Uptrend: a Telegram Casino

Uptrend: a Telegram Casino

1. What is a Telegram Casino?

2. The Advantages of a Telegram Casino

3. A Ready-made Telegram Casino Script for Sale

4. How to Order the Development of a Telegram Casino?

The gambling culture is changing. If previously people visited bookmaker’s offices and played slot machines after a hard working day, today they want to gamble at all times and in all places and as comfortable as possible. And owners of gambling portals, of course, meet their needs.

Relatively recently, a Telegram-casino has become a new trend in the gambling industry. Such projects are still unknown to many countries but they are already earning huge profit. What is the secret of their success? In this article, we will find out about the advantages of a Telegram-casino and how you can create a similar source of income by yourself.

Telegram-casino advantages

Specialists from the Gaminator Casino company will help you to develop an interesting Telegram project. We have already created several successful casinos of this kind that bring their owners hundreds of dollars every day. If you are prepared for financial success ― write to us right now.

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What is a Telegram Casino?

It is not an application. This is a chat in the messenger, which has already been established by more than one hundred million people all over the world. Theoretically, each of them may become your client one day.

Telegram as a kind of solutions became popular for many reasons, and one of them is an ability to create and connect a special bot that imitates answers of a real person in a chat.

The specificity of the Telegram-casino is that here the bot does not just give random answers but also sends the results of games, rounds or a move of a virtual dealer. It means that such a casino consists of at least three elements:

  • the bot itself;
  • the gambling platform that processes requests and generates responses;
  • slot games.

Besides, the CMS system it is usually connected to it for a flexible management and analytics, as well as numerous payment modules for the sake of convenience of users.

The Advantages of a Telegram Casino

Still, why have Telegram casinos become so popular? This type of gambling entertainment has a number of advantages both for players and for owners of the casino business.

Why do gamblers like the Telegram-casino?

Gamblers like the Telegram-casino

  1. Free access. It is especially important for those countries, in which online casinos are prohibited. For many people, messengers are the only way to satisfy the craving for gambling.
  2. Easy start. You do not need to register, provide personal data or connect payment cards for being able to play in the Telegram-casino. Just open a chat with a bot, and you can be wrapped up in the game.
  3. You can play always and everywhere. Since the entire gameplay takes place in a chat with the bot, gamblers can easily switch to working chats, talk to their friends or read the news. Also, this format allows you to play on the road, at meetings, and in queues. Literally ― anywhere!
  4. Cross-platform. You can play on the way to the office on the mobile phone, then open the casino channel on a computer in your office (there are no traces in the browser history and no need to install additional software!), and then you can come back home and start the chat on the tablet. The Telegram-casino works equally well on all platforms.

Why do casino owners choose the Telegram format?

  1. A chance to attract a new audience.
  2. An ability to open a gambling business even in those countries where this type of activity is prohibited.
  3. No need to obtain a permit.
  4. A simple business management from anywhere in the world.
  5. The absence of costs for the creation and maintenance of the website, as well as for natural promotion.
  6. Relatively low price for the development.

A Ready-made Telegram Casino Script for Sale

A ready-made Telegram-casino script

As experts in the field of online gambling, we recommend you to create new projects with the help of professionals. Invest money with an eye on the future. It is better to spend a little more at the beginning but launch the Telegram-casino and start earning a profit as soon as possible. Even from a financial point of view, it is worth it.

When you order the Telegram-casino from Gaminator Casino, you get a completely ready-made business and reliable partner who will help you to successfully launch your project, set up advertising, purchase traffic, and communicate with customers.

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What is included in the Telegram-casino business solution?

  • Bot

We will develop a script, provide the bot with all the necessary functions and the voice so that it can communicate with your customers in a high-quality manner. In our work, we uphold standards of the highest quality, so we guarantee the reliability and stable operation of the bot.

  • Back office

We will connect the bot in the administrative system, in which you can manage your business, customise the game content, improve the visual design, etc. The program will be available remotely from any device, even from your smartphone.

  • Games

Your earnings will depend on what kind of games you can offer to the audience. Traditional slots and poker are the most in-demand but roulette, dice, and other card games also cannot be brushed off.

Think over the strategy of your Telegram-casino, and we will find the best games for you.

  • The connection of payment services

We recommend you to connect only reliable and trusted payment systems that will not ask gamblers for their personal data over and over again or block transactions without any reason. We will install as many payment processors as possible so that your casino can be visited by people from different parts of the world.

In the beginning, gamblers always try new casinos doubtingly but once they are satisfied with your reliability and the speed of money transfers, they will begin to bet more, win more often, and deposit funds again and again.

  • Desktop version

We will make the Telegram-casino adaptive, so that your gamblers can comfortably play on any device, including the desktop computer or a mobile version of the messenger.

How to Order the Development of a Telegram Casino?

Telegram-casino development by Gaminator Casino

Contact your personal manager from Gaminator Casino. During the consultation, you will learn more about the creation of casinos in messengers, get a description of the necessary software modules and games, and make a decision on the minimal set of payment systems.

Our services allow you not only to purchase a ready-made Telegram-casino or order its development but also to connect the demo version of the bot in order to see its effectiveness, profitability, and quality. And only after this, you will be able to make a well-argued decision.

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Contact us:

  • by e-mail: info@gaminatorsystem.com;
  • in Skype: gaminator.deluxe;
  • in Telegram: @win24;
  • via the feedback form.

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