Ways of Purchasing a Ready-Made Online Gambling Club in 2019: a Bit by Bit Instruction for the Launch of a Casino

Ways of Purchasing a Ready-Made Online Gambling Club in 2019: a Bit by Bit Instruction for the Launch of a Casino

1. The General Algorithm for the Creation of Online Gambling Locations

2. Features of the Preparatory Stage

  2.1. Popular Types of Gaming Sites

  2.2. Legal Issues

3. How to Choose the Software and Casino Games

4. The Way of Launching a Gaming Site

5. Marketing

6. Conclusion

The pros of gambling in comparison with other types of entrepreneurial activities are obvious. Gambling is always in-demand, and with the invention of the Internet, it has become available to everyone, and for this reason, casino operators can attract traffic from different parts of the globe. If you correctly create a marketing strategy, an online gaming site will bring its owner a stable and high profit.

How to get a ready-made online casino

The Gaminator company offers to figure out how to purchase a ready-made gambling location on the Internet and start a lucrative business. Our specialists have gathered detailed information on the main characteristics of the gambling industry in 2019 and trends that will not stop being relevant in the near future.


The General Algorithm for the Creation of Online Gambling Locations

The process of launching the casino always takes place in several stages, no matter what way of entering the market you have chosen. However, the stage of involvement of the future entrepreneur may vary.

Stages of foundation of an online casino
Business plan

If an operator decides to create a startup on his own, then he will have to gather information on the costs and expected profit, calculate the pay-back period for the project.

The problem is that reliable information is rarely available to the public, so it is recommended to turn to those professionals who have vast experience in developing gaming sites
Casino licensing

The legalisation procedure is complicated: you should choose the right jurisdiction, register a company, and apply for a permit of the right type.

If an operator orders a turnkey casino development service or enters into a franchise agreement, all legal issues will be resolved by the partner. If a businessman prefers to act independently, he will have to understand all the nuances of the legislation
Development of a website The best option is to purchase a ready-made resource with a set of slots, the necessary software, and popular payment methods
Marketing Many countries have legal restrictions on the advertising of gambling business. Therefore, the development and implementation of a marketing strategy should be handled by professionals
Customer support There are two ways to organise customer support: you can hire operators or entrust the processing of requests to an intermediary. Practice shows that the second option is simpler and cheaper

Features of the Preparatory Stage

Detailed development of a business plan is a difficult task. The operator must clearly imagine the future project. His costs and revenues directly depend on the type of the website and features of its operation.

Popular Types of Gaming Sites

There are three types of platforms:

  1. Downloadable online casinos. This option is not the most preferable one since gamblers do not usually like to download games. To access the slot, users need to download it to a PC and install the program. Important conditions for the smooth operation of the software are the availability of free space on the hard disk and reliability of the supplier (if you thoughtlessly download products from unknown providers, you will be able to accidentally install malware).
  2. Browser platforms. Such resources are already considered traditional. To launch a casino, operators should purchase a script and modify it according to their needs and wishes. A great option is to buy a ready-made gaming site. Users enjoy playing in the browser, so to attract traffic, you only need to think through an advertising campaign and bonus programs.
  3. Mobile resources. This is a relatively new but very promising trend. The number of gamblers who like to play casino games on gadgets is constantly growing, and there is every reason to believe that the situation will not change in the coming years. Operators should consider launching cross-platform casinos that work equally well on PCs and mobile devices.

We have mentioned the most popular types of gaming sites but you should keep in mind that the gambling field is constantly changing. Blockchain, bitcoin casinos, HTML5 games, and live formats are becoming more and more popular.

Before you make a final decision on the desired type of an online resource and the game content, we would recommend you to consult with Gaminator experts and listen to their advice. Specialists will help you to calculate the profitability of a future project, taking into account its features.

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Legal Issues

Theoretically, you can purchase a casino engine, illegally launch a project, and start making money. But in practice, the owner of a gambling website without a license will face a huge number of difficulties. It will be hard for him to attract users because experienced players do not trust suspicious resources and very rarely want to risk their money. There will be even more problems with the conclusion of contracts with software vendors. It is also worth mentioning sanctions that can be imposed by regulatory authorities.

