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Gaminator Casino is a unique gaming system known throughout the world.

Its popularity is growing every year.

The advantages of the Gaminator system
  • Flash - technologies
  • An easy installation
  • An ample games range
  • An adjustable winning percentage
  • A legal support
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Gaminator BTD
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Gaminator Deluxe
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(Flash versions of the games)
(Flash versions of the games)
Amatic (Flash/
HTML5 versions of the games)
(Flash versions of the games)
MegaJack (Flash versions of the games)      
(Flash versions of the games)
Рулетки/Карты (Flash versions of the games)      
(Flash versions of the games)
(Flash versions of the games)
(Flash versions of the games)
(Flash versions of the games)
(Flash versions of the games)
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Gaminator Casino gambling systems: Review of all product versions

1. Why Should You Choose Gaminator Casino?

2. The Best System for Your Business

3. Why Our Gaming Systems Attract Users?

  3.1. G1 slot system

  3.2. G2 gaming system

  3.3. G3 software — the best choice to start

Gaminator Casino is the best gaming system for your business. As of today, we offer three unique versions of our product, each of them meets the highest requirements of customers but has its own features. Let us consider these differences and help you to determine which Gaminator Casino gaming systems are the best solution to achieve your goals.

We offer a unique opportunity to try out the demo version of any Gaminator Casino system. Integrate the best software for your business today and evaluate the benefits of our products. For sale or rental registration, please contact our consultants who will answer all questions and help you to choose the perfect gaming systems for your business.

Why Should You Choose Gaminator Casino?

Our slot machines system allow the gambling club owners to offer their users high-quality and memorable games that stand out against the competitors.

Our customers choose Gaminator Casino for a variety of reasons, and here are just a few of them:

  • wide gaming catalogue;
  • wide opportunities for interface customization;
  • option to change the percentage of winnings and the amount of jackpots;
  • proven reliability of the Flash technology used in our products;
  • legal and technical support of clients.

The Best System for Your Business

Gaminator Casino was released in three basic versions:

  • G1
  • G2
  • G3

G3 version is the newest one, combining the most successful developments of the two previous releases of the programme as well as some new features.

The gambling club owners now can integrate this version of Gaminator Casino via a unique affiliate programme in just 10–15%.

You can integrate three system versions at once.

G3 is currently the most popular version among our customers, however, you can achieve the best results using all three gaming systems simultaneously.

Why Our Gaming Systems Attract Users?

First of all, the players like to select games and slots from the extensive system catalogue. Any user can choose here the entertainment to his taste: Gaminator Casino offers an incredible selection of interesting and high-quality games with realistic sound, catchy design and popular characters. In addition, different gaming systems of Gaminator Casino can accept payments through a cashier and a terminal, offer large jackpots, provide gamblers with solid returns and support the choice of a language.

In order to make the right choice and select the best option for your club, we recommend to learn the main characteristics of each software version.

G1 slot system

This version can work not only through the terminal and the cashier but also accept mobile payments. You will be able to adjust amount of maximum bet, and players will be able to change the amount of their bets during the game. Returns to the gamblers with the adjustable percentage are supported, containing slot machines from 12 providers.

G2 gaming system

Payments are accepted only through the cashiers and by replenishment of accounts of mobile operators. Jackpots are provided along with the option to adjust the percentage of return, the maximum bet amount and change the bets during the gameplay. There is an option to download the updates. The games from 12 providers are also proposed.

G3 software — the best choice to start

It offers the widest possibilities for customization and the greatest number of functions. The payments are implemented through the terminals and cashiers as well as through the replenishment of mobile accounts. You can adjust the percentage of return, the amounts of returns and jackpots. The updates are provided as well as an alarm button. This is the largest assortment of slots from 16 providers of Gaminator Casino.

Choose your version of Gaminator Casino or test everything at once: each slot machine system has a number of features tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. At the same time, our responsibilities do not end with the sale of the product, we provide our customers with the 24-hour technical support and help them to resolve all current user questions.

You can purchase, rent or order a demo version of any programme.

Gaminator Casino gaming system is a vote of confidence for your business.

the Gaminator Сasino
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30 000 credits + a demo access for free