Why is it a Good Option for you to Launch an HTML5 Casino?

Why is it a Good Option for you to Launch an HTML5 Casino?

1. The Main Trumps of an HTML5 Casino

  1.1. Compatibility

  1.2. The Cost

  1.3. A Multi-User Mode

  1.4. Streaming Broadcast

  1.5. The HTML5 Casino: in Favour or Against?

2. The Disadvantages of the HTML5 Casino

3. How to Open an HTML5 Casino?

Imagine the situation: you have half an hour of free time and you decide to find a new interesting game. You open the browser, find a promising slot, and then, the website asks you to install a Flash player.

Further possible options are: it is not downloaded, not installed or the antivirus blocks the installation... It is annoying, and it makes people go to other gaming portals. However, players of an HTML5 casino are not familiar with this problem. And now we will try to figure out why.

HTML5 casino games

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The Main Trumps of an HTML5 Casino

To understand why there is so much noise around this kind of casinos, let us remember how gaming sites have been functioning over the last years.

Previously, browsers could display only the simplest elements: texts and pictures. A more complex content like video and games could be shown on the page only with the help of plug-ins ― small programs-helpers (i.e., Flash players).

When users started the game, administrators of a browser or a website could not control the process directly, and the whole game got hooked on the work of the Flash plug-in. If something was wrong with it, visitors were not able to play.

But the HTML5 game development has changed everything. Now, the game content is loaded by the browser, which excludes the participation of any intermediary programs. In fact, HTML5 is a markup language that can read any, even the most complex, content correctly. And these are by no means all of the advantages.

Trump №1. Compatibility

An HTML5 casino can be loaded on any device where a browser was installed, which means that it can be loaded literally on any device: a PC, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, etc.

Unlike HTML5, the technology of the previous generation required the installation of plug-ins, without which, Flash games were simply not available on many devices. For example, Apple technology does not support Flash at all.

For the business, it means the following: the number of visitors is no longer limited by the operating system, the device or the software. There is no need to create two, three or even more versions of the casino software to reach as many people as possible. Now, they can all play HTML5 casino games.

Trump №2. The Cost

The price of an HTML5 casino development

HTML5 as a markup language is available to any specialist, and he will not need to install complex programs and pay for them, pay license fees, etc. One would think: how does the fact that the data is open reduces the cost of the HTML5 game development? We have found at least three reasons for it:

  1. The cost of work does not include the cost of special software.
  2. Availability of knowledge about this technology increases the number of qualified professionals, which leads to competition and makes the price lower.
  3. The more people work in the same sphere, the faster they find new ways to speed up the work, simplify it, and make it cheaper. The same thing will definitely happen with HTML5 casinos. In fact, it is already happening.

Also, there is another important detail: the HTML5 game development takes much less time than the creation of Flash games. It is a double economy that is so appreciated in the business environment: time and cost saving.

Trump №3. A Multi-User Mode

HTML5 casino games support for the WebSocket technology, which provides bidirectional instant communication between users and the server. In practice, experts expect the creation of HTML5 games with an interactive multi-user mode. And this, as you understand, is much more exciting.

Trump №4. Streaming Broadcast

Another interesting feature is called Bet365 Match Live, and it allows visitors to get a graphical representation of competitions, matches, and other events, on which bets are placed, directly on the page. It is possible even when the streaming video is not available.

Previously, it was technically impossible to show a match and place a bet online on the same page. But in the HTML5 casino, it is real. Customers will get a unique experience: they will be able to place bets without being distracted from the match and quickly respond to changes in the game.

The HTML5 Casino: in Favour or Against?

There some more advantages in this technology that should not go unmentioned:

  • The HTML5 game development allows programmers to use JavaScript and with its help, include scalable SVG vector graphics in slots. As a result, the finished slot machine will be perfectly displayed on the screen of any size.
  • HTML5 casino games do not overload the main storage as much as Flash slots do. Again, it is the merit of the browser’s native HTML technology, which does not include third-party plug-ins.
  • Nice graphics design. For an HTML5 game, the development opens up endless possibilities related to the design. The Flash technology could hardly deal with text formatting. Remember these strange, a little bit out-of-line inscriptions, and you will understand what we are talking about. HTML5 game development avoids this problem.
  • The CSS code of the slot machine can be set on any page. For example, on an affiliate website. It will help you to advertise and promote your HTML5 casino.

The Disadvantages of the HTML5 Casino

This technology can perfectly solve the cross-platform problem. But with cross-browser everything is not so simple. The snag is that browsers as programs are developed by teams in different companies, countries, and even with different tasks. For this reason, they all react differently to HTML5.

It is likely that there will always be small differences in the display of the content will always. However, specialists are already working on their minimisation.

Another difficulty that HTML5 game development can face is the amount of the computation power of various devices. Simply put, a slot game may be too “heavy” for some mobile phones and tablets.

But there is also good news: the equipment becomes more powerful and smart. Besides, the creation of an HTML5 game does not end with its development: experienced specialists test a product a thousand times before it is installed in a casino.

How to Open an HTML5 Casino?

Not only developers but also large gambling clubs, the world’s market leaders, have recognised the superiority of HTML5 casino games. HTML5 gambling establishments have already appeared, and they successfully bring income to their owners. It is time to think about whether your project needs HTML5 game development?

Of course, Flash games will still be released for a while. But now, HTML5 slots are in many ways in the lead in terms of quality and stability.

So, feel free to order the HTML5 game development from the Gaminator company. Our team includes only experienced programmers who are strongly committed to gambling. They can create an HTML5 slot according to your individual requirements, and it will become a new hit on the market.

You can even order the turnkey HTML5 casino development from the Gaminator’s personal manager. We will deal with all the issues and give you a ready-made business that will generate income from the first day.

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