What is a Wager in a Casino: a Description of the Concept and the Basic Principles of the Retention of Gamblers

What is a Wager in a Casino: a Description of the Concept and the Basic Principles of the Retention of Gamblers

1. What is a Wager in a Casino: a Wager Meaning

2. How to Retain Gamers: the Main Types of Wagers

3. What is Wagering Requirement Online Casino: Nuances of Charge and Wagering and the Explanation of Wagering Requirements

4. Wager Meaning: Wager From a Bonus and a Deposit

5. How to Retain Gamers: Bonuses Without a Wager

6. What is a Wager: About the Benefits

7. Relevant Strategies for the Retention of Clients With Gaminator Casino

According to statistics, thousands of new online gambling establishments are launched daily. Fierce competition dictates the need to use a variety of tools to attract and then retain gamers.

The retention of gamblers

Wagers can be called one of the most successful and effective strategies for the retention of gamblers. By providing players with various bonuses and rewards, you give them an excellent motivation for starting the gameplay. Besides, it is a chance to fully win the attention of visitors.

In this article, we will find out what is a wager in a casino and how to retain gamers, name all the casino wagering requirements, and describe the main nuances of using various bonus systems in online gambling establishments.

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What is a Wager in a Casino: a Wager Meaning

What is a wager in a casino

“Wager” is an English word, and its closest synonym is “bet”. As a rule, players associate this concept with money received from the participation in various promos, free lotteries, and bonuses.

A closer examination of the issue makes it clear that gambling establishments never simply give away money. To cash out their winnings, gamblers need first to wager the offered bonus.

What is a wager? In simple words, it is a certain monetary adding that is made to show visitors all the advantages of a gambling club and make them spend more time playing. However, nobody can get a “gift” without wagering.

How to Retain Gamers: the Main Types of Wagers

A concept of the wager appeared many years ago and is aimed at achieving two goals simultaneously: attraction of the attention of gamers and the fight against fans of “easy money”. Casino wagering requirements and the wagering system were designed to protect casinos from the smooth withdrawal of bonuses and, consequently, significant financial losses.

A wager bet is calculated according to the proven formula:

The size of a bonus multiplied by the winning coefficient equals the size of a wager bet.

The winning coefficient is displayed in the format of x40, x50, and higher. The most popular and common option is x40. Such a parameter assumes the necessity of wagering the size of a bonus in the amount of forty times. Otherwise, to transfer funds to the player’s account is not possible.

A simple example — a user received a bonus of one hundred dollars. With a factor of x40, he should place a bet, the size of which is four thousand dollars (one hundred multiplied by forty).

The retention of gamblers: the basic types of a wager

  1. A classic bet is when after wagering the bonus, gamers can withdraw money and make a transfer to their personal card or e-wallet.
  2. A “sticky” wager — even if the bet is wagered according to the established rules, winnings cannot be withdrawn because people can only use them to place bets.
  3. Depositary bet — in this case, additional funds will appear only after a player will replenish the bankroll of the gambling club.
  4. No deposit wager — a bonus sum of money is provided to gamers without the necessity to replenish the deposit.

What is Wagering Requirement Online Casino: Nuances of Charge and Wagering and the Explanation of Wagering Requirements

Online casino wagering requirements

Casino wagering requirements appeared to fight against bonus hunters (users who want not to enjoy the process of gambling itself but to deprive funds of a casino website).

Which requirements related to betting on the Internet are the most common?

  • Timing bounds. Players must wager funds that were given to them the required number of times over a set timeframe: a few hours, a day or a month.
  • Prohibition on large deposits. This option is designed to prevent too quickly bankroll spending.
  • A limited number of games. Gambling establishments may limit access to certain slot machines or establish a fixed amount of wagering in different slots. For example, in the majority of casinos, it is not allowed to play video poker, games with progressive jackpot or roulette. Also, you can often find many options with lower sizes of bets (10-15% of the standard size of the deposit).

The online platform always has strict control over the wagering conditions. At the same time, there is also a policy of non-intervention in the gameplay directly. If casino wagering requirements have been violated, the size of a prize may be reduced or there will be no award at all.

Wager Meaning: Wager From a Bonus and a Deposit

Quite often, casinos impose a double wager: the percentage of the granted amount of money and of the deposit that was made by a gambler. In this case, gamers will have to wager a larger sum. Accordingly, the time spent by visitors of the gaming site will increase significantly.

The value of a bet is calculated with the help of the following formula:

(a bonus plus a deposit) multiplied by the winning coefficient

For example, a player deposits one hundred dollars, and a casino provides a bonus of the same size with the coefficient of x35. Accordingly, the wager bet is (100 + 100) x35 = 7000 dollars.

It has to be remembered that bonus money wagering does not have a single standard — to guess the website policy in advance is completely impossible (detailed rules and nuances of this procedure are specified only before the start of the game in a particular gambling establishment).

How to Retain Gamers: Bonuses Without a Wager

A cycle of free spins is one of the most popular bonus charges without a wager. At the same time, casinos can impose certain restrictions (the number of spins, a certain size of the deposited funds or access only to the offered slot).

Online slot

The second most popular solution is a small percentage for the replenishment of a game account (no more than 10% of the deposited sum) or the provision of coins. It will give you an opportunity to play longer but it prohibits the withdrawal of funds to personal wallets of gamers.

What happens if you do not wager the bonus?

In case the loss of additional prize is not a big deal for a user, he can ignore the presence of a wager. Visitors can cancel the bonus charge if, during the gameplay, there were no bets placed with bonuses.

Before making a final decision on whether to use a gift or to refuse, gamers should keep in mind the following nuances:

  • the bonus is cancelled only if it is ignored and not used in bets;
  • real deposits are always spent first — until the user's balance reaches a level below the minimal size of the bet, all deposits are made by default from the player’s own money;
  • if the bonus money is wasted, and there is be no wagering later, all winnings will be automatically cancelled. Only the initial deposit will remain on the account.
  • Sometimes platforms have a ban on the withdrawal of winnings before the expiration of an active bonus.

What is a Wager: About the Benefits

Many gamers have a wrong opinion about wagers. If a casino intends to encourage and retain players, they are provided with a wide range of positive aspects:

Understanding the quality

It will be very easy to evaluate a gambling platform if you select a no deposit bonus. A free game can show you the quality of the software, the level of functionality, and the range of entertainment solutions. When wagering at least part of the amount, a gambler can also see that money transfers are carried out in a prompt manner.

Evaluation of your own luck

Nobody can guess all the nuances of the gameplay. Players need to rely only on luck and try it.

Games with high stakes

A wager gives you an opportunity to place very high bets. Accordingly, the chances of winning will be increased significantly. And if you lose, it will still be better to lose your own money.

Relevant Strategies for the Retention of Clients With Gaminator Casino

Strategies for the retention of clients with Gaminator Casino

A wager will “sentence” a gambling club to a regular expansion of its audience, effective retention of gamblers, and, at the same time, reliable protection from those who like to get “easy money”.

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