White Label Casino: What Does a Beginning Operator Need to Know?

White Label Casino: What Does a Beginning Operator Need to Know?

1. Why Does Gambling end up With the White Label Gaming Solutions?

2. The Basic Principles of the White Label Solution

3. White Label Casino: the Price of the Cooperation and Future Earnings

4. White Label Casino: a List of Components and Services

5. The List of Possible Alternatives

6. White Label Casino: About the Advantages of the Partnership

7. The Disadvantages of the Affiliate Program

8, How to Purchase a White Label Casino With Gaminator

White Label is a relatively new type of partnership. This scheme involves the participation of several companies: one party specialises in the development and supply of products, and the second one deals with their sale under a personal brand.

The term “White Label” came from the music industry, when American recording studios began to release vinyl disks with a “clean” label so that sellers can put their own name on it. This scheme has almost instantly gained popularity and became an integral part of financial markets and the IT sphere.

To fully understand the advantages of the program in the gambling field, you need to imagine the overall structure of a gaming platform. A gambling club consists of a platform, the game content, and a set of options for financial transactions. Each of these elements is a separate area, and to create a successful large-scale project, it is necessary to put them together.

White Label gambling club

A White Label online casino is a practical and cost-effective complex solution with legal support, integrated software, financial infrastructure, and license. It is possible to get detailed advice on the creation and promotion of the White Label gaming platform from Gaminator.

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Why Does Gambling end up With the White Label Gaming Solutions?

Speaking about significant terms of reference for entering into such a partnership agreement, we can name the following situations:

  • Future operators of casinos do not have enough initial capital to provide an independent launch.
  • Gambling sites have a budget for a marketing campaign but the potential for sales has been depleted. A White label casino is literally a second breath, which can drastically change the whole concept or successfully accompany and develop an already existing business.
  • Owner of gaming sites wants to enter a new market. The affiliate program can open up previously unknown horizons and make it easy to become more successful not only than the already developing locations but also than those competitors who have both feet firmly on the ground.

The Basic Principles of the White Label Solution

To buy a White Label casino means to purchase a ready-made business. The partnership can be compared with the order of a turnkey gambling establishment. Future owners do not need to pay for the software, independently launch the website, and obtain a permit. Everything is provided by a parent company, which actually takes a new brand under its wing for a certain percentage.

By using the affiliate scheme, operators get an opportunity to become popular with customers as quickly as possible, build their own user base, and after some time, separate from the parent company and become a fully independent casino with its own license. Other advantages of the White Label scheme will be described below.

White Label Casino: the Price of the Cooperation and Future Earnings

The price depends on many factors and a package of personal settings that are selected by operators. The total cost is calculated from the number of the integrated payment systems, the type of a permit of a senior partner, the range of games, features of the gaming platform, and other elements. As a rule, the price for services starts from ten to fifteen thousand dollars (this is much cheaper than to open your own casino from scratch). An additional item of expenditure is the monthly payment of royalties (a percentage of the drawn income).

The cost of a White Label online casino may vary during the process of cooperation. Thus, an operator has the right to order additional settings, expand the range of games, employ the services of a designer or a translator, and so on.

Those who want to purchase a White Label casino can count on the income of 40–60% of the total revenues. At first glance, it is not so much, but remember that casino owners do not have to pay for a license, purchase slots, and pay out jackpots (it will be discussed later in the article).

White Label Casino: a List of Components and Services

The described scheme provides a subsidiary with a wide range of solutions and tools:

  • A prepared business plan. A client receives a well-thought-out step-by-step business strategy based on proven and efficient processes. Also, he gets all the developments of a large corporation.
  • A gaming site. The package of services includes White Label gambling software solutions that provide convenient management of the site and control of all actions that take place on the platform.
  • Games. As a rule, the world's leading suppliers prefer not to cooperate with beginning entrepreneurs. But a White Label casino is already filled with the licensed content, and operators do not have to enter into agreements and spend money on slot machines directly from manufacturers.
  • Payment systems. A senior partner independently selects the software and the equipment for a gambling club and provides a set of options for carrying out financial transactions.
  • Technical support. A senior partner is responsible for the provision of the subsidiary website with technical support and promptly resolves any issues related to business operations.
  • A permit and legal support. Future entrepreneurs will use the license of a parent company. As a result, the cost of the acquisition of a permit is significantly reduced. The senior partner also deals with all legal aspects.
  • Marketing tools and the advertising campaign. By using the White Label casino service, it is possible to save a lot of money on promotion.
  • A server and hosting. Brands operating under the White Label software use all available solutions for the maintenance of a positive reputation. This kind of casinos is always hosted on a server with the flawless protection system and is provided with all the necessary tools for reliable and smooth operation.