To avoid such problems, it is better to register a company, obtain a license in an offshore jurisdiction or work under a sublicense. At the same time, you need to clearly understand which option suits your ambitions and plans for the future because each type of permits has its advantages and disadvantages.

A reasonable solution is to consult a gambling lawyer who knows the legislation and understands all the nuances about different kinds of licenses.

How to Choose the Software and Casino Games

Online casino software

A gambling club has to work smoothly. For this purpose, you should install high-quality software and a multifunctional administration system, payment modules, and security systems. Besides, it will be necessary to provide affiliate programs, software for organising promotions, and much more. Please note that all the necessary components can be bought in a turnkey package.

When choosing a software vendor, you must take into account the following aspects:

  • availability of a conformity certificate;
  • adaptability of a platform;
  • quality of the graphic design;
  • feedback from partners and customers.

Software is the foundation of an online casino, so do not save on it and carefully choose the seller. In the ideal case, the supplier, in addition to software, should offer you the integration of programs into the website, technical support, and additional services.

The Way of Launching a Gaming Site

If you want to enter the market, there will be several available options:

  1. A turnkey project is the best choice for operators with small initial capital. The contractor deals with all issues and clients control his work and pay for the services.
  2. A franchise. This option is suitable for beginning entrepreneurs who are not ready to invest a lot of money. Advantages: a sublicense, a ready-made website, a set of games, and a recognisable brand. Disadvantages: dependence on the parent company, a large percentage that should be paid according to the lease agreement.
  3. An independent launch. This method is good only for those operators who already have experience in creating their own casino. Beginners often fail due to severe competition and attempts to save money.

The most expensive option is the independent launch, and a franchise agreement is the cheapest one. The turnkey casino development is a happy medium. Its positive aspects are a reasonable price and complete freedom-to-operate. A ready-made online resource can be ordered at Gaminator.

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The success of a casino depends not only on the design of a website and the range of slots but on the right marketing strategy.

There are several stages of promotion that should be well-thought-out:

  • Market positioning. You need to know what goals you are trying to achieve and who your target audience is. It will help you to choose a business niche and a unique selling proposition. Offer players the best products from the world’s leading brands, the quality of which does not generate doubts.
  • Preliminary advertising campaign. You need to achieve the effect of agonising suspense and the increasing interest of the target audience, so it is necessary to start telling potential customers about your casino eve before it is launched. Use press releases and announcements.
  • Advertising. Immediately after the start of the project, you need to launch a campaign that will attract maximum attention to the new resource. Use banners, social networks, contextual advertising, and thematic events ― everything that will be offered to you by experienced marketers.

It is important to attract players but it is not the only goal. You need to retain visitors on the gaming site and motivate them to place bets. So, you should take care of bonuses, affiliate programs, effective feedback, and demo versions of games.

A good marketing policy is a key to your success and future growth. Entrust the development and implementation promotion strategy to Gaminator. We guarantee top results: every dollar invested in the advertising campaign will definitely generate profit.


It is very difficult to create a gaming site, and this process has many stages. It is your choice whether to do everything on your own or to turn to experienced professionals. We believe that it is better to purchase a ready-made gambling location.

Free demoversion

A service package has some undeniable advantages:

  • Time savings. We will create a website, select games, and integrate the software and payment modules in just a couple of months. If you do this by yourself, it will take several years.
  • Cost-cutting. When you start a project independently, you need to consult many experts: lawyers, software vendors, sellers of the game content, marketers, etc. All this is connected with significant expenses. The bottom-line price of a casino can reach several hundred thousand dollars. Our turnkey development service will cost several times less.
  • Independence. By concluding a franchise agreement, you can launch a casino quickly and with minimum expense but you will depend on the policy of the provider of services. If you want to dictate the fate of your business, it will be better to purchase a gaming site with a full range of slots and programs for administering.

The Gaminator studio is in no hurry to part with its customers after the provisions of a contract are fulfilled. Our technical experts are always available and are ready to provide their assistance if there are any problems with the operation of your casino. The company's managers will give you all the necessary information, and marketers will deal with the advertising strategy. We will help you at all stages of the development of online gambling business.

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Gaminator is a reliable partner. See for yourself!


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