White Label Online Casino: The Perfect Solution for Starting a Business

White Label Online Casino: The Perfect Solution for Starting a Business

1. What is White Label?

2. Easy Way to Create a Gambling Business

3. No Need to Pass Licensing

4. Saving Time and Nerves

5. What Is Included in the White Label Package?

6. How to Buy White Label Casino?

7. Conclusion

Gambling business is traditionally considered to be profitable, but risky activity. However, it was in the “pre-Internet” era. Today, creating a website with gambling entertainments is as easy as making your own online store.

The easiest way to launch an online casino is the White Label. It is the opinion of both experts and entrepreneurs who have already passed this way. Let us take a closer look at what White Label casino is, what this concept includes and what advantages differ it.

White Label casino as a profitable business

What is White Label?

The very phrase White Label came to gambling from food production. In the mid-20th century was circulated this format of production: the factory produced the goods for the different brands, packaging in the white container. And the retailer was engaged in drawing on a label of a logo and other information. As a result, branded products created by the same technology fell on store shelves.

In online gambling, the White Label format assumes that the operator receives a ready-made working platform for arranging gambling entertainments, including software, a license and even tools for attracting players, but at the same time, he will work on his own domain and under his own brand.

It means that the operator will receive full independence from the franchisor and will be able to develop the business as he sees fit. This is the key difference between the White Label model and the classic franchise. Let us consider what other features this scheme has.

Easy Way to Create a Gambling Business

If you buy a White Label casino from a specialized provider, you receive:

  • website;
  • games and payment modules;
  • approved scheme of work and full support.

In short, the operator is provided with everything that would have to be collected during the independent development as an intricate puzzle.

Since it is easier to launch a White Label casino than to organize online gambling activity using other methods, this option is considered to be the most popular.

No Need to Pass Licensing

A license often becomes a stumbling block on the way of a person who wants to create a casino from scratch. It is expensive, difficult, and impossible to pass the licensing procedure in some countries of the world, so you have to turn to the regulators of other countries.

With White Label you will get the following benefits:

  • your online business is entered into existing registration documents as a subsidiary;
  • literally from the first day, you can work absolutely legally, without being engaged in bureaucratic procedures;
  • you only need to register a company and you can receive the first bets.

Saving Time and Nerves

You want to start your own business as soon as possible, but if you decide to do everything independently on your own, a set of activities is delayed for 6-8 months. White Label model reduces this period to 2-3 weeks due to the fact that you get a ready package. It should be admitted, it is the real savings because time is money.

What Is Included in the White Label Package?

How to open a White Label casino & what is in a package

How to choose a White Label casino? Which provider is better to make a purchase? We recommend that you start by studying the constituents of the White Label package.

The best offers include the following components:

What the White Label package includes Description
License To conduct legal activities without a license is risky, so it is better to refuse offers without this document
Gaming platform The basic program, which, in fact, is an online casino. It should be of high quality, stable, preferably from a well-known manufacturer. Pay attention to the reviews
Slots and/or desktop games The more entertainments you install on the website, the more users will be able to find something to their liking. Usually, White Label casino gaming equipment is determined during negotiations with the future business owner
Additional software Payment modules, affiliate programs, software for collecting statistics and analytics — software by means of which the work of the online venue will be easier and more transparent
Website Reliable and resistant to external attacks resource with a pleasant and convenient design
Legal assistance Make sure that you will be able to contact the provider for legal assistance at any stage of your website development — either at the start or at least 3 years after the launch
Support of your customers Providers often offer to connect the website to a remote customer support service to efficiently process their requests. This is a good solution, it is only necessary to discuss the cost
Marketing services Setting up advertising promotion on the Internet, as well as advice on the legal aspects of advertising gambling project

How to Buy White Label Casino?

You should start by choosing a good provider. Fortunately, you have already got to the website of Gaminator studio!

With our help you will:

  • find the best package offers of White Label casino and in a few days, you will be able to start your own online business;
  • receive comprehensive advice on the start of the gambling business;
  • find out more about the gambling industry and how to earn money by means of online casinos.


White Label casino is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your own business. The secret is simple: you buy a ready-to-work business that is possible to launch in a few days.

In order to make it successful, you need to find a reliable contractor. Make sure when purchasing that you have everything you need to work. It is better to have the opportunity to apply for assistance to the provider during the whole period of the casino existence. The Gaminator studio will become this kind of partner for you.



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