We would also like to remind you that the range of services may vary. For example, a senior partner will not provide marketing tools, and the promotion of the website need to be bought separately. There are also some options when operators are not provided with technical support. It is the cheapest one but entrepreneurs, as a rule, do not benefit from such savings. They have to independently maintain the White Label gaming platform and resolve controversial issues, and it means the need for additional costs for staff, its training, and so on.

The List of Possible Alternatives

If earlier, the project could be launched only from scratch, then nowadays, there are many methods that can help you to save money at the beginning.

The most popular ways to create a casino are:

  • A Gambling Franchise

This is a close analogue of the White Label system. However, here, with almost the same investments, operators are given a minimum of freedom of action. Thus, they cannot operate under their brand ― only under an already existing one and with its design.

We can call it a popular and effective scheme for beginners but after the end of cooperation, they will need to launch a project from scratch since they will lose the right to use the brand of the firm that provides the services.

But in case you choose to purchase a White Label casino and later, you will want to develop the project on your own, it will still be possible to use the unique name after the completion of the partnership agreement.

  • A Casino From Scratch

This option can be afforded only by very wealthy people with a huge amount of knowledge in the gambling field or desperate daredevils who live on the basis of “all or none” principle. The project from scratch requires huge financial investments and a lot of time, as well as specific skills in various spheres: the website development, jurisprudence, advertising, financial reporting, market analytics, and much more.

According to statistics, independent work on a gambling location takes about six months, and its price is one thousand dollars. An entrepreneur will need to deal with such issues as the registration of a legal entity, acquisition of a permit, purchase of the software and the game content, creation of a design, and promotion. Additional items of expenditure: drafting a business plan, renewal of a permit, salary for the staff, fees for using the software, and so on. And there is no guarantee for the success of the enterprise.

  • A Casino Script

This option is the cheapest but still not a very economical one. A script is a “raw” code, which has to be brought to mind. And again, there are still costs for the integration of the software products, the website design, advertising, technical support, and a permit.

Moreover, an attempt to save money may become a great failure ― no one can guarantee that the code will work fine.

  • A Turnkey Gambling Establishment

This is attractive and the most money-making alternative to a White Label online casino. This option involves interaction with the intermediary company, which takes care of the creation, launch, and advertising.

A turnkey platform gives more freedom than the White Label casino scheme. By cooperating with a qualified intermediary, you get a complete set of management tools and an ability to change the content of the website at your discretion. And all legal and technical issues are resolved by the company that provides the service.

To buy a turnkey project, you can contact the Gaminator company. We are ready to offer you modern solutions and provide the bundled support for your business.

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White Label Casino: About the Advantages of the Partnership

Those who are typing in the search query such words as “White Label software products to buy” usually want to know about the advantages of the program as well.

The described kind of cooperation attracts future businessmen with the following positive aspects:

Quick launch. As a rule, a couple of days are enough. During this time, a contract is concluded and exclusive design of a new brand is being developed. And a parent company deals with all other aspects.

  • Minimum financial investment. This is a very economical option for launching an exclusive startup. You will not need to purchase a license, the game content, a gaming site, and so on.
  • No big winnings. A senior partner will be the one who pays out jackpots. An operator pays from his own pocket only for bonuses and prize funds (all sums should be indicated in the contract).
  • High-quality software. A senior partner provides the White Label gaming platform with a complete set of software solutions. These are always high-quality licensed products from the world’s leading suppliers. A well-thought-out assortment guarantees good returns, while the technical side of the issue remains within the competence of the parent company. It includes games, payment systems, analytical tools, and control over the gamblers’ actions.
  • Technical support. An operator does not participate in the maintenance of the system. Controversial issues, consultations, and troubleshooting are the issues that are resolved by a senior partner.

The Disadvantages of the Affiliate Program

A negative aspect of the scheme is the necessity to develop your own brand and design. This service can be ordered from a senior partner or you can contact third-party contractors.

Another drawback is the dependence on a partner. Owners of gaming sites have no right to independently make adjustments to the provided set of solutions. The supplier chooses the software, payment systems, basic platforms, and other terms of cooperation. Any additional action requires additional payment (like the translation of the content or the expansion of the number of slot machines).

A permit that allows the provision of gambling services is the property of the parent company. Any change in it automatically affects the subsidiary.

How to Purchase a White Label Casino With Gaminator

White Label casino with Gaminator

The modern casino industry has a huge number of White Label casino providers. Beginning entrepreneurs who are not familiar with the features and trends of the market have very high chances to meet unfair suppliers.

To open a White Label casino and get high-quality services, you should contact experts with many years of working experience, for example, the Gaminator team.

The list of our services includes affiliate programs, the creation of gambling locations from scratch, the integration of software into ready-made websites, and legal support for the project. We can also you a bitcoin casino and live casinos, as well as the best game content from the world’s leading brands: Novomatic, Igrosoft, Mega Jack, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and Unicum. We also provide slot machines for rent ― you can always test a White Label solution and other products and choose your own unique collection of games.

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