Where Can You Get a Great Deal on Purchasing a Gaming Club With a Casino License?

Where Can You Get a Great Deal on Purchasing a Gaming Club With a Casino License?

1. What do Customers of Gaminator Casino Get?

2. Why do You Need an Online Casino License?

3. What Kinds of Licenses are There?

4. How to Get a Gaming License?

5. How Much Does an Online Gambling License Cost?

6. How to Purchase an Online Casino With a License From Gaminator Casino?

For a beginning entrepreneur, it may seem difficult to receive a casino gaming license. Here we are talking not only about the lack of knowledge. The online space allows users to find all the necessary information in half an hour. It is about the explicit costs and a huge investment of a more expensive resource – time.

Online casino license for sale

An online casino license is issued after operators file a big package of documents, and the chosen jurisdiction considers their applications for two or three months. Only after that, you can come over to the launch of a gaming site. But there is an easier way: you can get a gambling establishment with a casino license and start attracting players in a couple of weeks.

We invite you to become one of the satisfied customers of Gaminator Casino, who have bought a business with a gaming license and already become owners of their own gambling establishments!

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What do Customers of Gaminator Casino Get?

Gambling license

A business with a gambling license that is ready for startup;

Gambling license

an online casino, which is based on the reliable software, and the range of high-quality slot games;

Gambling license

an ability to make use of the knowledge and experience of our specialists;

Gambling license

round-the-clock technical support. You can discuss all issues related to the casino with its specialists;

Gambling license

time and cost saving.

Why do You Need an Online Casino License?

The gaming license is an official document. However, you might think that you do not need this permission to work on the Internet. But do not forget that today it is easy to track from where and where traffic and payments go. Supervisory bodies can track down casino owners and bring them to responsibility.

Therefore, the first reason to get a permit for the operation is legality.

Other reasons for casino licensing:

  • The trust of gamblers. Experienced users deposit their funds only in those casinos that can provide registration documents and the permit. This is the way the gaming club shows that it takes care of its reputation and guarantees that users will get their prizes.
  • The licensed software. If you have a casino license, you can buy the software from well-known vendors. In most cases, they deal only with legally registered firms and refuse to cooperate with casinos without a permit for running their business. It is worth mentioning that an online casino with the licensed software operates in a more stable way and resistant to external attacks.
  • Openings for the business. An online casino license will allow you to develop your project without any problem – launch additional websites on new domains, attract traffic from other countries, and even move to an offline environment.

Online gambling business license

All that is mentioned above is true in case you buy an online casino with a license, not obtaining it by yourself.

What Kinds of Licenses are There?

Basically, all licenses in the world can be divided into two types:

1. A single license for all types of gambling activities.

2. Special licenses for each class of gambling activities:

  • casino;
  • games with RNG;
  • betting, bookmaker’s offices, sweepstakes – in these cases, an operator acts as an intermediary and does not have any influence on the outcome of games;
  • poker rooms, bingo, and other games, the result of which is partially or completely determined by the skills of gamblers.

The type of a permit often depends on the chosen jurisdiction. Each country issues either a single license or a permit for a certain type of activity.

And vice versa: if you are planning to take on several different projects and you want a single license, then it will be necessary to choose a jurisdiction that will be ready to issue such a document.

How to Get a Gaming License?

To begin with, the future casino owner has to deal with two key questions:

  1. What activities will you conduct (including those that you want to conduct in the future)? The answer to this question will help you to understand whether you need a single license or a special one.
  2. Which jurisdiction is the best for you? Compare the gaming license requirements, the casino license cost, time frames, and annual costs for maintenance of a license.

To answer these questions, study the theoretical background, consult a specialist at Gaminator Casino, and ask more experienced casino owners for a piece of advice. Only after this, you can proceed to actions.

Before filing an application, you will need to create a business plan, and purchase a transit server: many countries require servers to be located on their territories to be able to track your transactions if necessary.

Online casino business plan creation

Another step is to draft documents that include the confirmation of the financial solvency of the filer, a business plan, characteristics of shareholders, a resume with enquiries, and a layout of servers. Please note that each jurisdiction requires its own package of documents – the list that we have provided is incomplete, it is just for a review.

In some countries, the online casino license requires an annual extension. Absolutely every year, it is necessary to file tax books and pay taxes. Gambling establishments often hire a local book-keeper who is familiar with local the legislation in this sphere of action.

The total period of obtaining a license (including the preparation of documents) and the application processing can take from six to eight months.

How Much Does an Online Gambling License Cost?

We would like to remind you once again that everything depends on the jurisdiction. The acquisition of full license costs, on average, from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars. But it is not the final casino license cost.

Online gambling license cost

Related expenses:

  • recruitment of local specialists – book-keepers, an administrator of the network, financial and taxing consultants;
  • maintenance of servers in the country that issued a gambling license;
  • taxes;
  • costs for the use of a license;
  • maintenance of bank accounts (which must also be located in the country of the licensee).

All this means the necessity to pay another fifteen or twenty thousand dollars annually..

How to Purchase an Online Casino With a License From Gaminator Casino?

In order not to spend half a year on paperwork and to be able to launch a casino in a few weeks – contact Gaminator Casino. You can also buy a turnkey casino, which is completely ready to launch and can be upgraded according to your requirements.

Purchase a turnkey online casino with a license from Gaminator Casino

Working with us, you get a unique product in a short time.

How to order a gambling establishment with a license from Gaminator Casino:

  • 1. Go to the section Contacts.
    2. Fill out the feedback form.
    3. Wait for the call of your personal manager, from whom you can get all the additional information.

You can also contact us in any other convenient way:

  • by e-mail: info@gaminatorsystem.com;
    in Telegram: @win24;
    via Skype: gaminator.deluxe.

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