purpose, the provider has chosen music from films that were popular at that time.
  6. Russian interface. Slots do not need to be translated.
  7. Cross-platform. If a visitor to the casino chooses a mobile gadget to play, he will be as comfortable as when he is using a PC browser.
  8. Demo versions. It is possible to play with a virtual account, familiarise yourself with the features of the slot, and only then deposit real money.

All this makes slots of this provides attractive to those users who enjoy visiting casinos with the content from Unicum, play for a long time, and place large bets. Operators should definitely install games of this brand to fatten the profits.


The Best Unicum Games 

Unicum slot machines

Russian gamblers love Unicum slots. We have made a list, which includes the most profitable and interesting games from this developer.

Zoloto Partii (“Gold of the Party”)

There were legends about the gold, which belonged to the Soviet Union but its fate remained a mystery. The Unicum programmers offered users to find the treasures of the Communist party while playing a colourful slot with five reels and twenty-one paylines. Gamblers can expect an exciting adventure.

The control panel is simple: the buttons are traditional, and they are located in familiar places so that players cannot be confused. Users themselves can determine the number of active lines and the size of the bet but the nominal value is set by an operator of a gaming site.

Gamblers can also use the Bet Max feature to activate all paylines. Reels can be launched by clicking the Start button.

The winning symbols are such icons as:

  • Wild ― a golden portrait of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The symbol can replace other images when winning combinations are formed.
  • Scatter ― coat of arms of the USSR. The symbol is included in the prize lines.
  • Bonuses. These are two icons that activate special modes ― Envelope and Satellite.

There are also symbols with high coefficients. The most profitable for gamblers are such images as the Aurora cruiser (multiplier ×1917), the Olympic games of 1980 (×1000), the coat of arms of the Soviet Union (×10 000). If there are five such symbols on the reels, the prize will be increased according to the coefficient.

The risk-game is launched after successful free spins. Users will have to guess, in which sector of the clock in Spasskaya tower the clock hand will stop. There are no cards that traditionally appear in the risk rounds in other slots, and it makes the gameplay more exciting.

In the Sputnik bonus game, players become a member of a space expedition and choose a destination. If they guess it correctly, they will be able to get the prize. In the Envelope round, users will need to find the money in one of the four sealed envelopes.

This slot game is filled with special features that can make gamblers so interested that they will stay on your gaming site for several hours. The product is beneficial for both casino operators and visitors. It is possible to connect Gold of the Party by turning to the Gaminator company. A free demo is also available.

Demo version

Bratva (“The Brothers' Circle”)

This video slot is dedicated to the harsh times that came after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Here, players will take part in the shoot-out between thieves in law and police officers. Symbols in the game perfectly show its atmosphere: portraits of bandits, policemen, expensive cars, and handcuffs.

The slot has wild and scatter icons. There are also two bonus rounds. In the first one, gamblers must choose, which building should be robbed, and in the second one, they will have to guess, in which of the boxes there is money.

Fans of the Brigada series and similar films will definitely love this slot.

Bazar (“The Market”)

The game shows players a typical urban market of the 80s where shouting salespeople sell vegetables, fruits, clothes, and other things. They even offer the Aurora cruiser and an elephant. This place has its own rules.

Symbols here look funny and colourful (home-distilled vodka, holey shoes, chicken legs), and the gameplay is more than exciting.

There are bonus rounds, the round for doubling, and a jackpot. You can win it if there will be a symbol with the image of an old lady on the reels. Prize rounds are launched after the appearance of the Georgian and a wallet on the screen.


The online casino platform for sale from Unicum is a great choice for online gambling establishments. Thanks to non-standard video slots, you can attract additional traffic to the website and fatten the profits. Buy Unicum online casino solutions to bring your operator’s experience to another level.

If you want to do it right now, you will need to leave an application, and managers of the Gaminator company will contact you at the earliest possible time. It is also possible to connect a demo version and see how profitable Unicum games are.

Order service

Our staff will help you to choose the game content taking into account the peculiarities of your online resource. A team of technical specialists will install the slots and make sure they operate smoothly. If there are any problems, we will solve them promptly.

For all questions, please contact us:

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  • by e-mail: info@gaminatorsystem.com
  • via the feedback form.

Take the first step towards our mutually beneficial partnership!

Arthur Zimniy
Arthur Zimniy
Gambling business specialist
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