Why Do the Majority of Players Go to Crypto Casino?

Why Do the Majority of Players Go to Crypto Casino?

1. What Does the Crypto Casino Mean?

2. Crypto Casino Benefits

3. No License

4. Other Advantages of Payments in Crypto Currencies

5. How Can You Open the Crypto Casino?

After creating cryptocurrencies many spheres have been updated: financial settlements, investment, security and of course the gambling market. And if the real casinos are not affected by the fact that crypto casinos change the rules of the game, online gambling has dramatically changed.

Crypto casino cover about 15% of online gambling market

At present, crypto casinos cover about 15% gambling market on the Internet. This is a hefty dose which is constantly increasing. New sites appear almost every day, but not all of them will become successful.

If you are thinking about creating your own crypto casino, then this article is intended exactly for you. Gaminator Casino experts tell about their own observations regarding how cryptocurrency projects are changing online gambling and why this happens. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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What Does the Crypto Casino Mean?

The crypto casinos are, in fact, well-known gambling sites for every permanent Internet user. They differ from other online casinos in that they can accept bets in cryptocurrencies.

At present there are two types of such online casinos:

  1. Some of them accept only bitcoins, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies;
  2. Hybrid casinos, where you can bet in euros, dollars, roubles, other cash currencies, as well as in altcoins.

It is interesting that the crypto casino audience differs from visitors to ordinary gambling sites. Here well-situated young men up to 35 prevail. Every second of them is a resident of the United States.

Generally, this situation corresponds to spreading crypto technologies worldwide. Indeed, until now many countries do not recognize their existence and financial value at the official level.

Crypto Casino Benefits

The secret of the bitcoin casinos popularity lies in the possibilities that cryptocurrencies possess: anonymity, security, good handling in the market. We have prepared a short review of each of them.

Business owners, in turn, accepting more bets and attracting new players, are ready to provide the client with princely conditions. And this is also the merit of cryptocurrency. According to statistics, 70% of players change casinos if they find a more profitable proposition.

So, what is the difference between crypto casinos and other gambling clubs on the Internet?


Anonymity of bitcoin payments

Incredibly, it is impossible to track on bitcoin payments, who made the bet, who accepted it or where the winnings went. When transferring from one e-wallet to another, only their numbers are indicated. There are neither names, surnames nor the country of residence.

Since cryptocurrencies are beyond the control of any country in the world and are not regulated by any bank (but only by market demand), then no personal data is needed in the purpose of payment.

Security and Speed of Payments

The value of crypto technologies is that their data cannot be "hacked", rewritten, modified, forged. At least, to date, such a method has not been invented yet! That is why payments always reach the right address and on time.

The average transfer rate is 15 minutes. Sometimes it takes up to 2 hours. Due to this property, players immediately react if a delay occurs: the problem can be from the sender's side only. Therefore, the crypto casino cannot pretend to be transparent but work in grey fashion.


That is true. Money is sent from one e-wallet to another, and there are no intermediaries for this transaction. Of course, sometimes players make transfers through a third party, and the exchange can withdraw its percentage. But traditionally, the commission for crypto transfers is far less than when replenishing the deposit in cash.

No License

As a rule, the license is the foundation stone for any gambling project, but not for the crypto casino. In such projects, nobody has to report on the flow of funds, and many owners decide to work illegally.

Here it should be remembered that technology does not stand still and, perhaps, in the near future, regulators will be able to monitor crypto casino. And besides, once you start accepting payments in euros or dollars, you will again be faced with the issue of licensing.

Other Advantages of Payments in Crypto Currencies

The above is enough to assess the huge potential for the development of the crypto casino segment. This will create a new standard of quality in the work of gambling sites: full transparency, trust, faster turnover of money.

But there are other advantages that we should mention:

  1. Irrevocable payments. As soon as the player has sent money to the casino account, he cannot cancel, return or dispute the transfer. It works both ways.
  2. Round-the-clock transfers. No need to wait until the payment passes manual verification. Money is transferred at any time of the day or night.
  3. Bitcoin rate is constantly growing, starting from 2013. Excluding small drawdowns on the dynamics, natural for any currency, bitcoin is constantly gaining at price. Therefore, both the business owner and customers have the opportunity to earn extra money on the difference in rates in the future.
  4. Free convertibility. Bitcoin or any other altcoin is easy to exchange for cash: dollar, euro, etc. This can be done on any cryptocurrency exchange. At the same time, your personal cards will not be disclosed anywhere.

That is why every casino should think about accepting payments in cryptocurrency, even if your site has long been established to work with bank cards or online transfers.

Connecting a crypto payment channel, in any case, expands the casino audience and allows attracting new people.

How Can You Open the Crypto Casino?

Although bitcoin casinos often use the same slots as on other sites, we are talking about a high-tech project. It is better to entrust its development to people who know exactly how to do this as quickly, efficiently and of high quality as possible.

We recommend contacting your personal manager in Gaminator Casino, who will help you to choose the appropriate format for your future project, attractive games, reliable security systems and good payment modules. You can even rent a crypto casino from us to evaluate its profitability and prospects.

Have you the working casino? Gaminator Casino will help you to set up payment acceptance in cryptocurrency. After several hours you will be ready to expand your audience to several thousand clients!


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